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Let me know if I can help you with part one of Justice ch 14
Dee Blue waves
Hey, people,

LJ has been down all day and now it's back up, but still glitchy. I see that part two of the chapter I just posted is intact, but part one is incomplete. It's complete  when I go to my edit page, but it will not allow me to make any edits.

If you can't get the whole of part one, email me at brit.columbia@gmail.com and give me the last couple of sentences that you are able to read, and I'll email you back with the rest. OR... you can just wait for LJ to keep doing all their repairs, and I'm sure it will all be back to normal tomorrow. (Well, I hope!)

By the way, I noticed that if I click on the link to part one, I get an incomplete piece of text, but if I click on "leave a comment', I get the whole text.  I don't know if it's working the same for you where you are. It might be better or it might be worse. Anyway, if there's anything I can do, please let me know.

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I didn't get an email letting me know you'd updated for either chapter. If you hadn't posted this I would have missed it entirely.

Stupid dickless basement dwelling Russians.

Yeah, damn hackattackers! That's politics at work, ruining LJ for everyone.

Anyway, good thing I posted this, huh? LJ has been so wonky the last couple of days.

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