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Writer's Block: It’s the end of the world as we know it
If you had the option to learn the exact moment and details of your death, would you choose to know?

Yes, I think I would. First of all, I'm a planner, and I'd like to plan my funeral and the distribution of my assets. For example, I'd like to make provisions for Fluffy. Also, my vast collection of Conan The Barbarian, Savage Sword of Conan, and Conan Saga comics ought to go to a person who truly appreciates them rather than a person who heaves a sigh at the sight of them and promptly begins planning a garage sale.

I would organize a really cool and fun funeral for myself! Of course, I'd be a little too dead to properly enjoy the libations and canapes, but I would like everyone else who was there to enjoy themselves and celebrate, not just my life, but life in general. I'm sure I could arrange to make it a really positive experience for my guests.

I think I would view life differently once I knew the number of days I had left. Instead of stoically waiting for time to pass, like I often do, I would pay more attention to making each hour of each day count. I mean, I already know that I have a finite existence, but because the time left is unknown, it means I could live a long time or a short time more.  I believe I'm the same as most other people in assuming that I've got a lot of time left to live (do?) on Planet Earth.

The only thing that would give me pause would be if I knew I was going to die a really horrible death. If so, I would definitely try to either avoid it or mitigate it, which may mess up my Karma or spiritual path in some way.

I wouldn't tell my husband if I knew the time and manner of my death, because I wouldn't want to stress him out. But I would do my best to prepare him in subtle ways about one year in advance, and I would tell him straight up immediately prior so that he could make sure he said good-bye and that his last words to me were not naggy, critical, or otherwise something that he would subsequently torment himself over.

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For example, I'd like to make provisions for Fluffy.

I understand what you mean about planning. For some reason I don't want to leave the planning of my funeral up to anyone else, if I have a funeral. Maybe just a brief church service, and then down the hole.

I feel very upset about leaving behind my library - how many people could truly appreciate the cultivated titles I've taken time to amass, and keep in pristine condition? Any I don't want my music thrown away or, as you said, sold for a buck each. And my turkey collectibles. I have a bond with turkeys (and turtles) but the idea of my treasures ending up at Goodwill makes me worry. All the years spent finding these, and other items special to me, just left somewhere where they won't matter to anyone.

Getting back to music, no sad songs are to be played at any time after my death. I have an intense dislike for 'amazing grace,' and it seems to show up at times of mourning. I'll have it in writing that only upbeat, happy songs are to be played at the funeral reception. It's what I enjoy in life, and since it's my funeral, it shall be heard.

Jeez, I didn't even think about my library! And me with the mountain of books. I guess I always just assumed my sister would get them all. I know she would appreciate them. Well, some of them!

You know, we should both write down what we want for our funerals and give it to a trusted person. Not a lawyer. They tend not to find out that a client has passed on unless the kin contact them, by which time, the funeral could well be over!

(I have something for you to read, if you haven't before: Clover Vol 3)

That pretty much sums up my response, and own answer.

Thanks, I haven't read it before, but it'll have to wait a few days until I can get some alone time on the computer. At home, my MIL is always wandering in to the computer room to stare at whatever's on my screen. (Not kidding) Therefore I'm careful about what I let her catch me reading! Thanks, though. I'm looking forward to reading it. Is it worksafe?

Pretty much entirely worksafe actually. Though I don't think anyone should be reading manga at work though

It's a sort of beautifully sad (series of) tale(s).
And one of the first mangas I ever read.

I now own the master-bound collection of it, all 4 volumes in one, with bonus artwork.

It's set in a sort of decaying future, with most animals nearly extinct, and simple robots (replicants) and lots of weapons technology.
But none of that gets in the way of the people and the tale they tell really.

Nope, don't wanna know, I've got enough to worry about. And when I go, they can take any useable parts,toast the rest, spread my ashes in the back yard, and let the kids fight over all my 'stuff'. Hubby won't want it.

Maybe MIL is curious?

There may be horrific sibling-fights over your stuff, you know. I hope not! Not all siblings fight when a parent passes on, but sadly, a lot do.

MIL sometimes comes to find me when she's sick of watching TV with her son and husband. But then she discovers that I'm not doing anything exciting, either. Nor can she have a chat with me, which is what she really wants to do, because of the language issues.

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