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Birthday thoughts
Good morning to all the people who check this journal! (That exclamation mark is supposed to make me sound chipper) It's my birthday, and unfortunately, I've woken up with a headache. So far I have resisted taking painkillers, but it's getting worse, so I guess I should. The reason I have been resisting the painkillers is that the only one that works on me is acetaminophen with codeine, and I know that stuff is really bad for my liver, especially when I consider all the other rotten things I regularly do to my liver. Also, what with it being my birthday and all, my liver will be required to process some alcohol later when I have my birthday pizza. Yum, can't wait! I must get rid of this headache so I can properly enjoy the cheesy deliciousness that awaits.

My husband asked me what I want for my birthday. I had to stop and think about that because usually the things I want are things that can't be bought with money. And if I want something that can be bought, I usually go and buy it myself. My husband and I are not very traditional when it comes to giving each other gifts. I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that neither of us is romantic at all. His money is my money and my money is his money, so it doesn't really matter to either of us who buys what.

Anyway, I told him he could buy me a tablet computer if he wanted (my latest fascination), but not for a while because I need to do more research about which one would best meet my not very complex needs. I've just spent the last hour researching tablet options on the Internet and all I have managed to do is thoroughly confuse myself.

Apparently Android tablets are not user friendly and don't have a downloadable client (whatever that is) to make them friendlier. I find the iPad too large and unwieldy, even though it's probably the best one out there in terms of ease of use, which is important to me. Weight is also important to me. The lightest one I've found is the Blackberry Playbook. All of them except the Blackberry Playbook require expensive data plans. But without a data plan, I'd have to rely on WiFi, which would mean I couldn't use it for much at home. And most of my experiences with public WiFi have been frustrating, anyway.

What I want a tablet for is checking and sending email, browsing the Internet, drawing, taking notes (I would like them to be searchable and convertible from my handwriting to some nice typeface, if possible), sending and receiving business documents, reading comics/manga and ebooks, and watching the occasional movie. I want the tablet to not be a pain to haul around or hold with one hand, so it needs to be small and light. That's why I keep coming back to the Blackberry. But I'm not sure how I would transfer files to it since I don't have a Blackberry phone and there would be no data plan.

Does anyone have any thoughts to share re tablet computers? No one in my RL has one at the moment, at least not that I'm aware of.

Finally, I'd like to thank Neengy for the birthday fluff. I loved it! Believe it or not, I didn't know what a puzzle ring was, so I had to look it up. I found a whole bunch of gorgeous ones. I've always liked flat rings. Hmm, possible gift alternative for my husband to buy me...

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Happy Birthday!

Sorry, all I wanted one for is browsing the internet (ie Reading Fanfic) and I always seem to be able to scrounge wifi here in the apartment. So I bought a Sylvania tablet at the local pharmacy for $99 (- $15 coupon). Friend of mine is trying to run 4G internet connection on hers but is having problems with the internet physical part.


Wow, is $99 ever cheap! I went and looked up Sylvania. They're a lot more expensive in Canada. I won't be able to buy a cheap tablet in my city. I called some stores today and they all said if I want a tablet for less than $250, I should buy online. So I'm back to gazing perplexedly at the Blackberry.

Interesting... maybe the one I got was an out of date model or something? I've seen what looks like the same one at WalMart online and it was twice that. Guess I just have to thank my good luck. :)

*hug hug* Hope you have a great day, despite the headache!

Oooh, hug! *Hugs back* Thanks, it was a great day. I went for a pre-pizza workout, drank a bunch of water and managed to leave my headache at the gym. Clever, huh? We pigged out on pizza about 6 hours ago, and I'm still full. I wanted to eat it earlier in the day so that I wouldn't go to bed tonight on a full stomach. Pizza for dinner tends to KO my night's sleep.

Happy Birthday, Brit, and good luck with the tablet research. I'm with you on the absolute confusion - but I'm nearer to a cellphone purchase, finally. LOL!

Good luck also with alleviating your headache. I hate when I wake with one - can never tell if it's sinus related, or otherwise.

*gives you a good hug*

Thanks, S! *Hugs you back* I can never resist a hug.

I completely understand about the cellphone purchase. I was so close to buying an iPhone, and now I'm wondering if I really need a smartphone if I'm going to get a tablet. I'm really put off by the high cost of data plans, and I sure don't want to have to pay for two data plans. So now I'm back to square one.

The pain pills cut my headache pain in half, but a workout and water made it go away completely. Just in time for pizza, too!

Happy Birthday, Brit! I totally meant to send wishes this morning, but I opted to sleep until just before I had to go to work, so you'll have to forgive my tardiness, I'm afraid. :D

Hope your headache goes away, and I really hope the pizza and alcohol are good. Lol!

As for the tablet...I have no use for one, so I am of absolutely no help whatsoever. I have regular desktop computers, and a Palm Pixi, and that's about it. I still can only use the basic features on the Pixi. Lol.

Take care, and hope you have a wonderful birthday! *hugs to share*

You weren't tardy! It's still my birthday for another two and a half hours. Thanks for the birthday wishes and I'm glad you got a good sleep. That's been an ongoing challenge for me. In fact, that's why I informed my husband we were having our pizza in the middle of the afternoon, so that I wouldn't end up going to bed with a stomach full of pizza. Mind you, pizza for dinner wouldn't be a problem if I controlled myself and just had one or two pieces, but I can't. It's impossible, I love it too much. I washed it down with light beer. I'm not really a beer drinker, but I discovered that there is a huge caloric difference between wine and Molson 67 beer, so I'm trying to learn to love beer. Especially when I'm eating pizza!

I'm not sure if I really need a tablet, either. An iPhone with a data plan might just fit the bill for me. On the other hand, I might find the screen too small for reading. I have no idea. I wish I could play with one for a day.

Thanks for the birthday hugs and well-wishes! *Hugs back*

Happy birthday, Brit! Hope you had the fantabulous day you deserve!

Sorry, but I've got nothing in the area of tablet knowledge. I've got an iPhone 4, which serves very well as a tiny, eminently portable mini-computer, but I've been avoiding the iPad for the same reason you have: it's large and unwieldy.

Enjoy your pizza and alcohol (always a good combination), if you aren't already!

It was a very nice, quiet, low-key day, which was just what I wanted. We already had our feast. So far I have not yet eaten my birthday chocolate. I'll try not to unless I get a hit with a craving. I'm still feeling full from eating four (yes, four!) slices of pizza.

The only negative point to the day was that Nashville beat Vancouver at hockey. But it was a very exciting and lively game, and Nashville basically saved themselves from being eliminated, so I guess I'm happy for them, even though Vancouver is my team.

Basically, I want a tablet that is reader-sized. I could probably make calls on it through google or skype, but I don't know if people could call me. If I get one, I may not get a smartphone. Yes, I'm STILL dawdling on the whole smartphone purchase. It's been months. I was just about to buy an iPhone when I got sidetracked by my sudden interest in small tablets. I thought they were all big like the iPad, so I didn't pay attention until Blackberry started showing its Playbook commercials on TV. Every time those commercials come on, I stare like a woman transfixed.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I think all the positive energy I got from everyone worked to bring me a great day!

Happy Birthday Brit!

I'm kind of a technology nut, so I have a tablet rec for you, although I'm not sure it is available in Canada yet. It has a pen, which is actually pretty uncommon, and is 7 inches, so smaller than the iPad. Here's a post about it: HTC Flyer. I can't say how good it is personally, because I'm holding out for the new Amazon tablet that is rumored to come out this fall.

Anyway, hope you have a great birthday! Enjoy the pizza!

Man, that pizza was so good, I almost sneaked back for more today... but I controlled myself at the last minute and went home after the gym, there to eat healthy slow-cooked chili.

The HTC flyer looks like it's not out yet. It;s supposed to be launched May 09th, but I'm getting the impression that is not going to happen in the North American market.

What Amazon tablet is this?? (*gets excited*) but if it's all moral like the kindle http://theyaoireview.com/2011/05/03/yaoi-news-kindle-bans-some-yaoi-titles/ (Thanks meng_horde)... I dunno... We'll have to wait and see!

For years, what I've wanted is a reader that can also check email and surf the Web reliably and not at the speed at which glaciers traverse the land.

Now I'm thinking that the technology has moved along enough that I could actually ask for more! Basically, I don't want to fight with my tablet every day. I want a certain ease of operation. I definitely don't want gaming. If I had a spare fifteen minutes, I'd spend it reading or checking my email. I think that with each day that goes by, I'll learn more about the subject of tablets. My journal-readers have already alerted me to lots of tablets I didn't know about.

Thank you, it was a really enjoyable birthday! And you already know how I felt about the pizza. Maybe tomorrow night?

Edited at 2011-05-09 05:59 am (UTC)

You are a much more disciplined person than I. I would have eaten it all on the same night! But chili sounds good too.

I've just been reading a lot of rumors lately on tech sites about it. Here's an example of one with a big old photoshopped picture for illustration: http://www.engadget.com/2011/05/03/amazon-tablet-rumored-to-ship-later-this-year/

Wow, I hadn't heard that before about Amazon banning yaoi from Kindle. That is disappointing. I've got some X rated ebooks on mine that have M/M scenes, but I've never put manga on it, so maybe it is a ban only of images?

I think it is best to be patient when it comes to tablets and smartphones. Something new is always coming out, so there's no need to rush just to get the latest thing. That's my philosophy at least :)

That's been my philosophy since 2009 and was why I didn't buy an e-reader. It's always, 'Let's wait a few more months and see what comes out...'

At this rate, I'm never going to make a decision!

Happy birthday, you unromantic woman. You make even Ryo look gushy by comparison! Afraid I have no recommendations whatsoever for tablet computer (I still scribble notes on paper, gawd) but best of luck in picking one out.

I know, I know. I'm sort of letting Womankind down here. But I once had a Romantic Man and he totally annoyed the snot out of me. I do admit that even Ryo is more romantic than I am. However, I can write romance because while it's not for me, I know that other people like it. Not that anyone has thus far seen me write anything all that romantic... but I would, if it advanced the plot or theme in some way!

I scribble notes on paper, too, but then I lose or misfile the paper and am forced to rely on my memory, which, thank God, is usually able to remember the gist of something well enough to pass a multiple choice test, at least.

Unfortunately I wrote not one, but two, Fake stories on paper while I was flying to and then from Turkey in 2006, and since they were on fragile, easy-to-lose paper, I currently have no idea where they are and have not seen either of them for years. That was a good learning experience. I haven't written anything without the aid of a computer since then, and nor will I again in this life.

Thanks for wishing me luck with the tablet. I need to consult a couple more people and then I'll make a decision. I have to do something about the phone situation, anyway, but as I said, I don't want to end up paying for two data plans.

Happy Birthday!

I have a netbook which is designed to be used with wifi but does have a phone plug and USB slots so with an additional external dialup modem I'm able to use it just without wifi.

The newest model of the Dell Netbook has a screen that flips so you can use it as a tablet. When this one dies that's probably what I'll be getting so I can go back and forth between touch screen and keyboard as I need to. It is a bit bulkier than just a tablet but I can easily hold it on the fingertips of one hand.

What do you mean, it has a phone plug? How, exactly, does that work? Can you use it in a phone-like way?

No, I meant that I can plug a phone line into it so I can access my dial-up internet service out here in the boonies. Which like any internet connection would allow me to use Skype I supposed, if I had any idea how to use Skype, but it won't work like a phone.

I was wrong anyway, the external modem is also an adapter. It plugs into a USB slot and the phone line plugs into it. I knew that but spaced out.

It does have a regular network plug for wired internet.

I hope you had a nice Birthday. Sorry this is late but I just got off working 2 12 hour shift and am almost ready to crash but I just had to see if you wrote any thing new yet. My Birthday is next Wednesday and we Taurus have to stick together I'm also sorry about your headache.

Thanks so much for coming by to say Happy Birthday, even though you were tired! Yes, we Taureans should always stick together, since we have to constantly defend ourselves (and each other) against charges that we're 'stubborn'. And we're not, are we? We're just 'determined'. There's a difference.

Happy early birthday!

Happy belated Birthday, Brit! :) I hope your headache got a little better for you to enjoy the rest of your special day? Oh! Did you get the VGift I sent you?

As for a tablet? I have a iPad! I'm actually using mine right now to write this! I take mine everywhere and I don't find it heavy at all.

Anjichan, thank you! Yes I did, although for some reason LJ didn't send me a notification. I checked this morning and planned to send you a PM to say thanks, but then got too busy with work. I'm so glad you came by because now I can say thank you properly. That teddy bear you sent me looks like a chocolate, don't you think? Every time I look at him, I just want to eat him! Watch out, chocolate teddy bear.

The iPad is supposed to be the most user friendly tablet out there. I just wish Apple made a smaller version. Can you hold it comfortably with one hand?

Thank goodness the teddy was sent to you! (lj must be having problems again, because I still haven't received any confirmation for the last 4 vgifts I purchased)

xD He does look like he is made of chocolate, I'm glad you like him! :)

I can easily hold it with one hand... but if you look in to buying one I would go for the latest version, which is the 2nd gen as they are a lot smaller and thinner than the 1st gen.

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