brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

re my Blackberry Playbook

I took my BP back on Friday. I felt guilty, but I don't know why I should! After all, I went and bought it because Blackberry's TV commercials did their job and captured my interest. But the Blackberry itself was unable to find a niche in my life. The people at the store were very nice about it.

I had that BP for two weeks, and I am now resolutely confirmed in one thing: I HATE public WiFi! I can't stand the frustration of constantly being bumped off the Internet. It seems like every time I'm on public WiFi somewhere, I spend the bulk of my time trying to get back on the Internet, while getting more and more frustrated. If I'm going to have an Internet-capable portable device like a tablet or a phone, I need a more reliable source of Internet.

My husband pointed out that I am surrounded by computers and I'm never more than five minutes away from one. I have a Mac on cable Internet at home, plus a little netbook that can function wirelessly with our wireless router. I have a computer at each of the three offices I work in. He says I don't even need an iPhone. I just need a decent phone that can take and receive calls and can text. He's probably right. I hate how often that man is right. Anyway, it's time for another discussion with my tech friends. Maybe all I need at this point is a reader. *Sigh*  I feel I have confused myself.

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