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Happy New Year!
Dee Blue waves
Happy New Year, people of the western world! I hope New Year's Eve lived up to all your expectations.

I stayed home and read an excellent historical novel while eating a highly delicious cheese dip that I made myself, with celery sticks and slices of baguette on the side. Oh, and red wine, followed by 2 cups of orange-tinged hot chocolate, followed by actual chocolate, because dammit, the occasion called for a chocolate feast. I ate part of a Hershey Symphony bar, half of a Rummy bar, a single Ferrerro Rocher, and seven wedges of candied orange peel covered with dark chocolate that I expressly forbade my sister to give me for Christmas, but she did anyway.

Two days ago, I rode my bike across town to give blood (I'm a B positive, if anyone cares), and since then I've been very thirsty. I probably should have foregone this evening's chocolate and red wine, but I exercised today and took care to drink three litres of water before anything bad and dehydrating ever crossed the threshold of my lips.

Here's to 2011! I hope it brings all of you good health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors. And chocolate.

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Oh believe me, apart from the parsley and the celery, it wasn't all that health conscious. The pot of cheese dip I made was party sized, and I ate the whole thing myself. It was very, very tasty, however, and I cannot bring myself to regret it, even though I'm still really full!

Those chocolate orange peels were beyond yummy. I'm secretly glad that my sister didn't listen to me when I ordered her not to give me chocolate this year!

The people at Canadian Blood Services were absolutely horrified when they learned that I was planning to get on my bike and ride home through heavy traffic, and moreover, that I planned to go to the gym later that evening and work out. A nurse was quickly dispatched to talk to me about how I had to take it easy because I had lost a certain amount of my body's oxygen, and could expect to be dizzy, and must therefore not push myself physically. I explained that I had always ridden to and from my blood donation appointments before without ill effect, and I was quite confident that I would be fine. I compromised by agreeing to skip the gym that night and to eat one of their cookies before I left the building. Last time I was there, I declined their cookies and juice. The cookies weren't good enough for me to consider the excess calories worthwhile. I don't idly eat mass-produced factory style cookies. Yes, I'm a cookie snob! Next time I should just take a couple of pieces of chocolate with me.

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