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Take Me Home
post or pre anime kiss
This is for neengy_dot, whose birthday I missed way back in September. I recall thinking about birthday smut at that time, but I think I had too many assignments hanging over me then. Also, one of my biggest writing problems is an inability to be brief. Levity I can do. Brevity, unfortunately, can outrun me! Anyhow, this is my third attempt to write something short. It clocks in at only 1111 words.

Happy late birthday Neengy! Thanks for all your kind encouragement.

Take Me Home

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE

Pairing: Dee/Ryo

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: The characters Dee, Ryo, Ted, Janet and the Chief belong to Sanami Matoh, their creator. I was not paid in any way for writing this story.

Timing: Set in the late spring of Dee and Ryo's second year together.

Spoilers: Set after Fake Volume 7

Summary: Ryo gets tipsy at a party and Dee benefits. Sheldon is my character.

Author's notes: This little story owes its existence to Neengy. It would never have been written had she not asked.

Take Me Home

by Brit Columbia

"Ryo, are you drunk?" Dee took his lover by the shoulders and steadied him.

"Um, possibly," conceded Ryo, and swayed a little under Dee's hands. "Janet gave me an awesome smoothie thing. I told her not to put vodka in mine, but..." He blinked at Dee. "I don't think she listened."

"Dude, I warned you not to go into the kitchen with Janet and those Transit witches. Didn't I tell you what would happen?"

"Uh-huh." Ryo leaned a little closer to Dee. "Shoulda listened. Wow, you smell good."

"I do?" Dee loosened his grip a little, mainly to see if Ryo would come even closer. "What do I smell like?"

To Dee's amazement, Ryo's nose nuzzled along his jaw and the side of his neck, right there in Sheldon's living room. "Like summer. Like limes, sunshine, and male energy. And sex. Yeah. Mmm." Ryo breathed in deeply through his nose and sighed happily.

"Jesus, Ryo," muttered Dee, with a nervous glance around. "I think you need a little air." He dragged his partner toward the patio, glad that the coolness of the late spring evening had caused him to throw a loose shirt on over his green muscle tank before he left his apartment earlier. Ryo's uninhibited nuzzling had left him with quite a noticeable bulge in the front of his jeans.

He slid open the patio door and looked out at the small, plant-filled space. To his left, cherry tomatoes and miniature peppers gleamed ripely in the moonlight, and the sound of traffic from the next street drifted toward him. No one was out there smoking. Good. It was nice and dark, too. He propelled Ryo through the door ahead of him, and propped him against the wall while he turned back to slide the door closed. He wished there was some way to lock the door from the outside.

As an extra precaution, he moved one of Sheldon's potted laurel trees in front of the door. If someone wandered out from the party, that would slow them down. It would also hide him and Ryo from view, at least long enough for them to spring apart, if need be.

"Dee, where are you? I feel kind of cold..."

"Right here, babe. I got you." Dee pinned Ryo against the brick wall and rubbed his erection against one of Ryo's denim-clad thighs. "I'll warm you up." He didn't think Ryo felt cold at all. God bless Janet and her vodka smoothies.

Ryo made a small, breathy sound of excitement and slid his arms around Dee's back. "Gonna kiss me?" His hopeful gaze slid from Dee's eyes to his lips, and back again.

"Oh yeah," growled Dee, bending his head to Ryo's. Ryo's hot mouth met his eagerly, challenging Dee's tongue with his own. He tasted like vodka and creamy raspberries. When Dee felt one of Ryo's bold hands slide down his back to seize his ass, his hard-on practically started throbbing in his pants, and he had to pull back from Ryo's mouth to gasp, "Oh, fuck!"

Ryo's hands were all over him, and his voice was urgent against Dee's neck. "Take me home, Dee. I want you. You smell so good, feel so good...."

"Sweetheart, I can't drive in this condition. I certainly can't walk through that living room full of people." Dee moved one of Ryo's roaming hands down to the rock-hard erection that was pressing urgently against his zipper from the inside of his pants.

"Beautiful," moaned Ryo and began caressing it. Dee almost whimpered. If Ryo kept doing that, there was a danger he was going to blow a load right here.

He and Ryo both stiffened when they heard the grating sound of the patio door sliding open.

"Dee?" It was Ted's voice. "You out here?"

"Ted!" Dee lifted one of the laurel tree's branches so that he could peer through the leaves at his co-worker. "Hold it right there, man. Don't come any closer."

Ted's voice dropped. "You with Ryo?"

"No, I'm with the Chief's mother, you nimrod. I need you to do me a favor, okay?"

"Uh, sure. Guard the door for five minutes?"

"You got it." Maybe Ted wasn't such a nimrod after all.

"It'll cost ya." Ted pulled a piece of celery out of his drink and took a bite off the end.

"How much?" asked Dee, acutely aware of Ryo's brazen hand still fondling his cock and balls through his pants. Ryo must be very drunk indeed not to be fazed by the presence of Ted. Maybe he figured the laurel tree was providing enough protection.

"Fifty bucks."

"Fifty bucks! You opportunistic sonofbitch! Thirty."

"Nope." Ted crunched away at his celery. "Fifty. Take it or leave it."

Ryo's other hand came around to the front of Dee's body and together, his two hands slowly started unbuckling Dee's belt. Dee could feel an answering erection pressing up against his ass. Jesus Christ. He had to get rid of Ted, and fast. "Okay fifty. But make it ten minutes, not five. And if anyone gets past you, you forfeit the whole amount, got it?"

"Don't worry. I ate a lot of bean dip. I'm like the Hindenburg. No one's gonna want to come near me for a while." Ted slid the door closed. 

The moment he heard the click of the lock, Dee whirled and pounced on Ryo like cat on a catnip mouse. In less than a second, he had him pinned up against the wall in his former position. "You cocktease!" he hissed.

"Not teasing," murmured Ryo affectionately. "Gonna take care of you." He slid his hands between their bodies and unbuttoned the top of Dee's jeans. "You know, so you can drive me home, and then we can get naked, and... you know."

"Baby, you're killing me..." Dee closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against Ryo's. He could feel his lover's hand disengaging his sensitive cock from his underwear, and freeing it to bob unencumbered between them.

"Not killing you. Loving you. Wanting you." One of Ryo's hands slid up under Dee's tank top to run his palm over the taut abs hiding behind it. The other hand closed over Dee's erection and began jerking it with an absolutely perfect rhythm.

Dee groaned quietly and surrendered to his lover's touch. Ryo knew his body, knew what he needed, knew how to give it to him. Here, in the relative privacy afforded by the plants on Sheldon's patio, he would spend for Ryo in the sweetness of the night air.

And then he would take his gorgeous, tipsy man home and take him the way they both wanted.


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*drool-bubble with glassy-eyed fond stare*

Hmm? oh, lovely time over? Aw... back to the pile of schoolwork then.

Well, as you work your way through that pile of schoolwork, you can think about Dee working his way into Ryo's tight but horny rear end after they get home!

*river of drooool* *snap* ....ewww, Now I gotta wash that.

Thank you for reading and commenting! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you

:O *Drool*




You really out did yourself with this one! Thank you sooooo much for writing it for me! This has to be the best belated birthday present ever! :D

<3 Neengy DOT!

Re: Thank you thank you thank you thank you

You're welcome. Ryo doesn't need Dee to go to a whole lot of work to seduce him if he's had enough vodka. He always gets in trouble if he drinks cocktails. Remember Slave To A Gladiator?

fanart for you... if I find a way to send it!

The past two weeks I've spent a large part of my free time reading your stories... They are wonderful, all of them! I eagerly look forward to the continuation of Justice.

To fill the empty space left by not being able to read your stories, I made a picture partly inspired by the scene were Ryo is supposed to wake Dee up but instead starts looking at him and they end up having sex and being late for work. My picture doesn't exactly fit, but still... I wanted to give you a copy.

I don't have a livejournal account, because I don't trust myself to update it regularly. I thought I would be able to just copy and paste the picture in this comment, but it doesn't seem to work. Well, I'll see what I can do.

Thank you for writing!

Re: fanart for you... if I find a way to send it!

Stina, I absolutely love it! Girl, you are good! The muscles on Ryo's back and his yummy little ass are beautiful. If I were Dee, I wouldn't be able to resist him, either! You made Dee's hair look tousled and touchable. This is a picture that absolutely should be shared. Do you have an account at Deviant Art? You could put it in the Fake section. I'm sure lots of other fangirls and boys would love to drool over it, too!

Fanart for you...

Hello again! I found an e-mail adress under "user info" and sent the picture there. Don't worry - it's not chibi! I'm a bit stuck with realism and would probably not be able to draw chibi even if I had to!

I also realised I didn't comment on the story above. It is very enjoyable - both hot and adorable. Like this part:

"Not teasing," murmured Ryo affectionately. "Gonna take care of you." He slid his hands between their bodies and unbuttoned the top of Dee's jeans. "You know, so you can drive me home, and then we can get naked, and... you know."

Even in this situation, Ryo apparently can't talk dirty...


Thanks for reading and commenting on the story. Yep, even when aroused and drunk, our Ryo still has a hang-up or two!

/Fans self/ Whew! I think I need a smoothie. or at least something cold.

So does Dee! He's a little overheated.

Lovely. Sweet with a touch of hot--just they way I like them. Isn't it nice that Ryo's gotten over the whole frigid-virgin-cocktease stage?

Glad you liked it! And yes, Ryo's a much more confident lover now. He has discovered the pleasure to be had from reducing his lover to a quivering ball of fiery need.

(Deleted comment)
*offers you a 3-ply tissue* I'm sorry you're experiencing blood loss, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh dammit! You stopped right when they were getting to the nitty gritty! Hm, I like a tipsy Ryo, and a totally turned on Dee. And the outdoor setting was perfect.

Thank you Brit!

And for the record, I love bean dip.

That's right, I stopped right at the good part, didn't I? But you see, I haven't been evil for a while, and I don't want to lose my evil edge, so I had to do something that would send up a collective groan of dismay! (Bwa-hah-ha-ha!)

I like the outdoor setting, too. It's hard to come up with possibilities for outdoor sex in Manhattan, though. Maybe I'll have to incorporate a vacation into one of my FAKE fics...

As for bean dip, if you'd been at Sheldon's party, you probably wouldn't have gotten any because Ted ate it all! I love it too, but it doesn't love me. :(

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for the vote of evil! I do my best. And next time, I think we need to see drunk, horny Dee instead.

(Deleted comment)
What a truly excellent idea!

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