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Happy BC Day!
happy Dee
Who woulda thunk it? They named a holiday after me!

Just kidding. But I'd still like to wish my BC-based readers a Happy British Columbia day. I believe I may have one or two BC readers.

In other news, I powered through Justice chapter 17 today, and I'd say it's 99 percent done. I just have to tweak it a bit more, and then it will be ready to be sent off to the betas.

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*busts up laughing*

Oh. Wow. My first thought? "BC DAY? I LOVE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH WOOOOOOwait. Why would he have a day all to himself?" Then I read a bit, and I went, "ha! wait. Same issue. What... Ohhh, Right. The country. My bad."

Yeaaah. I'm tired. You're silly. I'm silly (by definition). 's all good.

1. Who the heck is Benedict Cumberbatch? Jeez, what a name. It makes me think of Eggs Benedict with a side of cucumber.

2. The province, you mean. BC can be found on the westernmost edge of Canada.

3. I'm tired, too. Let's both be silly-tired together!

1. Here, go drool, and let me know when your brain stops dribbling out your ears He's such a splendid Sherlock, and quite a character in his own right. Silly silly talented beautiful boy. *drooool*

2. Yeah, that. I know my geography and cartography and all manner of vague political-stuffs. I'm aware. I swear. Canada is NOT A MYSTERY to this goofball. Which is why I know you're way too far away for me to visit evar. Or even to send foodstuffs, because it'd probably go wonky after a week

3. *sudden giggle* I want you to trip like I do... *goes back to glee-wiggling to/about/over her music* Spawn! <3

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