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Awesome Fan Art for the 'Gift-Wrapped' fic!
Dee Blue waves
  Here is a wonderful piece of fan art by the fabulously creative tripple_p! You are guaranteed to giggle helplessly when you see it. It's not worksafe, so don't click it until the coast is clear.

The fic was written for Peacewish's birthday last weekend. I've added a couple more juicy details to the part where Gift-Wrapped ended, because I was inspired by this clever picture. The extra text is still part of Gift-Wrapped, so the disclaimer etc. from the last post still apply to anything you read and see here.

Thank you, tripple_p! I wish you could see the delighted expression on my face every time I look at Ryo's blushing face and Dee's naughty phone.

Incidentally, I could possibly be induced to add a few more details later after my visitors go to bed...


  Dee pulled Ryo's zipper down, and nuzzled his face against the musky bulge that he found there. Ryo felt a little embarrassed when he did that. He hoped he didn't smell raunchy or anything. After all, his last shower had been at least five hours ago. But when Dee grinned up at him, he felt better, because obviously his lover didn't seem to be bothered by it. Now Dee was lifting up the waistband of Ryo's green cotton boxers and releasing his erection. He stared at it intently for a moment, and licked his lips. The sight of Dee's tongue flickering over his parted lips sent a thrill through Ryo. He knew what that tongue and those lips could do, and it was nothing short of magic. His increased excitement caused a drop of preseminal fluid to well up out of the head of his member. Dee's thumb quickly slid up over the most sensitive part of Ryo's penis, and he caught the drop before it could run down and waste itself on the fabric of Ryo's underwear.

Ryo shuddered with delicious anticipation when Dee brought his thumb up to his mouth and licked the drop of precum off it. The expression on Dee's face, so wicked, so knowing, so damn sure of himself, was enough to make him weak in the knees. He was glad he was sitting down.

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great artwork to a very great fic

Thank you! I love getting fan art. I had considered inserting this one into the story, but I felt it deserved its own post.

I feel like I got double-gifted there. Much appreciation to the artist! Of course, it's all in the talent of the writer. It was a great image, so naturally it inspired great art. Oh, that phone. Pleeease tell me Dee has the sense to not post it on his Facebook page. Not that Berkley Rose is about to fire Ryo over something like showing up on the web, but he just might start sending red roses around to Ryo's office again in appreciation, and then Dee will pick and HE'LL get fired.

It's a loaded gun, that camera phone. Best just keep it on your screensaver, kay Dee?

Don't worry, Peacewish. Dee knows that his sex life would dry up like a juicy peach left out in the Texas sun if he ever posted compromising pictures of Ryo on any public website.

You know, I haven't given any thought to whether Dee and Ryo have Facebook pages. I don't do Facebook myself, so it doesn't cross my mind that often. Hmmm!

Great picture, huh? It's cut off in just the right place...down there by Dee's busy tongue.

heh heh, that's a very special photo on Dee's cell phone.

I still need to read your short bday fic. *Sigh* I'm so behind on everything.

You too, huh? Well, Mercury's about to go retrograde tomorrow, and the only good thing about Mercury retrograde is that it's a good time to finish old business! So maybe we'll both get caught up.

BTW, I really did make chocolate mousse! I made 6 little glass dessert dishes full of mousse, tipped with whipped cream, and then I promptly ate three of them. Somehow, one was just not enough.

Mmmm! I would have eaten at least three, also. I know it's rich but in little dishes? Not a problem when it comes to anything chocolate!

I've been stressed the last two weeks, and have been 'power eating' LOL! I know it's bad but as long as I keep up my level of activity I'll be okay. Last night's dinner was bacon cheeseburgers, fries, and fruit punch on on the rocks. I was starving and it was delicious. I refuse to feel guilty because I only do this a couple times per year.

Now, about this mercury retrograde. I did a google search, and found the phenomenon to be very interesting! Especially the confusion, delays and frustration. You said it starts today but perhaps it got a head start because the trains here have been a mess since Monday. I have some projects that are unfinished so I guess I'll have to wait the three weeks to finish them, or work on them a little bit each day.

So, speaking of astrological matters and such, what do you think of tarot?

Thanks Brit!


Yes, you're right. Mercury retrograde always starts a week to ten days early, as it builds itself up. It's not like a tap that switches on and off. It gets stronger until the date of its official start, then it remains strong until the date of its official end and after that takes approximately another ten days to taper off. This summer, it's due to end August 26th, but things won't go back to normal until around the end of the first week of September.

I have a lot of experience with Astrology, but not much with Tarot. I think a lot depends on the ability and the knowledge of the person doing the reading. I've had good psychic readings and bad ones. I've had my Tarot cards read three times by a local woman who is very good. I went to a psychic some years ago who predicted the arrival of my husband into my life, right down to the month, and accurately predicted some health problems that I had a few years later.

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