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What's wrong with LJ?
Ryo huh?
I think all my recent formatting problems can be laid at LJ's door. I just went to Justice chapter 16, part one, to add two words to the end of the author's notes. As soon as I went into edit mode, and I mean, before I even made one change, all my paragraphs disappeared, leaving one long paragraph with no breaks.  I had to manually put paragraph breaks back in, which didn't take too long, thankfully, since part one was pretty much all dialogue. But now I have giant, irregular spaces between the lines of dialogue.

This is very mysterious to me. Is it something to do with my settings? I haven't had these problems for a long time, years even. Now I'm scared to do any editing whatsoever!

I see that there are huge irregular spaces between the paragraphs in this post, too. But they look normal in the posting window.

Is this happening to anyone else, or am I the only one?

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I'm a friend of totally4ryo's, and she pointed me toward you to tell you about the latest LJ fail.

It's not just you. They recently updated Rich Text Editor and completely messed it up. Here's the link to the code release:


A lot of people are having the same issues. It's a mess and I doubt it's going to get better anytime in the near future.


My thanks to you and totally4ryo. At least now I know the reason for all this craziness. I am getting more and more impatient with LJ and their fails.

I didn't think it was me either.That's exactly what I had when editing c17. The changes were automatic and without being initiated. It's definitely not happy. Haven't they learned that if it's not broke, don't fix it?

Yes, exactly! What was wrong with the way it was working before? From my POV, nothing!

I'm still very grateful to you for stepping up in my hour of need and doing what you could, though!

Stupid LJ has wasted a lot of people's time recently. Dreamwidth is looking better and better.

I don't know about editing, Brit, but lj was having some serious problems last month. I went an entire week without being able to access anything.

Hopefully, everything will be back to normal soon.

Yes, I remember that week! That was the second big DOS attack in just a few months. It wasn't LJ's fault because they were attacked due to political reasons. LJ is owned by a Russian company now, and is apparently a popular venue for anti-government bloggers and other dissidents. So huge hacking attacks have happened twice in an effort to shut the bloggers down. The denial of service experienced by everyone else, like you and me for example(!), was just collateral damage. I have started to be afraid that one of these days they'll succeed in taking LJ completely offline and I'll lose all my content. I really am going to at least back everything up over on Dreamwidth. Hopefully those Russians won't take their political fight over there, too!

I haven't been noticing anything, but I don't use the rich text editor- I just use plain text, and add the html tags I want.

I hope you find an adequate solution, though I doubt I'll move, if that's the option you choose.

If I move, I'll crosspost to LJ as long as it manages to keep itself in existence. I would prefer not to move, though, because I've basically trained all my readers to look for me here.

I honestly haven't posted anything in a while on LJ that would be affected by formatting, so dunno. *feels very unhelpful*

Well, I think that LJ is aware that it has caused a whole mess of problems and their tech staff will probably fix the problem in the next week or so. I hope. In the meantime I'm going to refrain from editing any old posts!

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