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Posting schedule update
Dee Blue waves
To those who are waiting for Justice: Sorry, but I don't think I can update the chapter tonight. I've got unexpected guests coming for dinner and I don't know what time they're going to go home. I'll do my best to get the chapter up tonight. If not tonight, then tomorrow for sure!

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Awwww....no need to push it, sweetie! I'm happy to know it's ready to be posted! I can wait until it actually is. Have fun with your guests. At least...I hope they're the fun kind. Lol.

Thank you! They WERE the fun kind. I was excited to see them, although it was short notice and I had to run out and go food shopping at 5:30. I cooked dinner for eight people tonight! They just left about 15 minutes ago. I'm going to start applying the beta-edits to my chapter now.

That's alright were all adults we cam wait. I hope were adult's miners should not read this story. Good luck with diner.

Thanks, jenmoon! If there are any minors reading this story, I hope they didn't read chapter 16! (and freak out)

That's perfectly alright, I had a charming lazy Saturday with idle fun and a nice long bout of sleeping in, and will be up for a number of hours yet in all probability anyway.

Hope your dinner guests are well behaved, don't make a mess, and are generally more fun than the paranoia of hosting them.
(I know I'm hoping the same for myself for tomorrow, when a friend's coming over for a day and some. Hosting always makes me even more sleepless with worry and more unsettled feelings than normal)

Wow, your Saturday sounds so much more peaceful than mine! Although I did get to sleep in longer than usual. But I pretty much spent the day ferrying my in-laws and husband by car to various locations. First they all went out on a boat, and then they went to an Indian festival. I drove back and forth twice, listening to loud music. Then when they had all settled down at home, I dashed off to the grocery store to buy stuff I needed for cooking.

Yes, I know what you mean about hosting. It's a lot more work than when you're the guest at someone's house and all you have to do is show up and be pleasant! When I'm the hostess, I can hardly sit down because someone always needs something.

Generally my hosting of friends is a bit easier- for the most part, we're all video game junkies, so my job consists of getting everyone to agree on, and participate in the same game, remembering to stop 2 or 3 times a day for food and drinks, and generally avoiding conflict between my folks and my other duties and the people I have over.

And I don't usually have to cook if I don't want to (I could just direct them to the frozen dinners, which we're usually stocked with) but I generally like to cook for my friends (certainly much more enjoyable on the results when it's good, though it is panic-stricken when they don't like it, even if it's no fault of my own). Mostly, I stick to simple foods for friends, because not everyone enjoys veggie stir-fry and spiced rice or heavily herbed pasta, which are my more extravagant usual dishes.

...goodness, now I'm hungry. Would you look at that.

I like to drive too, so long as I'm not tired and cranky (but then I avoid my car like a plague, cause I know better) so I don't find it troublesome to ferry people around. Just this past month I picked up a friend from the nearby big city for a three-day weekend, a 7-9 hour round trip, and drove her back, because I hadn't seen her in a year.
I almost always have my ipod to play music as I drive along, and with my lovely car, and stopping frequently for gas (my baby has a tiny gas tank, but great mileage) I rarely get too stiff, and it's generally a pleasant enjoyable trip.

In any case, I hope that sleep-in kept you rested enough for these last hectic days. Take care!

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