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Birthday Fic: "Suspended" for Shelley6441
This is a belated birthday fic for my dear friend and beta, shelley6441! So sorry to be late with it. It seems I can only function on LJ on weekends, at least while my visitors are here. But you'll get another chapter next weekend!


Chapter One

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE
Pairing: Drake/JJ
Rating: Chapter 1 is PG, but this story will eventually get racier.
Timing: Set in August of Dee and Ryo's second year together, but the story is not about them.
Disclaimer: Drake, JJ, Ryo, Dee, Ted, Janet, the Chief and the Commissioner are characters who were created by Sanami Matoh. Annette is one of my original characters. I received no payment for writing this story and make no claim on FAKE or its characters.
Summary: JJ has an embarrassing experience.
Author's notes: This story was written for  shelley6441 as a happy birthday fic. I know you're a Drake/JJ fan, my dear! You got Dee and Ryo last year, so it's time you got Drake and JJ. Thanks for being such a dear friend to me over the years. I'm really grateful for all your kind and funny emails, and for your support of my writing. Hug!


by Brit Columbia

Chapter One

"Where's JJ?" Drake hung up his rain-soaked overcoat on the rack and looked at his partner's empty chair.

"Suspended," said Ted with his mouth full. He didn't look up from the report he was reading.

"What?! What for?" Drake's wet shoes squeaked rapidly as he hurried over to Ted's desk. In the nick of time, he managed to stop Ted from taking another big bite of the submarine sandwich he was eating.

Ted pushed the other man's hand away from his food and looked up at him. "Don't get your panties in a twist, man. It's only for three days. But it's without pay."

"Three days! We've got a warrant to go pick up Cristoff Alvang tomorrow. JJ's way better at getting people to incriminate themselves in statements than I am." Drake snatched up one of Ted's paper napkins and swabbed his rain-soaked face. Jesus, first a freak thunderstorm in August, and now this.

"Don't worry, the Chief's assigned me to you as your temporary partner. We'll get Alvang." Ted quickly took another bite of his sub before Drake could stop him again.

"Why did JJ get suspended?"

"Grommeh Ghee," Ted replied.

"What? Dude, speak English."

Ted swallowed part of what was in his mouth and then pushed the rest of it into one cheek before repeating, "Glomping Dee."

"Glomping Dee? What the fuck does glomping mean?" Drake stared at Ted for a moment before it dawned on him. " Does it means for jumping on Dee for a hug?"

Ted swallowed. "Yup. Except Dee was too fast for him and he missed."

"But he's done that a gazillion times before. Why did he get suspended?"

Ted pointed at his sandwich. "Look buddy, this is my lunch and I'm starving. JJ's big glomp is the talk of the building. Why don'tcha go get the buzz from Janet so that I can eat?"

"Come on Ted, give a guy a break here."

Ted defiantly stuffed almost half of the sub into his mouth and bit down.

Drake gave up and left the CI room. Maybe Dee and Ryo were in. He peered into their office and found Ryo tapping away on the computer.

"Ryo! How ya doing? What's this I hear about JJ getting suspended?"

"Oh, hi Drake. How did you manage to miss that?"

"I went out to interview a witness. What the hell happened?"

"Well, I didn't see it," Ryo informed him. "I only heard it from Linda. But they had a big  birthday cake down in the break room for Shelley about an hour ago. Dee naturally went down there to get some. JJ apparently arrived ten minutes after Dee and when he spotted him, he did one of those full body contact flying hugs that he does... You know what I mean." Ryo shook his head and clucked disapprovingly. "I always said someone was going to get hurt one of these days. It's all fun and games until someone loses a tooth."

Anyone else would have said that last line with a grin, or some appreciation of the humor in it, but apparently not Ryo. It must have something to do with his being a parent.

"What happened?" A sudden thought made Drake wonder whether someone really had lost a tooth. "Did Dee get hurt?"

"No, not this time," said Ryo. "Dee managed to duck, or jump aside, or something, and JJ landed smack in the middle of the cake."

"What? Oh, crap." Drake tried not to laugh at the mental picture his mind was making of that. He noted that Ryo was doing the same. "Did anyone get any photos?"

"I don't know. However, I'm sure if you ask around you'll find someone who got some shots of the aftermath, at least."

"So he got suspended for wrecking a cake?"

"I don't think it was the cake, although all those cake-loving people were certainly mad at him. It was more the unprofessional horseplay part." The disapproving look was back on Ryo's face. "JJ really ought to learn better control. Running in the halls and tackling people isn't even permitted in middle school. I don't know why he thinks it's okay to do it here." Ryo must have felt bad about saying all of that, though, because in the next moment he turned contrite and said, "I'm sorry you're left without a partner for a few days, Drake. I'm sure that's going to mess up your schedule. I'm kind of in the same boat, since Dee got suspended too."

"Dee did? Why?"

"For laughing."

"Huh? But I bet everyone was laughing! I mean, JJ-- a goddamn cake!"

"Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you the part about the Commissioner."


"He was helping Annette cut the cake." Ryo's expression turned somewhat cynical. "He normally never comes down to the break room. Maybe he wanted to mingle with the rank and file."

"Maybe he wanted to look down Annette's top," said Drake, equally cynically. "Did you see that blouse she's wearing today? There's so much pressure on the buttons that if she so much as takes a deep breath, they might all go popping off her top like shrapnel." He had always been fascinated by Annette's physical endowment. Too bad he had nothing in common with her. "So did the Commish end up being a casualty? Don't tell me JJ crashed into him?"

"I'm afraid so. JJ and the cake slid off the table together. The Commissioner's suit took a fair bit of damage."

"Oh man." Drake put a hand up to his damp hair and pushed it back off his forehead. "JJ's lucky he only got three days, in that case. Jeez, what a mess."

.:.:.: End of Chapter One.:.:.:.:.

More next weekend!

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Pffft, those silly goons.

The Commish sure is grumpy about his suits (and his perceived rank/respect).
'Course, I bet Dee was nailed not only for laughing at JJ, but for probably laughing at Berkley too, in his icing-splatted suit. I know I would 8D

Dee wouldn't have been nailed just for laughing at JJ. It was because he laughed at the Commish and too openly enjoyed the man's discomfiture. Berkeley had to punish that blatant show of disrespect! Besides, it was probably one of his $2000 suits. If I had been Berkeley, I would have done exactly the same thing!

Pfff, still hilarious And I'd still have laughed myself. The irony of the situation, if nothing else, would have me in stitches.

As much as I love your Dee/Ryo stories (and I do), I can't help but get all 'OMG YAY' when I see you posting a Drake/JJ story. x3

This was an awesome and interesting opening to a fic. I will eagerly look forward for the next part. :D

Thank you! Naturally I just love hearing the words 'awesome' and 'interesting' applied to any fic of mine.

I hope that the next part will satisfy Drake/JJ fans out there.

Your comment made me realize that I didn't have any Drake/JJ icons, so I went and got one from anjichan.

Edited at 2011-08-07 09:08 pm (UTC)

More, please!!

Ha Ha great mental image indeed; JJ and Berkeley both wearing cake! Poor JJ, he really doesn't need any more sugar (unless Drake is giving it to him of course...)

Can imagine him at home, pouting miserably. Whoever will cheer him up :)? (eh that should probably be whomever but I haven't a clue).

Nope, you were right the first time. It's 'whoever'. You can trust me on that; I'm a total grammar geek!

I can just imagine the Commish's fury. JJ would have been utterly mortified, and Dee ought not to have pointed and laughed, but he's Dee, so he did. Now he's suspended.

Yes, JJ is pouting sadly at home imagining everyone in the whole building is laughing at him. He definitely needs some 'sugar' and he's going to get some.

Pfff, I have to comment because of that icon. *lawl*

And it is whoever, 'him' is the direct object of that sentence, so it is 'who' for the missing subject, rather than 'whom' for a missing direct object. (In the case of questions, always rearrange the sentence into a statement first, then apply the correct labels- it helps that way.)

Good advice. That's what I do, too!

And here's the logo again, since you like it so much.

Oh, I can't wait to see where you are going to go with this.

I'm going to go to a couple of fun places! And I plan to take all you fangirls with me.

hehehe! How dare JJ ruin my delicious cake? That is so funny, but now poor Drake has three days of working with Ted, the sandwich man.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a fic for me, Brit. I do appreciate it.

*glomps you* LOL!

Yeah! A glomp. *Hugs back* Mmmm. I love to be glomped! But not by JJ because I've seen him glomp Dee, and man, does that ever look painful.

JJ didn't inted to ruin the cake, but sadly, he did, and now lots of people are pissed at him. Well, maybe not Dee, who got a lot of enjoyment at seeing the Commissioner's loss of composure as well as the ruination of his fancy suit.

Drake much prefers working with JJ, but Ted will do in a pinch.

You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it. And it ain't over!

this was great so funny

Thanks! Do you like JJ and Drake, or are you more of a Dee/Ryo fan?

I like both but I love a good JJ/Drake fanfic

Ah, I missed this at first XD But I like it so far, and I like the little detail that it was Shelley's cake, heh.

Yes, poor thing. Her lovely birthday cake got squished. But can you imagine JJ and the Commissioner covered in frosting?

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