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Storms (a birthday fic for meng_horde)
post or pre anime kiss

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Dee/Ryo, Bikky/Carol
Rating: This is a lime. I don't think it's one hundred percent worksafe, though.
Timing: Set in August in the third year of the FFYT series. Bikky is fifteen and Carol has recently turned eighteen.
Spoilers: Volume 7 of Sanami Matoh's Fake series
Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to Sanami Matoh. I make no money for writing fanfiction about them.
Author's notes: This is a Happy Birthday fic for my dear friend  meng_horde. I truly appreciate all the many kind and helpful things you do for me, not least of which is listening to and understanding all the whacked-out family stuff. I just wish there was more I could do for you. I'm so very glad that you're a part of my life. *Hug!*

This one's for you.


Ryo paused outside his son's bedroom door when he heard muffled giggling coming from within. He figured he'd better knock five or six times more than he usually did, just in case Bikky and Carol needed a moment to...compose themselves. Or even spring apart, if need be. Ryo wasn't sure exactly what kinds of things they got up to in there, but whatever it was, he didn't want it to go too far.

"Yeah, Ryo?" It was Bikky's voice, sounding just a tad impatient.

"May I come in?" Ryo managed to surprise himself with the hesitant tone he detected in his own voice. He shouldn't have to ask, after all. This was his house, he was the parent, they were the-- well, no. Youngsters were what they were. Teenagers. They certainly weren't children any longer. But they weren't adults either. Bikky, at fifteen, was still a minor. Ryo supposed that Carol was technically an adult now that she was newly eighteen.

But she and Bikky had been acting different recently. More playful, more childish. Downright silly at times. Ryo couldn't understand it at all.

The door swung open in front of him, and Bikky stood there looking down at him wearing long shorts and a loose tank top with a Bulls logo on the chest. At least he was fully dressed, Ryo thought with relief. Bikky was a couple of inches taller than Ryo was now, thanks to a growth spurt in the early spring. His body took up almost all the space in the doorway. Ryo was unable to see around him.

"Yeah?" Bikky was neither smiling nor frowning. He looked relaxed, but his entire being radiated vibrant energy.

"Um..." Ryo proffered the armful of extra blankets he had brought. "I thought... you know, if the power goes out... that you might need these."

Bikky rolled his eyes in the same way he had been doing for years, and for once Ryo was not annoyed by it because it briefly allowed him to see Bikky as a child again. A child who perhaps needed him, rather than this strapping young man before him who didn't seem to need anything anymore.

"Ryo," said Bikky. "It's freaking August. Even if the storm knocks the power out, how cold do you think it's gonna get?"

"Well... um, well, you never know, do you?" Ryo blustered. "This is a hurricane, Bikky. We're lucky we haven't been evacuated like people in other zones of Manhatttan. Who knows what could happen?"

Bikky gazed at him shrewdly for a moment before taking the armful of blankets. "Thanks, Ryo. That's, uh, nice of you to worry about us. Right, Carol?" he called over his shoulder.

The slight shift of the angle of Bikky's broad shoulders permitted Ryo to catch sight of a heaped pile of sheets on the bed. Blond hair spilled out of one end of the heap and a pair of bare feet with painted toenails protruded from the other. The little mountain of bedding shifted and then Carol sat up. Her face was pink and her eyes were very bright. Ryo was profoundly relieved to see that she also appeared to be clothed-- at least from the waist up, which was all he could be sure of.

"Thank you, Ryo," she said, as sweetly as always, and blew a kiss at him. Ryo looked around the room critically and wondered if he should bring them a chair so that she didn't have to sit on the bed.

"Don't be scared when the storm hits, Carol," he said to her. "This is a strong building and we have lots of batteries and bottled water. We should all be fine."

"Don't worry, I'm not scared," she said, and gave him a charming smile. "You guys are so prepared, and I know I'm in the best possible hands!"

"Good!" Ryo smiled back and waved, but couldn't rid himself of the notion that she was somehow laughing at him. He could have sworn she was looking at Bikky when she said that last bit about hands.

Bikky started to close the door. "So, uh, thanks again, Ryo. If we need anything like food or water or, you know, candles and matches, we'll be sure to come out and get it."

"I was thinking I might bake some cookies," Ryo said quickly into the rapidly closing gap between the door and the doorframe.

"Great!" said Bikky, and shut the door firmly.

"You know, while we still have electricity..." Ryo's voice trailed away as he realized he was speaking to a door and not a person. He sighed and bowed his head.

A pair of strong arms encircled him from behind and he heard a familiar voice chuckle against his hair. It was Dee. "Come on, baby. Let them be."

"But, I only wanted--"

"Yeah, I know. Can't turn back time, Ryo. Can't stand in the way of raging teen hormones."

"Oh, can't I?" Ryo demanded and tried to tug himself free, but to no avail. Dee's arms just tightened around him. He felt one of Dee's hands start to roam down toward the waistband of his sweatpants.

"If you wanna deal with some hormones, then deal with mine." Dee's voice was a low, husky growl against Ryo's neck. "Never mind that little pisspot of a hurricane. There's a fucking huge storm of hormones raging around inside of me right now."

Despite himself, Ryo shivered at the sound of Dee's voice and the feel of his hard, masculine arms. Goosebumps raced down the length of his body when he felt Dee's teeth bite him gently, just under his ear. But when he realized that Dee was pulling him back toward the bedroom, Ryo resumed his resistance.

"Dee!" he hissed. "I-- I really think I should go back there and make sure--"

"No," said Dee. "You really shouldn't."

"Why the hell not?"

"They want to be alone, Dork. Everyone will be unhappy if you go back there and bug them again."

"I don't intend to-- to bug them," insisted Ryo, stung. "I just think that Bikky should have a chair or two in there, you know, so that the bed isn't the only place in the whole room that they can sit."

Dee turned him around and looked hard at him. "Dude, weren't you ever fifteen and in the company of a pretty girl who you really wanted to be alone with, but your mom kept coming into the room?"

"Um..." Ryo blinked at him. "Well, not really..."

Dee grinned and shook his head. "Okay, were you ever thirty-something and in the company of a smokin' hot man that you were crazy about, but you kept worrying that your kid might knock on the bedroom door, so that meant you couldn't relax and go with the flow?"

"Dee, that is not a comparable situation at all. I'm the parent, and I have a responsibility--"

"A responsibility to what? Make sure your son stays a virgin until his wedding day?"

"Dee! That's not what I meant."

"Look, would you feel better if I took them a chair?"

Ryo looked at Dee with gratitude. "Would you?"

"Yeah. But you--" Dee prodded Ryo in the chest-- "stay in the bedroom. I think they've seen enough of you for the time being."

Ryo looked slightly hurt, but he did as Dee said and went into the bedroom. His blackberry scented candle was flickering away on the nightstand. He had smelled its marvelous aroma even before Dee had sent him in there. Since the electricity was still on, he had to assume that Dee had lit it for another reason, not that he could really give that thought his full attention right at this particular moment. He sat down on the bed, and listened to Dee's footsteps as he disappeared in the direction of the kitchen. A moment later, Dee passed the open bedroom door again carrying one of the kitchen chairs. He winked cheerfully at Ryo as he went by.

"Heads up, Monkey-brat! I'm comin' in."

There was a banging sound as Dee presumably bumped the chair several times against Bikky's door. Bikky's voice could be heard cursing, amid sounds of protest from Carol. Ryo was absolutely dying to get up and look, but he controlled himself and stayed where he was.

"What the hell do you want, you stupid geezer?"

"Chair delivery!" announced Dee.

"What the--? Get the fuck out of here before I--"

There were sounds of a muffled conversation after that, but no matter how much Ryo strained to hear, he just couldn't make it out, especially with the way the wind was howling outside and the rain was beating against the window. He caught a couple of disjointed phrases, which were "wedge it under the doorknob" and "take his mind off something-something", but nothing made sense. He got up from the bed and crept closer to the door to listen.

"Okay?" said Dee, presumably to Bikky.

"Yeah, got it. Thanks," came Bikky's voice, and then there was the sound of the boy's bedroom door closing once more.

A second later, Dee returned. "Done," he said, dusting his hands together. "One chair delivery accomplished with the special Laytner brand of speed and efficiency."

"Were they wearing their clothes?" Ryo asked anxiously.

"Of course they were. I think he's still only on first base."


"Kidding, kidding." Dee grinned at Ryo and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Are you enjoying the candle?"

"Um..." Ryo swiftly glanced at the candle and then back at Dee, a little concerned about what might happen if he took his eyes off his partner for too long. He had been jumped that way before. He, better than anyone, had reason to know how fast Dee could be when he wanted to. He wasn't sure he wanted to go along with what Dee obviously had in mind, especially right now when both Bikky and Carol were in the apartment and obviously awake. But on the other hand, he was feeling a little desolate at the moment, and he needed some affection, or maybe a foot massage, or something.

Dee kicked the bedroom door shut, and tossed his shirt onto the chair in the corner. The candlelight gleamed on the muscles of his chest and shoulders as he started undoing his belt buckle.

"Dee, uh, the candle was a very sweet thought and all," Ryo said warily, "but I don't think I'm in the mood for... for sex right now. I think I just want to cuddle, if you don't mind." He sat down on the bed, wondering if he should be on guard or not.

"Uh-huh." Dee gave him a look that promised a whole lot more than mere cuddling, and peeled his jeans down over his lean, muscular thighs. Ryo couldn't help noting that his lover was wearing no underwear and that his penis was already half-erect.

A sharp, giggly squeal emitted from the other side of the bedroom wall, which startled Ryo. He half-rose, but Dee strode forward and pushed him back down.

"Let me take care of this," he said with a smirk and promptly banged on the wall. "Oi! What'd I tell ya? Keep it down in there or I'll let him bake you cookies!"

Ryo listened as hard as he could, but once more, all he heard was the wind and the rain. And then he couldn't think about possible improprieties occurring between Bikky and Carol anymore because a gorgeous, naked man was suddenly straddling him and running his hands all over him in a most demanding way.

"Dee, did you hear what I said about cuddling?"

"Uh-huh," said Dee and bent his head to kiss him.


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Oh, thank you so much! You have so many other things to write, I didn't expect anything more than an email. And you wrote in my favorite candle!
I think that you've gotten all the characters down perfectly in this; this sounds very real life.

And as one of your betas...
"They want to be alone, Dork. Everyone will be unhappy if you [GO] back there and bug them again."

Well, this just wrote itself on the weekend. You and I were exchanging so many emails about the hurricane that the FAKE world had a hurricane too!

I did exactly the same thing with 'go back there' in my last story, too! I don't know what I've got against the verb 'go'. Thank you very much for beta-reading your own birthday fic!

I'm glad you liked it because writing this story was enjoyable for me. I've been thinking about your birthday for the past few days, but I had no ideas until Saturday when this one started to take form.

Maybe after having house guests for two months you just don't want to [go] anywhere since you finally have your peace and quiet?

That's pretty much it! I'm not feeling too terribly social at the moment. Plus, it was darn hard to write while they were here (and to be fair, there was job stuff, too) so I guess I got a little bottled up!

I'm going to try to post the next installment of Suspended by Thursday, too.

Meng_Horde is lucky to have you as a friend! Very sweet. I love how worried and parental Ryo is being. His little boy is growing up too fast. At least he has Dee to take his mind off of it though. *grins*

Well, I think of it as me being the lucky one, actually! She's a very good friend and a wonderful human being.

I felt kind of bad for Ryo in this chapter. He knows he's losing his little boy, but like Dee says, "Can't turn back time, Ryo."

Dee is a great guy to have around whenever Ryo needs his mind taken off his troubles.

LOLOLOL Oh Ryo, I feel your pain as your baby grows up. You just can't fight it.

I'll let him bake you cookies - best threat ever.

I knew that you would be able to relate to this one, mother of sons that you are!

Happy birthday to meng_horde!

I've always loved gargantuan!Bikky, and this is a great example of him. IDK, there's just something really funny about Ryo acting all fatherly (and motherly, with the cookies thing) towards someone several inches taller than him. And him still being "aww, I hope he doesn't get scared!" even though Bikky is at the age where he'd rather die than admit to being scared of a storm. Especially to his dad. And especially in front of his girlfriend.

You and I are on the wrong coast to get hit by Irene, but I like that you threw it in there! NYC has been in the news a lot lately (same-sex marriage: :D hurricane: D: ), and FAKE-crew-reacts-to-RL-events is a terribly underutilized genre, IMHO. (Enough acronyms for ya?)

Silly Ryo! Can you imagine the productiuon he would make out of it if he decided to bake cookies.

*Knock, knock*


"Bikky, would you like me to add raisins to these cookies? Because I could."

"No, Ryo. No raisins. JUST CHOCOLATE CHIPS like I said. Okay? Okay!"

"Um, okay."

(Four minutes later)

*Knock knock*

"Grrr. What now?"

"Bikky, I have dark chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips. Which one would Carol prefer?"

'Both, Ryo, if that's okay! It's sooooo sweet of you to bug us cook-- er, I mean to bake us cookies."

"Okay, I'll put both kinds in. Anything for you, Carol."

"Ryo, I think I smell something burning."

"Ha ha. Nice try, Bikky, but I haven't even turned on the oven yet."

"Aw jeez. WHEN is this damn hurricane going to be over?"

I almost want to know what "shove it under the doorknob" meant, but then I'm afraid to find out. These guys really are horrible, aren't they? XD

Oh, that was the chair! If Bikky wedges the backrest of the chair under the doorknob, then there's no way that Ryo can come in and catch Bikky and Carol, er, 'kissing'. Ryo, of course, wouldn't think of that.

Poor Ryo.

Thank you for telling me! I really enjoyed writing it.

Hello from two provinces eastward :)
This little fic was so cute!
I stopped reading/writing fics about 10 years ago and all the sudden I felt like finishing a FAKE fic I started in 2002 and never finished. While looking if there were still persons interested in these, I found your journal. Good to know! I think I'll finish my fic after all :)

You must be in Manitoba, then. Hail, fellow Canadian! I'm thrilled you enjoyed this fic. Keep going with the writing. November, which is almost upon is, is nano month, after all.

Saskatchewan in fact. I wonder if this was a totally innocent mistake or if you thought 'no way, they can't be people reading Fake in THAT province!' Hehe

D'oh! I should smack myself. I don't know why I always forget about Saskatchewan. It's not like I haven't driven through it four times!

I used to live in Manitoba, and I guess I just wanted you to be from there.

Did you ever finish your fic?

Another thing I missed! Good thing I decided to just scroll through all your posts to check. Ah, the FAKE fandom's good ol tradition of matching fic to current NYC events. How could I have forgotten? At least a hurricane lends itself to slightly cozier ficcing than 9/11. Carol and Bikky are just all kinds of adorable here, and I love seeing them cute and giggly with each other. They get ignored so much in the fandom, but Matoh spent a lot of time on them and they're just so good looking together. Since we've passed the chapter in which Bikky gave her sunflowers for her 18th birthday, I think they've gotten up to even more than Ryo even realizes, but so what? Fifteen is old enough when you've lived a life like Bikky has, and he's smart enough to be careful. (Or Carol is, anyway) Concentrate on your own lover, Ryo, and let the babes have their fun!

I think Bikky is old enough too, but Ryo is finding it all very perturbing!

Sanami Matoh did spend a lot of time on them, didn't she? She must have had separate manga plans for them that never quite worked out.

Can't believe I missed this one

August 2011? I need to watch you more closely. I just wanted to say this story was extremely vivid and sexy!

Re: Can't believe I missed this one

Thank you! And please watch me as closely as you like. Not that I've been up to much lately, but still. I might zoom back into Fake-mode again at any time.

Aww, poor Ryo. Bikky doesn't need him much anymore and then he gets seduced although he's not in the mood.
Okay, I admit it, I can't really bring myself to pity him for the latter! :D
Loved the "or I'll let him bake you cookies!"-threat xD

Or: "Dude, weren't you ever fifteen and in the company of a pretty girl who you really wanted to be alone with, but your mom kept coming into the room?"
"Um..." Ryo blinked at him. "Well, not really..."

Haha xD Sometimes, Dee does truly understand Bikky better than Ryo does. Naughty boys stick together!

I can't feel sorry for Ryo, either. He's got Dee, after all, and he's got Bikky for another three years.

Ryo understands Bikky the boy, but Dee understands Bikky the man.

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