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posting schedule
I just wanted to let all interested parties know that Justice chapter 16 has been finished and sent off to the betas. So next weekend will be the posting time. It will have to be Sunday because I'm going out of town on Thursday night and intend to get back on Saturday, whereupon I anticipate that both husband and cat will fall upon me with wails of relief and promptly start demanding attention/food. etc. What I'm trying to say is that I probably won't get anything done on Saturday.

I bought my Blackberry Playbook today! I also bought a wireless router at the same time, so now I can theoretically sit in bed reading. No porn however, since I'll be returning this tablet in less than two weeks so that I can do contrasting research with the iPad. Also, my friend will be probably helping me with my Blackberry when I inevitably get stuck, and I don't want him to know any of my deep, dark secrets, especially since he's a friend of my husband's and God knows how long it will take me to figure out how to delete my browsing history.

I'm already finding the BP a little heavy to hold in one hand, and it's the lightest tablet out there. Maybe I just need stronger wrists. It doesn't come with 3G, so I cannot have a data plan with it. WiFi only, but if I get a cell phone later with a data plan, I can make them play nice together and get internet on my BP! It apparently wouldn't have to be a Blackberry smartphone either.

Using a touchscreen really takes a lot of getting used to. The tablet is warming to my swiping technique, although it originally felt that it didn't have to take my lame swipes seriously.

I'll put periodic updates here to let you know how I'm getting on with my tablets. Don't expect quality reviews from a person who knows what she's talking about and is able to sum up pros and cons, though. These updates will more likely reveal hitherto unsuspected depths of doziness in the brain of Brit. Hopefully readers will not be left shaking their heads sadly and asking themselves, "How on earth does she tie her shoes? How does she hold down a job? Can she even eat dinner and watch TV at the same time?"

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Swiping? See, I don't even know what that is!

Can she even eat dinner and watch TV at the same time?"

Ahahahahaha, Brit you are so funny.

Good luck with your try-out.

I took my BP to the gym today and played with all of its non-internet functions, including the two games it came preloaded with. One was incredibly boring, the other one involved driving a car very fast around city streets for no good reason. I would have liked to drive slowly and look at the buildings, but it was all I could do to stay on the road at the speeds I was expected to drive at.

I would say that my swipes work on about three out of five attempts. My taps are closer to fifty-fifty. By the end of my two back to back try-outs, I'll be a master swiper and tapper at the very least!

Heh, you'll be fine... even if we start to wonder how you ever manage to connect to the internet and write these lovely posts without eternal quests for aid.

This reminds me, I should post too.
'Cept, you know, I'm busy.
So busybusybusy >>;

Well, you should have seen me when I first got my LJ. It was quite pathetic. I couldn't even load a user pic. I still have no idea how to grab animated icons. All my userpics are the kind that don't move.

I figured you were busy! Are you drowning in a sea of homework?

Aww, poor brit. Much Techno-fear this one has.

Not quite... I mean, not lately... I mean... oh, I should just update already. *wanders off to do so*

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