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Gong Hei Fat Choi!
happy Dee
...or Happy Chinese New Year!

I don't know if I have any Chinese readers, but I hope so. I'm still feeling bad for missing Australia day on January 26th. I had a great calendar with all the important days of the world on it, but my husband put it in the blue box in one of his tidying frenzies.

Today one of my clients made dumplings for me in honor of Chinese New Year. I gobbled half of them at work and then brought the rest home to share with my husband. She made two kinds. One type has egg, shrimp and tomato inside, the other one has chopped pork and spinach. So yummy! I've always been a sucker for anything dumpling-y. That includes perogies. Even ravioli. I consider ravioli to be a flat kind of dumpling.

Re my next chapter of Justice, it's with the betas and I'm planning to publish it on February 11th. I hope you'll all come back and read it.

I'm going away for the weekend tomorrow afternoon, and I'm so excited. I'm leaving my husband at home and going to visit a girlfriend in a nearby city. She's saving a bottle of wine for me called Stubborn Fool. Yes, that's really its name, and no, it's not a reflection on the fact that I'm a Taurus! (I'm not stubborn at all, no matter what my husband may say) Anyway, the wine is a Pinot Noir, and it's very nice. It has a picture on the label of a woman looking exasperatedly at a man with a stubborn set to his chin and shoulders.

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Heh, have fun on your trip!

You can work off the extra pudginess later ;D

I lazily didn't go to the gym last night, but I squeezed in a morning workout today. Take that, pudginess!

heh, you'll be chubby-cheeked and rotund in no time if you're not caaareful! ;D jkjk

You mean I'll end up resembling the dumplings I love so much? I'll have you know that my girlfriend and I did a two hour workout at her gym on Saturday!

Lol! No chubby cheeks to pinch then? Aww, I offer my face to the pinchy-aunts in your family then. Save you from the proddings. *nodnod*

Mmm, now I'm in the mood for some dumplings. Think I'll stop by the Asian mart on my way home - there is an awesome selection in the frozen foods section.

Red wine (and dark chocolate) are supposed to be very good for you. Enjoy your weekend away!


S, you're just like me! We're both really suggestible when it comes to food. Be sure to let me know later what kind of dumplings you ended up getting. I'm still in dumpling mode!

Mmmm, homemade dumplings! A friend of mine is a chef, and whenever he makes dumplings, they're always delicious. You have the best clients! I hate to profess my culinary ignorance, but what's a perogie? And is it good?

Have a great trip, and don't let that Stubborn Fool influence you too much!

What's a perogy? Behold! http://www.cheemo.com/products_variety.html My personal favorite is potato and three cheese. My Russian and Polish friends prefer them to be stuffed with sauerkraut, however, and they heartily disapprove of the frozen potato and cheese stuffed ones I buy. They're so delicious that I rarely cook them because if I make them for guests, I'll eat ALL the leftover perogies the same night!

Mmm, they look like bite-sized pockets o' deliciousness! I don't blame you for not being able to eat just one; I have a feeling that if I got near them, I'd be munching till they're gone.

Haha. Sorry, I'm not Chinese, but Happy Vietnamese New Years! (It the year of the Cat -instead of the Chinese Rabbit-). My family is having our celebration today (instead of Thursday). So wear red for luck! :)

Hope you had fun on your trip and I look forward to reading the next chapter of your story!

The year of the cat? Well, I like cats ten times more than rabbits!

I was travelling, so all my clothes were black and grey, but I wore red earrings (sparkly ones) in honor of the year of the cat.

Thank you for liking my story. I hope you had a really fun celebration with lots of delicious food!

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! I really enjoy reading your stories, please continue writing! :D

Oop, heheh, forgot to say, I'm a Chinese reader! <3

Wow, now I know that I have at least one Chinese reader. Thanks for letting me know! I'll keep writing if the readers keep reading.

Oh, that makes me think. Here You need a flag counter, cause you're awesome like that, and it would be interesting to see how worldly your various readers are. that, and i'm very curious now.

Just set up the code how you want it on their page, then add it as a sidebar under 'customize journal style'-'sidebars'-'custom text' and add the code in the 'custom' section.


This sounds very interesting, but I'm still thinking about it, as it may make lurkers nervous. I should ask them to weigh in.

Thanks for the new year greetings (we celebrate for 15 days) and yes you do have a long time reader who's Chinese. Am now interested in making a meat & spanich dumpling as we tend to use either meat/prawn + water chestnut filling or meat + chives filling. Have been enjoying the Justice storyline and hope you had a good trip.

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