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Happy New Year!
Dee Blue waves
Happy New Year, people of the western world! I hope New Year's Eve lived up to all your expectations.

I stayed home and read an excellent historical novel while eating a highly delicious cheese dip that I made myself, with celery sticks and slices of baguette on the side. Oh, and red wine, followed by 2 cups of orange-tinged hot chocolate, followed by actual chocolate, because dammit, the occasion called for a chocolate feast. I ate part of a Hershey Symphony bar, half of a Rummy bar, a single Ferrerro Rocher, and seven wedges of candied orange peel covered with dark chocolate that I expressly forbade my sister to give me for Christmas, but she did anyway.

Two days ago, I rode my bike across town to give blood (I'm a B positive, if anyone cares), and since then I've been very thirsty. I probably should have foregone this evening's chocolate and red wine, but I exercised today and took care to drink three litres of water before anything bad and dehydrating ever crossed the threshold of my lips.

Here's to 2011! I hope it brings all of you good health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors. And chocolate.

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I wish you a Happy New Year as well!! =3
Mine wasn's that nice either but okay...well.
Anyway, it will be a goos year!!

Thanks! Sorry to hear that your New Year's wasn't that nice. There will be other, better New Year's Eves in your future. The best one of my life happened when I was about twenty, and after that all other New Year's Eves paled in comparison. Since I've been married, I think my husband has worked every New Year's Eve. Now I like to stay home and enjoy being by myself.

And, yes, 2011 will be a great year! I feel very positive about it.

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