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General update
Hello readers! Long time no see. I know some of you are wondering about why I have not been posting anything lately. I'm here to explain that it's because of two converging events. As some of you are aware, my in-laws are here on an extended visit. In addition to the fact that there are now two extra people in my house requiring my time and attention, there's now double the laundry, cooking and shopping, too. And socializing with other people who want to meet the in-laws.

But that's not all. If you've been reading my journal for a year or longer, then you know that last year I was taking a demanding but interesting online course. As a result of this, I have now changed jobs. I was working out the last two weeks of my old main job (I've always had two jobs) when the in-laws first arrived. There was a fair bit of overtime, as I wound things up, participated in the hiring process of my replacements and then needed to spend some additional time showing them the ropes, etc. I finished one job at 7 pm on a Tuesday night and began the new job the very next day. I'm on a terrifically steep learning curve right now, and working very long hours. I think the in-laws don't quite understand why I'm practically never home. I hope they're not taking it personally on some deep-down level. Anyway, fortunately for me, they eat late, because cooking is my job, and I don't usually get home until 7:00 or 8:00 pm. Then I cook and while they're eating, I go to the gym. I'm usually back on the computer working or researching from 10 pm to midnight or later.

Periodically, I take a half hour break to browse Yaoi Daily or work on my Justice chapter. It's at about 8000 words and I need to write another one or two thousand. Sometimes all I can do in that half-hour time frame is a bit of re-working. I'm finding it slow going on a scene where I'm in Dee's POV and he's reflecting about all the stuff he and Ryo have been through recently. I don't like the way the scene flows, and I normally don't have a problem with flow. It may have something to do with the fact that I have a bit too much on my plate at the moment and my brain is like a pot of soup on high heat that is boiling over the pan.

I honestly didn't think I would be this crazy-busy with the new job. I thought there would be a slow period at the beginning, but I feel like I've been dropped into a tornado. My days are so busy that there's barely time to eat. I keep missing meals and then gobbling inappropriate things when I get a five minute window of time between activities. For example, I get an opportunity to heat up a frozen meal in the microwave, but then the five minutes it needs to heat up are gone and so is my eating time, and it sits around for a couple of hours until I come back and wolf it down cold. Or eat cookies instead of lunch. Yes, my stomach is pretty near constantly upset!

It won't always be like this. I would be able to find writing time if I had only one thing happening--either the job or the in-laws. But having both of these things going on at the same time is very difficult indeed. The in-laws leave in the fourth week of August. It's possible my job will slow down before then, or that I'll get a big influx of energy from somewhere. In the meantime I can't make any promises regarding Justice.

I have, however, been able to write a little one-shot lime about Dee and Ryo, which will be in the post just after this one. It's easier to write little plotless one-shots than it is to plug my mind into the much larger scale of Justice. Besides, it's the weekend! I did have to work much of Saturday at my other job, then go to a party, but we came back from the party around eleven PM, and I stayed up late to write the one-shot.

I'm really sorry to leave fans of Justice hanging like this. I'll do my best to write those remaining one to two thousand words in the next couple of weeks. Please forgive me and don't throw cream pies at me. (Or if you must, please make them chocolate or coconut.)

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Congrats on the new job. I do hope you get to slow things down soon. I am a firm believer in too much stress is not good for you - mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I di have to say you are a much better person than me. With your schedule, cooking would be out the door. Hubby could take his parents out to eat or cook himself. Oh my...you are a patient person, so I will throw you a chocolate pie.

*Catches chocolate pie-- yum!*

Thanks for the congrats. I hope things slow down, too. This has been quite a difficult summer so far.

Hubby can't cook, sadly, and his mom can't cook without asking me a thousand questions about ingredients and equipment she needs. She can't speak English and I only speak English, so you can perhaps imagine how much fun that is. Why can't she just open drawers and cupboards and find what she needs? That's what I'd like to know. I think it must have something to do with wanting cooking to be a shared activity. Anyway, between the three of them, they managed to destroy my crockpot when I went on a business trip for three days. I left them lots of extra cooked food, too. You know what they did to my crockpot? Took the ceramic pot out of its aluminum heating base and put it on direct high heat on top of the stove. It cracked and there was a big mess. Everyone was surprised. I was only gone three days. My husband replaced my crockpot with a bigger one from XS Cargo.

Yes, cooking is my job, but at least I don't have to wash dishes or floors or any of that stuff.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! It's challenging, but very interesting, and that's good because I can't bear to have a boring job.

Congratulations on your new job! Although it's stressful now, I hope you enjoy it overall!

Ugh, I hear ya about not having time to eat! Back when I was working on top of going to school, sometimes I would power through a whole day on only a piece of toast, some strong black tea, and a bag of chips from a vending machine.

I'm surprised (and a bit in awe) that you have the stamina and the willpower to cook and entertain, on top of switching jobs and having your in-laws in town, both of which are enough work on their own, but I'm flat-out amazed that you have the energy to even think about writing on top of all of *that*! Just focus on getting your RL stuff taken care of; the writing will come when it will come. In my experience, very little good writing can be done when a million other things are already pressing on you.

With all that going on, you certainly deserve a chocolate cream pie! *tosses gently. It'd be a shame to waste a good pie.*

Hi and Happy LATE Birthday! I tried to wish you happy birthday yesterday when it was still your birthday, but LJ has been acting up in my area. First I couldn't get LHJ at all, and then when I could finally get pages, I couldn't leave comments. Anyway, I thought about you yesterday and wondered if I could bang off a little lime for you, but I just couldn't. It was a crazy day. I got home from work last night at 11:00 pm because I didn't have to go home in time to cook. My mother-in-law felt up to it, which was a big help for me. I think I worked about 12 hours yesterday and it will be the same today.

Anyway, I WILL write you a belated birthday lime before the end of August. I want to! So I will.

You're right that very little good writing can be done when a million other things are already pressing. My brain is so fried that I can't even read my book on the elliptical trainer at the gym nowadays. Reading a book just takes too much brain power. I only seem able to handle magazines. I guess my brain is overwhelmed.

But I really miss writing. It's the labor (amongst my many labors) that gives me the most joy. I just love that feeling I get when it's flowing. I feel like I'm creating worlds! Which, in a sense, I am.

Believe me, I have no choice about the cooking and entertaining. It has to be done. My in-laws need a certain amount of attention (Okay, a LOT) and my husband needs to show them that we're happy they're here, etc. It's kind of complicated. They didn't see me at all yesterday because I left before they got up and came home after they went to bed. I just know my mother-in-law is going to take it personally if this happens again today, which it may well. She really doesn't understand what's going on with me. All she knows is that I'm 'not there'. She thinks I should be, especially since I've got visitors.

Wow, if I could get through the day on only tea, toast and potato chips, I'd probably drop a dress size in a week! But it's not going to happen at the rate I'm gobbling cookies and chocolate nowadays.

Thanks for the chocolate cream pie! The virtual kind are much better for me than the real kind.

I've been having the same problem with LJ! Posting is like playing Russian roulette: sometimes it goes fine, but sometimes it bites you in the ass. XP

Thanks for the birthday wishes! And on top of that, I get a birthday lime! Can it pretty please involve the Commissioner being a lecherous jerk? With a possible side order of Ryo being awesome? ^.^

Chocolate and cookies (and cream pies) make the world go 'round! (No pun intended) But at least you've still been able to stick to your exercise regimen! I wish I had your willpower...*steadfastly ignores gym membership card glaring accusingly, unused, from purse*

Yeah, what's going on with LJ? I have a wonderful piece of fan art I want to post, but when I actually had time to do it this morning, I couldn't get LJ. Now I can get LJ, but I have too many things on my to-do list at work. But I wanted to quickly respond to this comment and say that yes of course your lime can feature the Commish behaving badly! I love writing about that sexy SOB.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to join your gym membership card in the glaring. But I do understand why you're not using it. You have to make it easy for yourself when you're tired and unmotivated. This is what I do. (*Drags soapbox out from under computer desk*)

I promise myself that I will go there and get on a cardio machine of some sort, where I will do a minimum of 15 minutes of cardio. Anything extra is purely optional. After the fifteen minutes, I am free to go home with no self-guilt because I fulfilled the terms of my prearranged agreement with myself. Often, I opt not to go home right away, because cardio usually improves my mood and makes me feel like staying a bit longer.

My dad has a sign hanging on the door to the basement that reads "Showing up is 88 percent of life", and I agree with the principle, if not the percentage. The main thing is to GO to the gym, even if you don't do a lot when you get there. Establish a pattern and a habit of going there regularly. Sometimes you'll have longer, more effective workouts, and other times you'll have shorter ones that weren't ideal but were the best you could manage at that time. But you at least stuck to your positive pattern of going there and maintained the good habit. Over time it all adds up to improved health and mood! Honestly, regular cardio has such an uplifting effect on my mood. It's the best thing I do for my overall health. I want you to be happy and healthy too!
Okay, my big speech is over. *puts soapbox away*

The problem with LJ was a massive DDoS attack out of Russia that was probably politically motivated. There was such a big increase in internet traffic from the bots that there were scattered reports of other social networks being slow so that's sort of impressive I guess.

That was the same thing that happened last time, what about six weeks ago? And earlier, too, in April. I don't know the details, but it seems that the Russian government is going after dissident bloggers and instead of going after specific blogs, they are trying to kill LJ as a whole. (If I'm wrong, someone please correct me)

I wish they would find another way (but not a violent way) to express their disagreement, because taking down LJ isn't fair to all of the rest of us. It's like razing an entire city because one person who lived there pissed you off. Or destroying an entire ecosystem because one plant that grows there gives you allergies.

Yeah, it's the exact same thing. This time the Russian Prez says he's ordering an investigation. I'm not holding my breath.

Well, when the Russian prez moves his own blog off LJ, we'll know that the fire of heaven is about to rain down (in a cyber-sense) on the rest of us.

I consider myself chastized! Going back to the gym, or just settling into a regular exercise regimen, is definitely high on my to-do list, but I live a half-hour drive away from the nearest gym. I live way the hell out in the country, so I've just been jogging along backroads, which has been mildly successful. The big problem I've been running into is doing it consistently. But you, and pretty much everyone else I've talked to, have said that it's really worth the effort, so I'm working on it. Thanks for the encouragement!

Go, girl! Consider me your own personal cheering section.

*sends you a handsome personal trainer from Yaoi-Land, who will run ahead of you on those country roads (thereby giving you the nicest view) while periodically offering cheerful encouragement and praise*

I just want to let you know that I have made some progress on your lime. But I'm not ready to post it because I'm stuck for a title and also, I haven't gotten to the naughty part yet. It looks like it's going to be at least three chapters! I will try to control myself suffciently so that it doesn't go to like, thirty eight chapters or something, which is entirely possible, considering that this is ME. It's so hard to be brief.

Yay, multi-chaptered birthday fic! *squee* Take all the time (and all the words) you need. Believe me, I would have NO PROBLEM with it being 38 chapters! The other Justice readers might kill me, though. Ah, well, it'd be worth it. XD

YAaaaaaay I'm back and alive and outer space wasn't that great but LJ wouldn't let me in its domed living quarters like a bad Hal impression.

I was like 'Let me in I need to read my fic'
And LJ was like 'I'm afraid I can't do that without a sign-in'
And it would go 'Server has unexpectedly dropped the connection'


Anyway. <3! Don't worry about it, take your time and get some proper eats and rest! I mean goodness gracious! I know the feeling though (And I should post a 'lock on the events of this past weekend and week and the craziness therein, but that'll be after I read all this fic I can now access to my hearts content!)
So take care of yourself (and the crazy inlaws) and don't worry about it!

I love your little poem. REFRESHREFRESHREFRESHREFRESH was my favorite line.

I'm trying to take care of myself, but it doesn't help that I can't sleep most nights. I'm sure you can relate! I sleep three or four hours, then wake up, then find I can't get back to sleep in the time that's left. Then my normal wake-up time comes and I have to get up and go to work for anywhere from eight to twelve hours, plus try to make a workout happen. I wasn't able to work out for the last two nights. I'm determined to go today.

Even though it's Saturday, I'm hiding at my office for a few hours because I want to catch up on my LJ stuff, dammit!
This morning I woke up and cooked two different meals because we had meat in the fridge that just couldn't be allowed to go one more day without being dealt with. One of those two meals (veggie chicken fried rice) was lunch, and the other ground beef and vegetable in tomato sauce one is supposed to be dinner, except that my husband seems to have his heart set on pizza. Maybe it'll be dinner tomorrow.

I was able to get a little more sleep last night because although I was awake from 3:00 to 6:00 a.m., IT'S THE WEEKEND, YAY! so I could go back to sleep from 6:00 to 9:00! So all in all, I got about six hours of sleep, which is good enough.

Thank you for caring and for always being interested in what's going on with me! :)

Lol, wasn't so much a poem as it was a paragraph-broken rant, but coolcool, you like, all good.

Eyesh, I know how it is, yes, but usually there's at least SOME sort of crashing-sleep I do not too long after I go without loads of sleep. So make sure to take even more time out to take care of yourself then, silly.

And I'm always concerned for my friends- online or otherwise!

Initially, I read it as a rant, but even then I noticed it had a certain rhythm and momentum. So I decided to read it again as a poem, and it worked. I think it was happy to think of itself as a poem.

It sure is good to have friends! Especially when one has house guests for the whole summer.

I hope I get that crashing-sleep you're talking about tonight! Please God, I'm a good girl. Well, most of the time...

Heh, well then, you're the literary master then.

True. Though really, I'd prefer friends to be my house-guests for most of the summer, rather than any sort of relatives.

I am too... kinda.. maybe...*drools over Robert Downey and lawls over Kiss Kiss Bang Bang* mmmmmnyes Nevermind, I'll be a bad girl if I get to watch and read shit like this.

Well, what I meant was it's good to have sympathetic friends who can cheer me up when the constant pressure of having to be permanently 'on' for the visitors starts to wear me down.

Oh, true, yeah.

That's why I prefer having friends as house-guests, the strain is considerably less, and, of course, you can always take them back to where they normally live without too much fuss or hardship.

Anyway, take care of yourself, silly one.

Good luck on your job and take care of yourself first.If you have a microwave get your husband and his parents something they can heat up themselves,so you get sometime to yourself so you don't get sick.

I have a microwave, but they seem to prefer heating up leftovers the old-fashioned way. My MIL cooked twice last week, which was so helpful. I thanked her profusely and hugged her. She tends to want to cook things that have to be simmered and stirred for hours, though, and thank God my husband has stopped her from cooking any more meals like that. She's on holiday, for God's sake! Why choose to cook something that will chain everyone to the kitchen all day when the weather is sunny and beautiful? (My husband and FIL know better than to go out sightseeing without her) Fortunately, she listens to her son.

Thanks for your kind words. I'm lucky I haven't gotten sick with the way things have been going. If I can just get a handle on my sleep and nutrition, I'll be okay.

Wow Brit, talk about hitting the ground running. But I guess that's better than wondering when the work will begin. I will make sure to read your short lime story, and I'll try to send you some extra energy, too!

*lifts chocolate cream pie with toasted coconut on top*

*hugs you tightly*

Wow, thanks for the nice hug! And the pie! Actually, that reminds me-- I should make chocolate mousse. The instant kind, not the hard-to-make kind. We have a bowl in the fridge with some whipped cream in it that no one knows what to do with. If I make chocolate mousse, I can put dollops of whipped cream on top. Am I brilliant, or just obsessed with chocolate?

Now I really MUST go to the gym.

thanks so much for not dropping this story so many people drop good fics I was getting worried good luck on your job

Jenmoon1, I'm sorry if I worried you. You don't need to fear that I will drop any ongoing fic of mine. I know what you mean about other people who do, and I find that so frustrating! I've been burned that way myself and I'm certainly not going to do it to anyone else.

I have written a fair number of stories for FAKE, and two of them were long, multi-chapter stories that took years to finish. But I finished them one chapter at a time, and I'll finish Justice the same way.

BTW, I appreciate your sending me that PM. It was necessary because it made me realize that I really ought to let the readers know why I wasn't posting anything. Thanks to you, I also managed to find a bit of time last week to work on my unfinished chapter of Justice.

Thanks for being patient with me and thanks for enjoying my story.

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