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Well, I'm a little late this year, but it's still technically Canada Day for another hour and a half. I can hear the fireworks happening outside, but as I am profoundly uninterested in fireworks, I'm not even going to bother to look out the window. I remember being excited about fireworks displays the first 20 or 25 times I saw them, but now I'd rather watch them on TV. I think they can be romantic if one is on a date or something, but I've been married for a few years and my husband is at work right now anyway!

My husband went out to work earlier, leaving me to watch TV with his relatives. I was kind of into Sense and Sensibility, but when the in-laws opted to go to bed in the middle of the movie, I opted to turn off the TV and come to my beloved computer to work on my latest chapter. That's what I will be doing as soon as I finish this post.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers! I hope you enjoyed the holiday.

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Happy Canada day, lovely brit!

And we'll have a happy fourth-of-July down here, as I learn to get sick of cookouts and spend my Monday hol' sleeping in and playing games.

After this hell week, I certainly need it. <3

Thank you! Enjoy your games and extra sleep. I hope next week is much less hellish for you. I take it your boredom has passed? Yes?

I'll be allowed to be bored when I have less I should be doing.

Actually, I'd like to have a nice bit of boredom right now.
I think I'll make certain of it. *wanders off to be bored*

Ack! Bad me! I knew there was a Canadian holiday sometime in July, but all that came to mind was Bastille Day, and France is a far cry from Canada (Quebec excluded).
I hope you had at least a partial happy holiday!

No, please don't feel bad. After all, you were the one who supplied me with my perfect Canada Day icon!

It was a mostly happy day except for the fact that the in-laws woke us up a bit too early, and I ended not getting my coffee until much later than usual. Then, when my husband took them out to take in some of the festivities, I upset myself by reading about heavy issues such as honor killings and ritual female genital mutilation. Why do I do this to myself? Anyway, at least I got a really good night's sleep last night-- the first in several days. I hope I'll be able to pull off the same feat tonight.

Yeah, ain't religion nice? That's why I'm a Quaker.

I agree. So much misery has ridden into this world on the coat-tails of religion! Often these rotten things are not even required by the religion. They're cultural, but they somehow get rolled up with the religion. There always seems to be fear and misplaced pride at the bottom of it, too.

....Santa Claus anyone?

St. Nick sure ain't part of the 'Christ' in Christmas, but there you go. We adopted him out of the Nickolaustag holiday (which is on the 6th of Dec) and made him fatter and lost his devilish companion Knecht Ruprecht (who'd come for the bad kids- certainly more ominous than coal in your stocking! Which is where stockings came from as well- this holiday is about shoes by the door, to be filled with treats!)

So.. yeah. Not all holidays have miserable additions! *wanders off for real this time*

(Deleted comment)
It can be quite confusing for immigrants, especially the non-Christian ones! Some of them think Santa Claus is a representation of God. They're not sure what to make of the Easter Bunny, either.

The easter bunny is a strange one indeed.

That one I can't explain, but I like Robin William's explanation on it. (Don't want anyone biting the head off a chocolate Jesus! Don't want a little cream-filled cross going PPPBT! No you don't want that! Don't want to have to spread raspberry jam in the grass going 'We're looking for Jesus kids, come on!')


Actually, it's Catholic- not Pagan. He is a Saint. The santa claus image isn't in any way related to the actual Saint Nikolaus, and hardly related to the celebrated saint-image portrayed (other than the red and white clothes). The sixth of December was his feast-day, and the holiday wasn't combined until...

In efforts to make the Saint-bringing-children-presents less Catholic and more Protestant, Martin Luther (the German religion-starter, not the black African-American freedom-rights fighter) introduced the idea of the Christ-child (as a cute angelic little baby) bringing the gifts instead. This apparently, only emphasized to connect and combine the holidays, rather than re-ordain them under the new religions.

Organized religion is rather silly all around, if you ask me.
Belief, faith, is all you need. (And being happy helps)

(Deleted comment)
Oh, good point. The church (in all its forms/religions/whatever) is indeed always in favor of trying to cover up old rites with newer celebrations, and incorporating old pieces into it, to make it easier to 'convert' to the newer beliefs.

Solstice, wasn't it? Mid-winter? Something like that? Or am I fumbling blindly in my tired sleepiness?

Old Man Winter... something... Don't remember. Too tired. Don't mind me.

BTW, I hope you're on your way to bed. Seven hours!

Well, almost. I got 5 hours.

I hope it's enough. Maybe you can grab a nap in the car if you're not the one who's driving.

I did not drive so we will discuss the travel later.
Had a great time though!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Actually, we're all still in Canada Day mode. The festivities continue. I can't believe it's Saturday today. Yesterday felt like Saturday. I can't believe I have an extra day to be lazy. It's a good feeling!

Wow Brit - We feel the same way about fireworks! I'd rather watch them on tv or from afar. And for all those other small explosives that are so noisy? I could go the rest of my life without hearing them.

Me too! And Fluffy feels the same. He doesn't like bangs or explosions.

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