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cat rules
Dee Blue waves
Rule #20 about having a cat or cats:

If the cat has a choice between puking up his breakfast on a carpet or a click floor, he's going to pick the carpet every time.

P.S. It was so gross. Aw Fluff.

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I have to say, I read this this afternoon at work, and it cracked me up simply because of how true it is.

I live in an apartment where the only plush surfaces are one single area throw rug and a bed. The rest of the place is either linoleum or tile flooring. And guess where my oldest girl decides to throw up this morning? The comforter on my bed. And like yours, it was breakfast, with a nice big hairball mixed in. YUUUUUUUUUCK.

I'm beginning to wonder if Fluffy and Natasha are simultaneously plotting to keep us home from work. *wink*

Hope you're feeling better, BTW.



Okay, you win! The comforter on your bed is much worse than the carpet! It's laundry time for you. girl.

Fluffy would love it if I stayed home from work because then I could open doors for him and give him snacks all day long, which would be a far more fitting use of my time than going off to that ubiquitous building downtown that I usually waste my days in.. And I'm sure that Natasha, despite her years and wisdom, still doesn't understand why you seem to feel that you must dash out the door each morning and spend long, long hours away from her Royal Furriness.

Yes, I'm feeling better, simply because I refuse to let any of this family stuff penetrate to my inner core. Yes, they can inconvenience, discombobulate, beleaguer and harass me, but none of them can even so much as scratch my spirit.

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