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Oh, Japan
Dee squinting in sunlight
Hello to those who read this journal,

I don't know about you, but I have been transfixed since last night by the terrible news from Japan. I feel ill every time I see the footage of that tsunami and all the shaking buildings. Honestly, I want to cry.

I have heard from some of my friends in Japan, but not all of them. One couple lives in Ibaraki prefecture, and I have seen a horrible photo of damage from their city. I emailed them, but I've heard nothing back. I know two people from Fukuoka, and I'm trying not to think the worst. Other friends have been kind enough to check in and let me know how they're doing. After one brief email last night, I lost touch with one, and I assume he can't charge his cell phone. I'm so upset. That tsunami was one of the most frightening things I've ever seen. And it's cold, snowy winter in the north, damn it.

I am newly resolved never to read any comments on yahoo news ever again. Some of those people are sick, others I suspect are on drugs, and others are just unbelievably shallow. One person was impatiently wondering when he/she would be able to get updates on anime episodes! (I think you'll have to wait a while, you incredible jerk)

My best wishes and prayers for those who are suffering, those who have lost someone, and those who are waiting on tenterhooks for information.

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I know. I never read the comments, either, no matter what it's for, because I always want to strangle somebody by the time I'm done. Once was enough, thanks so much.

I really hope you can get in contact with everybody over there. On the forum I'm part of, I know a lot of them are from Japan as well, and I'm hoping that they're all okay, but so far, I haven't heard from those that I've friended over time. I'm guessing that answering messages on a forum is probably not at the top of their to-do list right now (wouldn't be at the top of mine, either).

My thoughts and prayers are with everybody who was affected over in Japan. It's so scary, to see what this world can do to us, and with not nearly enough warning. All I have to worry about where I am is flooded streets because of the rain, and I'm grateful for that.

Take care, and good luck hearing from everybody! I really hope that everybody finds a way to touch base with you soon. *hug*

Thanks for the hug! I need hugs nowadays.

I've heard from everyone now except the couple who lives in Ibaraki. I hope they're all right.

Thanks for reminding me about gratitude. I've been really caught up in my own problems recently and can't sleep as a result. However, I'm grateful that my problems are small in comparison to what a lot of other people are going through as a result of the earthquake. At least I have a home, warmth, my own bathroom and kitchen. I'm not injured or grieving. I haven't lost my livelihood. I have a lot to be grateful for.

I'm not going to waste one more minute of my life reading comments on news stories. Occasionally I find someone's comment informative, but there are too many bitter and selfish people out there who seem to love negative attention.

You are right, this is very frightening. I was so relieved when I heard that all of my Japanese friends are okay. I really hope it's the same with your friends.

It's unbelievable that those things are happening. I visited a nuclear power plant in Japan once and everything looked so safe and neat. And now it looks like there could a nuclear catastrophe be happening there. This seems so unreal, but for others it has becoming reality.

I have a lot of respect for the brave Japanese. There haven't been any plundering so far and the pictures of the people waiting patiently in one row to get their food are awe-inspiring.

I wish the best for your friends and everyone who has to suffer.

I know what you mean about the Japanese. Of course they have the same human impulses as everyone else, so they would like to push to the front of the line and grab what they need, but in general, they have too much dignity to go out looting and raping. Part of the country's national identity is that Japanese behave, or try to behave with honor. It's not like bad things don't happen there, too, but not to the same scale as in other places. I have so much respect for the people of Japan.

Thanks for your well-wishes. One of my friends called me last night and gave me a blow by blow account of everything that happened to him when the earthquake hit. He had just landed in Japan and was in Narita airport. He said he got motion sickness from the way the ground kept heaving. It was like trying to stand on water, with waves coming to knock him off balance. He ended up spending the night there and made friends with other travelers. All around him, people were doing the same thing, reaffirming their humanity in the wake of their brush with death. He got a free sleeping bag because the security guards came and took charge of the situation after the worst shaking stopped, and went to the airport stores to commandeer warm clothing, food and blankets etc. The shopkeepers handed over their goods willingly. It was apparently very cold and no one got much sleep. Plus, every time there was an aftershock, the babies started crying.

I told him he picked a hell of a day to go to Japan!

I spent all yesterday afternoon with the BBC World Service playing in my ear while trying to get work done. They are doing an excellent job of covering this.

I keep trying to wrap my mind around what is happening there and failing. I'm a native Floridian and I know what it is to be evacuated and to lose your home to a hurricane but the level of absolute devastation in some areas is so much worse than anything we've dealt with. It's Katrina on a massive scale PLUS massive continuing quakes (the aftershocks have been over 7 on the Richter scale)AND the treat of a nuclear meltdown.

If anyone would like to make a quick donation to the Red Cross' disaster relief fund text redcross to 90999 and $10 will be added to your next cell phone bill.

There are also some fandom projects like the Help Haiti one gearing up but I don't have the details yet.

Some towns have been completely wiped out, and I can't imagine the feelings of the survivors or residents of those towns who were temporarily away when the earthquake happened. Their families are dead, their homes no longer exist, their workplace is gone, their friends and neighbors are dead. I don't know how anyone could cope with such an extreme level of loss.

My current cell phone is prepaid with cards, so I can't do the text donation to the Red Cross. But I'm sure there will be information on TV soon telling us about special funds and how to donate.

BBC certainly is doing an excellent job covering this.

I've been posting the fandom efforts I know about to my LJ.

I am in tears. I just watched a video on CNN from Japan showing before and after shots of several towns. Over half the population of one town is missing. After watching that video, I think there will be more than one town with that many missing people. Everything is gone.
I hold Japan in my heart and in the Light.

I understand exactly how you feel. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I had to give myself a break from the news yesterday because I was getting too upset.

i agree people on manga updates were doing the same thing lives are much more in portent then updates jerk those people just lost everything

I can understand worries about anime episodes or the financial markets goring through people's minds at a time like this, but why don't they know better than to keep their thoughts to themselves? And all those crazy people who seem to get unholy joy out of the suffering of others are only contributing to the darkness in this world.

Bu the way, this is a link to a map of Japan which uses color codes to show the areas that were affected and not affected by the earthquake. You can see which areas felt the intesity of the earthquake as 'Extremely strong,very strong, strong, and moderate to none.'


I'm lucky that most of my friends live in the moderate to none areas.

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Oh, emails are still trickling in! I just got another one tonight. Lots of people don't have electricity and can't use their computers. I'm still waiting to hear from two families in Ibaraki. In some cases, I'm getting news second hand, like where two people who know each other and also know me get in touch with each other locally, and then the one with electricity, and therefore Internet, reports to me that they're both okay.

Wow, it looks like there's going to be no shortages of ways to donate!

I hope everyone's okay! I'm worried about the radiation from the damaged nuclear power plants right now. the radioactive iodide is really nasty stuff. My father runs the seismic charts for the local university and when we got the readings of the shockwaves it's pretty incredible to see. 8.9 is one of the biggest quakes that we've ever had. (Around 9.4 is the highest possible quake that could happen because rocks can't withstand any more pressure than that.) The entire island of Japan moved 8 feet and the earth was tilted approximately 4inches off the axis. (Being the Geology student that I am, this is incredible.) That's quite impressive and I'm grateful that so many people are okay and that everyone is pulling together to help out Japan. My thoughts and hopes go out to everyone in Japan!


Hello Brit, just checking in. I hope you ended up hearing from everyone you know in Japan, it certainly has been a tense couple of weeks.

How goes everything else? We haven't heard from you in awhile, and even if you haven't finished a new chapter of Justice I know I'd still like to hear about your cat or husband! You always make me laugh, no matter the subject.

I hope things are well, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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