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Posting Schedule

Hello my friends and readers,

I hope you're all having a peaceful day, despite the fact that it's a full moon in Aquarius and the people around you might therefore be causing you stress.

I'm here to give you some info on my posting schedule. First of all, I'll be posting Chapter 2 of  , which is  shelley6441's birthday fic, sometime tonight. I can't say exactly when at this point because as you know, I've still got house-guests. I need to cook dinner for them tonight, plus do a whole whack of laundry, plus go grocery shopping, plus make meatloaf for tomorrow's multiple course dinner, since we're having dinner guests tomorrow. And I still haven't done my workout yet. I'm sitting at the computer right now, optimistically dressed in my workout gear, as a matter of fact.

Good news for fans of : Chapter 17 is with the betas. It was a difficult chapter in some ways. I got stuck on one part (Dee POV) which I rewrote about 51 times without feeling satisified with it, and finally had to just turn it over to the betas for their feedback. I may just have to take out that scene or chop it up a bit more. It's a rare occurrence for me that I have a problem with flow. When the words aren't flowing, it's usually a sign that I'm on the wrong track in some way.

Some of you may be aware that I have promised lunasariel a belated birthday fic. Unfortunately, her birthday fell on a weekday this year and I was too busy at work at that time to do anything about it. Anyhow, she has requested Berkeley being a bad boy, and since I just love writing about Berk's badness, I am more than happy to comply! I've written the first chapter of that one, but I'm not yet ready to post it until I've tweaked it a little more and maybe written at least the first half of the second chapter. I have the situation and the setting, but Berk is still being a good boy so far. So that's something that's in the works for the near future, definitely sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Well, off to the gym I go, with grocery shopping bags and money for a post-workout food shopping expedition. Have a great Saturday night, you guys!

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