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Need technical help with my flag counter code
Dee Blue waves
In my Gong Hei Fat Choi post,  dauphkantus suggested I get a flag counter so that I, and presumably all of us, could see which countries readers are coming in from. At first I thought it might spook the lurkers and said that I ought to ask them to weigh in. Then I had second thoughts because they're lurkers, and the very definition of lurker is that they don't weigh in!

So I've got a code now but I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. (I'm not good at Internet technical stuff, as you may have already observed). It says I should put it in my site's source code, but I have no clue what that means. Help!

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(Deleted comment)
It looks really, really long. But I'm sure there must be a specific place for it. I'm afraid to put it in the wrong place in case it as unwished-for consequences.

It needs to go in the same place I put your other counter. I should be able to walk you through the steps.


Thank you! It seems to be working. At least, it's working on me. Got a little Canadian flag down there.

Well, you've got one Canadian Flag and one USA flag. Did I do that?

It must have been you if there was only one at the time you clicked on my journal. I see I've got 4 US flags now and 32 pageviews. This is fun!

Yep, sorry. I tried to make it easier for you by telling you in the comment where/how I put it on my page, but I guess each person's different journal settings make that a moot point.

Thanks for planting such a great idea in my head, though! You are the reason why there's now a fun flag counter on my LJ. It's been, what, two hours and I already have three different flags and 74 pageviews!

Lol, you're welcome. I got the idea from a few Hetalia journals I saw (they had flag counters, cause Nations need to keep track of each other! 8D)
I got the idea for you, since you were all "Oooh! Listen to my international knowledge! 8D" and I thought you'd be intrigued.

I just like looking at the pretty flag symbols, and guessing where they came from. (like, I wonder what that slashy red one is down there? NO DON'T TELL MEEE)
I don't get that many on my journal though, cause it's UNLOVED. But that's ok. I'll just stalk you more ;D

My whole life is ALL about the international knowledge, only without the attendant traveling that one might imagine. This is on account of my now being poor since I spent a fortune on school last year.

Aw, I'll love your journal. And please feel free to stalk me as much as you want.

There's a new green flag now! The picture on it is so small, I can't really make out what it is, though. And I'm up to 290 pageloads!

There's all sorts of new flags down there now! And that green one's Brazil I think. Germany, Canada, ...sweden? And I don't know that white and red X one.


Wow! You're right, I've got eight flags now! This is so cool. If I click on the flag counter, it takes me to a bigger page and identifies all the flags. It's sort of like a flag lesson.

Oooo, really? ...but that kinda spoils the fun of guessing. xD

Well, since I suck at identifying flags anyhow, especially if they're the size of one-quarter of my thumbnail, I kind of have to cheat!

lol, gooood point.

(And I meant finland! not sweden! Gah, you nordics are all alike!)

That one from 'Jersey' just makes me go '...where the hell's that?'

Well, being a Brit, I can say with all honesty that I did know where that one was. But I just learned another cool thing about my new flag counter, which is that if I click on the country, I get all kinds of stats about it. For instance, one thing I did NOT know about Jersey, is that the birth rate per 1000 members of the population is 8.56, whereas the death rate is 9.32! Those people in Jersey are not having enough babies! I wonder if Jersey accepts immigrants?

lol, but that still doesn't answer where it is. Or perhaps, some interesting internet usage facts about the country in general. (how many people own computers? how many IPs does the country have?, what # range are they in?)

I'm here to help you out on the Jersey flag! As I am the one who is currently living in Jersey so that flag belongs to me! (Though I was born in South Wales, UK)

We are the largest of four small islands aka the 'Channel Islands' and can be found off the coast of the British isles (closer to France) and some argue that we are not a part of the United Kingdom because we are an independent of "the crown", but IMO we are a part of the UK.

To clear up here is the wiki image of where we are and how small we are compared to the mainland UK.

Thank you for the map, anjichan. I knew that Jersey and Guernsey were between France and the UK, but I didn't realize you were so close to France. Jersey looks like a beautiful place, and apparently you have mild winters there, too. Now I'm having a little fantasy of running away to Jersey! (Last year, it was New Zealand)

It really is a very beautiful place, small enough to visit for a day and see everything and we do have better weather than the UK.

Ah, wow, those are some tiny islands.

Heavy reliance on fair seas then, I bet.

....and I would have more awesome things to add, but I'm distracted by my cat who's watching my computer screen with a focused intent that's rather unusual.
Also, lookie! MORE FLAGS!
*wanders off*

Oh, in case you're wondering, it counts different IPs- so however many times you visit your own site, it only counts one flag (but multiple page-views) But for each different location/computer that views your journal (for instance, I've looked at it from home, and work) it's +1 flag.

(thus, USA is in the lead ;D)

I think about 95 percent of my readers have been American from day one. Fanfiction dot net told me that. I've never had that many from Canada.

Thanks for the tech info. I didn't know whether my multiple trips here to check for new flags was jacking up the Canadian contribution.

Lol, nope! just the pageviews. It's kinda smart like that, though I know I've kinda jacked it up one, what with work comp & home comp. (I could get another one possibly if I used my ps3! Oh, the possibilities...)

Oh, and if you're wondering why my sidebar one doesn't have a link, it does, you just have to click the 'Hi there' text instead of the image.
I didn't know so many diverse people looked at my page (india? and phillipines? random people from aaall over)

Yeah, your newest viewer, apart from me, is someone from Russia.

'In Soviet Russia, livejournal writes you!'
'In Soviet Russia, flag counter counts only those that will be one with Russia!'

(You should take a look at Axis Powers Hetalia- you would probably like it. All the nations of the world turned into bishie boys and some girls, with all the perceived traits of each 8D
For example, America has a hero complex, eats way too much McDonalds, is stubborn, occasionally worries about his weight, and is generally an charming but arrogant goofball. ;D)

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