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Happy Independence Day!
Dee Blue waves
 Happy Independence Day to my American friends and readers! I hope you're all enjoying your holiday with the people you love best.

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Did you get your cookout? I hope the fireworks were more fun for you than they are for me.

Actually, no.
Family pool party was yesterday, and the entire time we were there it rained buckets (but I was amused. Told Mom I wouldn't be needing my suit, as I wouldn't be swimming. Just hadn't expected to be so right) but I had some nice food and worked a bit on a puzzle and threw a ball around with some relative I've no idea how they're related and slept in the car for a while without getting stiff and sore.
Not at all bad.

Today I just slept. And listened to the fireworks outside in the distance.
I'm kind of on a sleep-most-o'-the-day up-all-night schedule, which is going to be harsh for work today, but I hope to have a few hours to try and make myself doze before I head in later this morning. Hope I'm successful at that, anyway.

Thanks for the well wishes!

I had a great time with my family--our city is one of the only ones in the area that allows fireworks, so we had quite the crowd. Still, most of the night's entertainment was of the illegal sky rocket variety. :) I think the cops in our area just park somewhere and enjoy the show, though, since we're fairly showy about it and have never had a problem!

Perhaps real life versions of Dee and Ryo were able to benefit from our temporarily lax legal values?

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