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posting problems
Dee Blue waves
Hello readers,
     I'm afraid I have to apologize to all of you who get email notification when I update. Justice chapter 17 was up for a couple of hours in the wee hours, but I've been having so many issues with formatting, that I had to make the entry private until I figure out what I did wrong. First I had huge spaces between paragraphs and sentences that absolutely could not be altered inside the LJ cut, and no I've lost all my spacing because I tinkered with the html, which I shouldn't have done, because I'm really flying blind when it comes to html. I've run out of time to fix it. It's 4:30 a.m. and my husband wants me to come to bed.
     I'm so sorry! I'll try to fix it tomorrow. I mean later today.

    UPDATE: I managed to get my paragraphs back in the post of Justice ch 17, but the formatting still leaves a lot to be desired. But on the other hand, at least it's readable and no longer hidden. I'll try to fix it later. Now I really do have to go to bed.

UPDATED UPDATE: It seems to be fixed now. Big thanks to the_ladyfeather for her help!