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cats, turkey bacon, and an update on the chapter
Dee Blue waves
Hello people,

First of all, I just wanted to let you know that Justice chapter 11 is with my incredibly helpful and easygoing betas, so you can expect to see that chapter go up in this space in a few days. I'll try to get it up before Christmas Eve. I know that most of you will probably be very busy with family activities and obligations around that time, but perhaps if you need a little break from the madness, you can sneak away and fire up a computer. The post will be totally worksafe, I regret to report, so don't worry about reading it in the same room as parents and grandparents. Just watch out for sneaky, computer-savvy uncles!

I am extremely grateful to the betas for making time to do this for me on the last shopping weekend before Christmas, and at quite short notice too. The fact is, I struggled with this chapter, not because it didn't want to be written (Most of them always really want to be written), but because of all of the extra work, party and family obligations that happen at this time of year. Last weekend, I wrote 6000 words straight through in one sitting because I didn't know when the opportunity to write would come again!  

Yesterday, as I was downstairs boasting to my dad about how my husband and I had figured out that the best way to stop long-haired Fluff from puking in the wee hours was to brush him eight or nine times a day, guess what was happening upstairs? At exactly that time?

My husband informed me, upon my return, that the comforter needed to be washed. Argh. Oh well. I love Fluffy and am deeply grateful for his adorable, polite, gentle, and most importantly, non-verbal, presence in my life, so I endure the puking and the constant shedding with a smile on my face.

I've got some turkey bacon in the microwave right now. I've never tried it before, but a pal recommended it. It looks totally fake and disgusting. I'm about to go and see if it tastes better than it looks...

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I assume you are using hair ball remover on him? Have you had your vet check him? Since mine removed the rest of Xena's teeth (all 4 - 5 of them!) she has virtually stopped throwing up. NOT saying all his teeth need to be removed, just that who knows what the problem might be.

Yes, I give him hair ball remover treats, but he only throws up once every three weeks or so, and for the last few months, he hasn't coughed up any hair, just residue from his cat food. I put this lack of hair down to the constant brushing, which he loves!

We began the program of round the clock brushing just over a year ago, and since that time, I really haven't seen any more hairballs, inside OR outside. I used to see them on the deck and the steps to the deck.

He's always had a bit of a delicate stomach, though, which is why we're very careful about giving him rich treats.

I confess I haven't given Fluffy's teeth any thought. He periodically yawns right in my face when he's sitting on my chest-- quite a scary sight-- and his many teeth all seem, to my layman's eyes, to have good color and form.

No more dried food for Xena, I guess! She must be happy that she doesn't throw up anymore. That's always distressing for a cat.

Aw, poor kitties. Mine are grumpy touch-me-nots who wave their butt in your face as though inviting a scratch, only to stalk off in a huff once you place flesh to fur, but at least they don't puke. If they did, I'm sure my room (under the bed, oh god, I doubt I'd ever get it removed!) would be the repeated hostage for wet cat food and kitty treats. And then they'd puke anyway.

Also, turkey bacon is good! It reminds me of deer jerky, but if it was chicken flavored. (Gamey birds turkeys are, yup yup)
Don't expect all that crispy, I'd say, because I always only ever perfected the chewy jerky consistency (but at least it tastes good to me like that). Turkey bacon tends to be thick, so it's hard to get very crisp like the piggy fatness bacon.

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