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A quick hello
Dee Blue waves
Hi people,

This is just a quick hello to let you know that I haven't actually dropped off the face of the planet, despite appearances to the contrary. Thanks to kudorox  for giving me a little poke!

Yes, I've now heard from most of my Japanese friends. In fact, one of them is staying with me right now! She's leaving on Friday. I don't want her to go.

I still haven't heard from the couple in Mito, but my guest heard from a mutual friend of ours who heard from one of her friends that they are okay.

Justice chapter 14 is in fact finished, but needs a bit of tweaking. I'll probably get it up this weekend. Another thing that's delaying me is that I'm trying to think of questions for a survey of my readers that I am creating. I was hoping to get it finished and then tack it on to the end of the chapter. Or maybe I should post it separately. I'm fully expecting delays as a result of technical problems with codes, etc.

Today we had an Open House at my place of work. I was the Queen of the Sandwich Brigade (because I am awesome at making great sandwiches and bossing teams of volunteers around). I'm still pissed off that I made myself a nice little care package of leftover sandwiches and samosas after it was all over... and left it there! All that came home with me was a bag of raw vegetables. :(

Finally, I checked my spam today and saw that gmail had helpfully routed an email entitled 'Stud-O-Rama' into my spam box. A reckless part of me is toying with the idea of clicking on it. However, I probably won't. I'm mortally afraid of viruses, so I almost never click on spam. Besides, what if it releases a torrent of stud-type images that take over my computer screen and get me in trouble with my husband? It ain't gonna be horses, that's for sure.

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*snerk* Face of the earth *looks around* ...Nope, can't find it.

Classes have claimed my social times, my sleep times, and generally anytime I keep transforming into a zombie.

Heh, I've done that- make a nice little bundle of stuff and whoops, I forgot it. Hope it won't be rotting or thrown out or whatever when you go to get it? ...I guess that depends on where you'd left it.

I'd look to see if it's a bunch of random words with spaces randomly placed, or actual words.

I had some other thought to add here, but my brain spaced out in the middle of typing. Time to go back to bed...

Well, I just hope that someone put my little care package in the fridge and didn't take it home for themselves, seeing as how it was nicely packed in a clear plastic tupperware thing. I have no idea where I left it and why the hell it wasn't in my tote bag when I got home. I couldn't believe it. I went back to my empty bag and looked in it plaintively about four times after I got home and made the awful discovery that my dinner was missing.

Have your professors and classmates noticed yet that there's now a zombie in their midst? It'll probably be okay as long as you don't try to eat anyone's brain. Good luck with getting some sleep!

That song is quite funny, although the horrific things he's singing about in that mild-mannered voice are squicking me out! I sent it along to my nephew, who loves it.

This is the same guy who did Still Alive for Portal, and Code Monkey, amongst many others.

(My favorite is "I Crush Everything")

I Crush Everything is actually a beautiful song, although it's sad. I can think of at least one person it applies to. I also listened to Skullcrusher Mountain. Jonathan Coulton is amazingly talented! He can sing, play guitar, AND write incredibly witty yet poignant lyrics. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

Hehehe, they may not be horses but I bet they're hung like 'em!

*snickers with you* I bet they are, too! And if not, well, Photoshop can give them what Nature didn't.

I had a feeling that I should check here today! And you had posted something! Yea! :D

I too have become a psuedo-zombie between classes, projects, homework, and the play I'm in. There is only a month left of classes and then I'm free for a few months! But that also means that everything is due right about now. ick

I can't wait to see the next chapter, but I might have to go re-read chapter 13 just to get back on track.

Good idea not to open the tempting emails. I work on a mac so I don't have to worry about the viruses, but I still don't click on them. (THere's only about 1 virus for Mac and you have to agree to download it about four times. :P)


Okay, let's define terms here. What exactly is a pseudo-zombie and how does it differ from a real zombie? Do you mean to say that you are shambling into your classrooms with mysterious stains on your clothes that may be blood, or then again, may just be chili sauce? Are you glassy-eyed? Unkempt? A little behind on laundry? Do you smell like a dead thing? (I hope not) Have you tried to bite a piece off anyone, like maybe someone's entire head? (Family doesn't count) Do deep, pain-filled groans intermittently rise out of the depths of your tortured being?

I just can't imagine the bouncy, hyper, sugar-fueled Neengy I know staggering around like a zombie!

Murr... Fortunetly I niether look like a zombie nor smell like one. I am about to fall over from lack of sleep though. I have snapped at a few people, but they only lost fingers! :P Projects take up much of my time and then homework gets added on top of that and I don't really get enough sleep. Oh the life of a college student. *sigh* The bright part of my day is rehearsal! I'm in a rather dramatic play and I get to be a unicorn! :D I think I'm more excited about telling people that I'm a unicorn than I am about the actual play. :P I'm good friends with the director too so that helps. We do our show next weekend!

I shall see the next chapter as a welcomed and much needed study break!

I'll try to get some sleep this weekend!


I'm so glad that most of your Japanese friends are okay! Also, hi, Brit's Japanese friend! *waves*

Don't worry about the time thing; the attention ho in me loves surveys. ^.^

The feeling one gets when one thingks that one has a treat for dinner, and then finds out that the treat is non-existant (or at least non-accessible) is my definition of tragedy! I hope you didn't starve, with nothing but a bag of raw veggies to tide you over!

Stud-O-Rama, hmm? Yes, I'm sure that it found its way into your spam folder TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT, right? ;)

*Brit and Rie wave back!*

Good, at least I know one person will take part in my survey. I love surveys too. Whenever we get an 800 number call from a company asking if I'll participate in a survey, I always say yes, much to my husband's disgust. But feedback makes the world go round!

Nope, I didn't starve. Actually, I had been such a pig at the party that it did me no harm to do without dinner. I was mainly upset because that little care package was supposed to be my ticket out of cooking dinner at the end of a long and tiring day.

Uh... regarding all things 'stud', I plead the fifth!

Good to see everything's going okay!

And you'll have two people to participate in your survey--I love surveys too. I remember when I was a kid I took part in this product trial for Gogurt. Do you remember that yogurt-in-a-tube stuff? It's still on the shelves here in California, but advertising has all but disappeared. Anyway, I received $50 to sit at a table and talk about which flavor I liked the best.

Yes, surveys and such are awesome!

No, I don't remember Gogurt, but it's possible that it never made it up to the Canadian market.

I've done that too! Gotten paid to sit at a table and talk about products. Alas, no one will be paid to take part in Brit's survey. But it's good to know that I have at least two takers so far.

My survey is still a WIP. So far I've written 18 questions, mostly multiple choice, and then sent them off to friends, who will hopefully point out redundancies and offer me suggestions for better survey questions. Eighteen questions may be too many, as well.

I'm usually a lurker on your page, but I'd definitely participate in your survey. :)

Yay, that makes three! Thanks for letting me know you're still around. It's been years since I heard anything from you, so I assumed you'd lost interest and moved on to other fanfic pastures. I'm very glad you're still interested in checking my journal!

Oh I'm just very very quiet is all. I check your page religiously at least once a week. :) Can't wait for the survey.

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