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posting schedule update
 Hiya readers of Justice,

I just wanted to let you know that chapter 17 is back from all three betas and I plan to post it on the weekend, most likely late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, August 20th or 21st.

The next thing that will be posted after that will be the first chapter of Lunasariel's  bad-Berk birthday fic, but I don't have a title for it yet. However, I promised I would post it before the end of August, so I don't want to leave it too long. I'll post that on the weekend of the 27th/28th unless things ease up at work and I can post mid week.

My sister took me out for lunch today and I had the most awesome spinach salad I have ever eaten. It had coconut in it!  It was so spectacular that I blew seven bucks on a bottle of the restaurant's house-made mango dressing. (Now that I have tasted it at home, I know exactly how to duplicate it) There was a huge bowl of chocolate mousse for dessert. Not the instant kind that I make from  a box, but the authentic, difficult-to-make kind which needs a double boiler. Halfway through it, I asked our helpful server for more whipped cream. Naturally I had to go to the gym tonight and attempt to burn off a fraction of that lovely lunch.

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New Justice and birthday fic? Yayyyy!!! Looks like I'm going to have a busy couple of weekends! :)

Awesome spinach salad + from-scratch chocolate mousse = yum! IMHO, there are very, very few things in this world better than well-made chocolate mousse; the gym is but a small price to pay. Hope your lunch was as delicious as it sounds!

Thanks! It was so delicious that I'm still thinking about it. Spinach salad with creamy mango dressing, apple slices, coconut, and toasted slivered almonds. I think I'm going to eat that salad every night for a while!

So, have the in-laws gone home then? You certainly were crazy hectic there for a few weeks, so I hope you got plenty more time to relax and rejuvenate.

That lunch sounds decadent. And good for you as well! Except for the mousse, which is slightly less good for your health, but good for your soul <3

No, they haven't gone yet. Just a few more days...

Yeah, that lunch was definitely a bright spot in my week. The mousse was so filling, I couldn't believe it. I want to go there again.

There's something so satisfying about a really delicious salad. And chocolate mousse for dessert? Sounds like heaven....

Glad you enjoyed, Brit!

It's so funny you should comment on this thread tonight, just when I'm eating that salad again! It's one of my new favorite salads. I never in a million years would have thought of putting coconut in salad.

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