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re my Blackberry Playbook
Dee Blue waves
I took my BP back on Friday. I felt guilty, but I don't know why I should! After all, I went and bought it because Blackberry's TV commercials did their job and captured my interest. But the Blackberry itself was unable to find a niche in my life. The people at the store were very nice about it.

I had that BP for two weeks, and I am now resolutely confirmed in one thing: I HATE public WiFi! I can't stand the frustration of constantly being bumped off the Internet. It seems like every time I'm on public WiFi somewhere, I spend the bulk of my time trying to get back on the Internet, while getting more and more frustrated. If I'm going to have an Internet-capable portable device like a tablet or a phone, I need a more reliable source of Internet.

My husband pointed out that I am surrounded by computers and I'm never more than five minutes away from one. I have a Mac on cable Internet at home, plus a little netbook that can function wirelessly with our wireless router. I have a computer at each of the three offices I work in. He says I don't even need an iPhone. I just need a decent phone that can take and receive calls and can text. He's probably right. I hate how often that man is right. Anyway, it's time for another discussion with my tech friends. Maybe all I need at this point is a reader. *Sigh*  I feel I have confused myself.

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The only place I would WiFi is at work and there isn't any for miles around. I hate e-mail at the moment. I swear I will never switch internet providers again. I will never be lured by their download speeds. It is such a pain to switch my e-mail in so many places. My wireless still isn't set up yet, because I'm waiting for them to ship my new router. :(

P.S. Am I the only one who get depressed when the sun is shining, but it's brain melting hot? At least in the winter, you don't want to leave the house.

Nope, I hate hot weather, too. I don't like bright sunshine, or at least I get depressed if there are too many bright sunny days in a row. I hide inside with the shades drawn. I'd be fine living somewhere cold, as long as I could ride my bike. I'm probably in the best place already.

You have WiFi at work? If so, is it safe? I would think not. The trouble with Internet at work is that I'm paranoid about checking LJ, since my LJ default is set to 'Adult Content'.

Don't be confused, Brit. Sometimes it helps to have that outside point of view. I agree with your husband about the ease of computer access. However, your WiFi issues are something I know nothing about. Maybe better connectivity depends on whose WiFi you're using. For example, I know people who hang out at Starbucks for HOURS and never have a problem.

Anyway, I can proudly say that I am the new owner of a Samsung (lower radiation) t369 cellphone. It is equipped with a tiny, spy camera (hehehe) and I can text or talk as much or as little as I like. Best of all, it is contract free! I am not a phone person - it drains me mentally to have phone conversations. I much prefer email, in case you haven't noticed.

Oh, me too! I thought I was the only person in the world who hates talking on the phone. That's why I've had the same crappy cell phone for years and practically no one on this earth has its number. My hubby is willing to buy me a new phone, but I've been dragging my feet on that for a long time. I think I was hoping that by switching my attention to a tablet, I could have more email conversations and fewer phone conversations, but the tablet plan didn't work out. Now I'm back to considering phone options and wondering if I really need a data plan. Actually, as I write this I'm asking myself if I really need a cell phone... but I think I probably do. Well, in a limited capacity, since I don't plan on answering it every time it rings.

What do you mean you can text or talk as much as you like and it's contract free? Is it pay as you go? And if so, how much per minute?

Now I'm wondering if I should be worried about radiation! That's one factor that hasn't entered my head until now.

(Deleted comment)
Well, I'm sure WiFi would be better than nothing, but so far (and this is going back a couple of years with my netbook) I'd say 90% of my WiFi experiences in public places have been negative. Mainly it's connectivity issues. Getting connected and staying connected to the Internet is so bloody difficult and requires so many tries that in the end, I give up, put my computer/tablet away, and read a newspaper instead. I just don't need the stress. I've noticed that all my friends with iPhones don't seem to have those connectivity issues.

Well, now I know there are three of us who dislike talking on the phone! I prefer either emailing or actually getting together with the person and talking face to face. At least then I have a choice about the time. Actually, I always have a choice. I'm famous among my friends for not answering the phone. My husband is the complete opposite. To him, the phone is a vital instrument of communication and MUST be answered! He talks on the phone for an hour or more a day.

But didn't you say this was the first thing in a long time that you actually wanted? Whether you need it or not has little to do with wanting it. I still think you should go buy/return your other tablet options, like the ipad2. Keep messing around with it, data plan(and constant internet access) included. I think you can break your contract within 30 days if you are "not satisfied."

Anyway, don't let a poor experience with one device + thinking about what is necessary deter you from playing around with something that you genuinely wanted.

You might fine you can't live without it1

You know, the whole want vs. need thing has always been an issue for me. I always feel like I have to justify the things I want by coming up with some way that I 'need' them. (This process works very well with purchases of chocolate and boots)

I hadn't considered getting a contract and then breaking it. I didn't think that was possible. Maybe it is! I think THAT's what I need to find out. After all, portable, reliable Internet is what I want, and what I missed with the Blackberry. Also, I didn't like the limitations of my gmail on Blackberry, either.

Thanks for the encouragement! I think I need to give the iPad its fair try, too.

Hi Brit,

My understanding with the iPad 2 is that you can sign up for the data plan on a month to month basis. So you have to spend more initially for the more expensive 3G enable iPad, but then you can choose to get the data plan each month. Here's a bit more about it: http://www.apple.com/ipad/3g/ (http://www.apple.ca/ipad/3g/).

Even though I love tech and gadgets, I really stress about buying things for myself--they're EXPENSIVE and I want to make sure I'm buying something I will be happy with. Good luck!

Thanks for the info! I'll read up.

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