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Happy Valentine's Day!
...or, the words of wise and practical fellow Taurus bronze_ribbons, 'Happy day-before-chocolates-go-on-sale day!'

My husband and I shared a snicker over how we both forgot to wish each other Happy V day this morning. It was quite a long time before either of us remembered. We are both the most unromantic people in the world. I used to still have a smidgen of romance left in my nature before I married him, but I told him yesterday that my long association with him killed that little spark dead, starting with our first long-ago Valentine's day as a couple.  I had to force him to put on his suit and accompany me to a restaurant, which he did with heavy resignation and an expression of such misery that I ended up wishing we had stayed home. Each successive Valentine's day has been a further nail in the coffin of my dead sense of romance. He snickered very hard when I told him that part.

This morning he asked, "Should I buy you something?"

I said, "No, I can't think of anything I want. Don't buy me chocolates because you always buy the wrong kind, and hell, I'll just eat them, whatever they are." (I'm trying to clear my house of the temptation of chocolate)

Then we agreed to forget about Valentine's day for the rest of the day. I'm going for a pizza lunch with my co-workers, and we have leftovers on the schedule for dinner tonight.

Before anyone goes, "Aw, poor Brit!', let me just state that the lack of romance in my life suits me just fine. I once had an excessively romantic boyfriend who drove me nuts with his annoying and ostentatious romanticism. I'm sure I drove him equally nuts with my failure to appreciate it.

All in all, I'd say my hubby and I are well-matched romantically!

PS Did you notice my new flag counter? I'm thrilled with it! It's not only fun, but educational, too!

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Heh, just wait until you've racked up all those strange far-off lands!

My mom got me chocolates (good Godiva chocolates too) and cooked an extensive dinner last night for me 'n stepdad (mashed potatoes, creamed corn, a pot roast, and gravy) but otherwise I was firmly resolved to ignore any importance to the day. It was hyped up by card and candy companies anyway, and I see no special need for emphasis to the event. (and being single isn't necessarily why. If I wasn't single, I'd want a little special attention now and then throughout the months, not just once a year when they have overpriced gifts and a largess of pink, thanks. ughPINKYUCKGAG)

I know, I feel the same! Partners should be nice to each other year-round. Today is also the worst day, apart from New Year's Eve, to go out for dinner. All restaurants will be packed and a lot of the special Valentine's Day dinner-food will be pre-cooked so that it can be heated up quickly later.

Enjoy your Godiva chocolates!

I know! (and all that yucky red and pink. I'd rather have a nice soothing blue and purple holiday! Perhaps that's why I'm a winter lover, along with my love of the cold. I love cold- you can always wear more clothes, but you can't remove your skin when it's too hot for ya!)

I so, SO agree! Love winter, hate summer, for exactly the same reason!

Only reason I'd like summer, is if I could stay in the hot tub and be catered to by half-naked hot guys.

On the historical epic chance that would ever occur- then I would love summer.

Until then, I want the snowiest cold-filled winter on record. Oh, look, I got it! 8D godglobalwarmingistakingtheplanettoPOT

Make that a cold tub and you've got a deal!

...It's a tub; either way, you're not gonna be as grumpy about temp so long as you're wet.

And I only said hot tub, cause we have one.

And they are still delicious.


Aww, thank you for the gift! *plays with the balloons*

What an utterly adorable icon! You added the Canada, didn't you?

Lol, no. I just trimmed it down from the full-size fanart myself. All the other mini-sized ones I saw were really pixely.


The fanart was from.. Miza-chan? I think. *checks her own userpic comment* Oh. Mikumi. Close.

I used to still have a smidgen of romance left in my nature before I married him, but I told him yesterday that my long association with him killed that little spark dead on our first long-ago Valentine's day as a couple.

Oh dear, Brit, you are so funny! Well, at least you match in the (non)romance department because it would be very sad if one of you was very romantic.

Well, I will say Happy Valentine's day anyway.


Thank you, S! And happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Thanks for my virtual chocolates. I know that they, at least, won't go straight to my hips. I was stuffing my face with chocolate last night and this morning– Purdy's dark chocolate mini hedgehogs and half of my last Terry's chocolate orange. Finally I realized that I was getting a tad overstimulated with the caffeine and sugar in my treats, so I gave the other half of the chocolate orange to my father. The hedgehogs are all gone. That was breakfast. Then I went and ate three huge slices of pizza at lunchtime, which I heartily regret, since it has made me so sleepy I can hardly keep my eyes open!

Happy Valentines to you too Brit!! Thank you for my V-Gift *hugs*

I've never been into Valentine's day either~ even when I was younger. So it would also drive me crazy if someone was that OTT in the romancing dep. XDD

Oh! Flag counter~ I am there. The little "Channel Islands, Jersey flag" xD

*needs to catch up with Justice*

Aha, we've found the Jersey reader! Dauphkantus and I were talking about Jersey in the post just prior to this one.

I was into Valentine's day when I was younger, but I think it was peer pressure because all my friends were making plans and then comparing notes the next day. Now I just don't care anymore. Besides everyone knows by now that there is no more romance left in me.

My husband is supposed to buy me chocolates, but he's got a special talent for picking out precisely the kind I don't like. For the last few years I would order him to give me twenty bucks and then I would go out and buy the expensive Belgian chocolates I wanted. Then I would kiss him when I got home with them, and thank him, but not actually share them with him. And I'm not as mean as I sound, because he just doesn't appreciate quality chocolates! He prefers other kinds of sweets. I was horrified the first time I saw him pop a $1.50 chocolate in his mouth and practically swallow it whole. He didn't even know what flavor he had just eaten! Actually, I'm still outraged whenever I recall that particular memory. I tried to explain to him that he was supposed to savour them slowly, but he just shrugged and said he didn't want to savor them. Grrrr!

But this year I didn't even make him give me the money to buy my own chocolates because it's better for me not to have chocolates in the house. I sleep better if I don't.

And OTT Romancing boyfriends? I could tell you some stories there...


... I still don't know where that is.


Hi! I just left a reply in your original comment in Brits flag counter entry! I hope I've cleared things up for you! ^_~

Okay, someone from Singapore is my latest flag. Apparently people can't vote until they're 21 in Singapore. (I learned this from Flagcounter) I've always wanted to go to Singapore. I've heard the airport there has the most beautiful staterooms that you can rent for a period of hours if you have a stopover.

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