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At the beginning of this weekend, I was quite possibly the only Fake fan on the North American continent who had never seen the Fake OVA. Well, that has changed because I discovered Youtube! God, I LOVE Youtube, but more on that later. I saw the Fake OVA! Yay! Lots of lovely kissing scenes in part one. It was so cool to see our guys actually moving around. It wasn't the best animation, but it certainly wasn't the worst I've seen, and there were several interesting special effects for an animation fan like me to deconstruct. I totally loved it, but boy are their Japanese voices annoying, especially Dee's. I wish I could watch it with music and other sound effects, but with the voices cut out. This is one of my pet peeves about the animation industry worldwide. There are so many crappy voice actors out there who shouldn't be allowed to ruin movies and TV shows that are the culmination of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. Maybe it wasn't his fault. Maybe the director should share some of the blame, here. Another voice I really hate is Roy Mustang's in FMA. Go back to acting school, people! Just because this is 'only' animation is no excuse for unchained mediocrity. I haven't heard the dubbed version of Fake, but I read more than one review that said Dee's English-speaking voice was incredibly annoying, too! I'm fairly sure I will concur when I eventually hear it.

Now, having seen the OVA, I want more! It's not fair. There were lots of teasers during the opening and closing credits hinting at events to come, for example, Diana kicking butt, and Berkley making his move on Ryo. I guess it didn't sell well enough to interest the producers in making a series. If every Fake fan in the world promised to buy at least one copy, would it be enough? I wonder if another company would be allowed to make one, or if the entire series has been licensed to, I don't know, whichever animation company made that one. Was it Byblos? Be X Boy magazine? Placet? My only consolation is that in a few years it will be possible for fans to make their own professional-looking animations on their home computers. If no one else makes a Fake movie, I will dammit! But no voices!

And one more thing I hate, hate, HATE is chibi, both animated and not! One of the main things I appreciate about Gundam Seed is the lack of chibi. Chibi sucks and it spoils everything. It's so completely, totally, and absolutely unfunny. Is it supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be cute? A resounding NO to both, in my book. What exactly is its function? Can anyone enlighten me? It's so jarring when the character suddenly switches appearance and personality and becomes someone you would be happy to see booted off the planet. Even when I was seven years old and actually had an immature sense of humour, I disliked anything chibi-ish. However, I did love cuteness a heck of a lot more than I do now. That weird Japanese "Cult of Cute" I can generally handle, although some of it comes close to looking like pedophelia, which creeps me out in a big way. I don't have a problem with characters that look like teens being sexual, because teens really ARE that way. But when the characters look like they're nine or ten years old...Gah.

Anyway, back to Youtube! It's my newest addiction. I watched yaoi compilation videos all weekend instead of working on my fanfics. (Blue would scold me if she knew!) Those videos are so cool! Because I'm such a computer, manga, and yaoi newbie, I've never seen animated yaoi before. (OMG, fans self*) Some of it is nothing short of beautiful. True art, in my humble opinion. I hate pornography, but this is so different. It's aesthetically pleasing. It's amazingly sensual and it has an emotional impact on me that I don't really understand. I must take some time to analyze why. And I must find more! This is better than chocolate and I truly mean that.

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