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Dee in a suit
Dee Blue waves

Hello readers,

I just want to let you know that I'm working on Justice chapter 17, but I've got visitors staying at my house and they're slowing me down! The chapter is about three quarters finished. I don't want to say at this point exactly when the chapter will be ready, because my time is not really my own at the moment. But I'll let you know the minute it's with the betas. Thanks for your patience.

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In-laws getting you down?

*Would really wish to send some fudge your way; though not quite perhaps in the quantities it's sold in*

Thanks for the sweet thought, but I'm nervously pigging out on candy day and night nowadays, and fudge would probably push me over the edge.

Can you send me some sleep? Is that possible? and if so, can you throw in a couple of those cool dreams that you've been having recently?

*makes a smirky-wiggly-hesitant-squiggle of a face*

I'd love to send you my dreams, because at least YOU could do them the justice (ha, I'm punny) of being written, but 1) I don't know how much Sherlock you know and 2) I get a lot of wtf in with my brilliant!gold!shiny! ideas, and 3) anything I do remember upon waking is always latter fractions of what I spent the entire time dreaming.

And I love the fudge from the Elephant Museum. It's just so yummy!rich. (and they sell it by the POUND! mmmm, delish) Despite me being immune to the richness of nearly all sweets, this is something I deliberately slowly savor and consume, which tells you how delectable it is indeed. private viewing of my eating is available upon payment of more fudge ;D *shot*

Oh my, he does look like Dee! Is he, by any chance, dressed up to get married--now that he can?

Plot-bunny attack! I immediately began planning their wedding... in my head of course, because I don't see that happening until after the events of Like Like Love. Also, Swordy's Dee/Ryo wedding was so absolutely perfect, that it would be a hard act to follow.

But this Dee-guy looks so handsome in his suit that I can't help thinking about what Dee and Ryo would wear!

PS, It's the same guy in my icon.

I immediately began planning their wedding
[Nods] Of course you did; completely understandable.

Swordy's Dee/Ryo wedding was so absolutely perfect, that it would be a hard act to follow.
I haven't read that one.

It's the same guy in my icon.
I rarely see any but your blue (default?) icon, but it does resemble the guy in that too.

I'm probably not the only FAKE fangirl whose head filled with thoughts of a wedding for Dee and Ryo when the news about New York came in!

Swordy's FAKE wedding is in the epilogue of her story Crash and Burn. which is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1959234/31/Crash_and_Burn

I use my blue default icon almost exclusively for commenting outside my own journal. That way people will always know it's me. But I'm about to break that rule because I have a perfect icon that I want to use to reply to a comment on your journal!

...*nosebleed* What a perfect sight to wake up to! Thankies!

Damn visitors. Why can't they see that you have fanfic to write?! lol Hope you and your guests have a great time!

Also, apologies if I'm still showing up on your "My Guests" list, like, every day. My browser is doing this weird thing (again) where I get redirected to your journal more or less randomly. I'm (still) not stalking you, I promise!

Oh no, don't apologize. Please stalk me. I want to be stalked. Well, by nice people, of course! (That means you)

Or could it be that maybe it's your browser that's stalking me?

Isn't he pretty? I never could resist a handsome man in a suit. Or, really, any kind of uniform. I consider a business suit to be a kind of uniform.

My husband has taken his family members out for a drive. I've got about half an hour-- forty-five minutes tops, so I'm going to quickly make some more progress on my chapter.

(Deleted comment)
Oh yes, he certainly is. I just love this guy! I think everyone has figured it out by now. I wish I could find a Ryo.

Good luck with the house guests... as for the picture...

:D <-- All I can say!



He does! This must have been taken in the morning when his hair gel/mousse/wax/whatever was still on the job. But give him a few hours and his hair will be hanging in his eyes.


What about this guy? Half Asian half white actor Shirota Yu. I can't make the damn link work but google his name you might have your Ryo.

Although in my mind, Ryo is blonde, JJ is more a strawberry-blonde red head and Drake has brown hair. I always thought Ted was blonde, too!

Well, he IS a gorgeous young man, but he looks a little too young and thin to be Ryo, at least in my mind. Maybe I just need to dig up more pictures of him! Here's the link to the LJ page that's all about him. I really like his singing voice. http://yuu-shirota.livejournal.com/

Okay, he's growing on me. I watched a youtube video of him on a cooking show where he was quite charming and funny.

I also want to picture Ryo as blonde, but according to Sanami Matoh, he has brown hair, so I struggle to picture him that way. I also see JJ as a redhead. I always imagine him with red hair, even though I've written him a s a white-blonde (to faciliate easy lavender-dying sometimes when his police work allows it). I picture Drake as having brown hair, and Ted as a blonde. That was from reading the manga. When I saw the anime, it was quite a surprise.

I thought he looked too young to be Ryo too, actually. But he is darling :).I think it would be fun to figure out what actors/celebrities could play the characters if they did a live action version of the manga.

Somewhere someone already did a photo montage like that, but I have no idea how to find it again.

That guy in Thank You for Smoking ( Aaron Eckhart) is Berkeley all the way.

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