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LJ is driving me nuts
Ryo's anger
Hello Readers,

I have had to temporarily make the first chapter of Driven a private post because I went back in this morning to do a simple edit on a misspelling of Diana's name and immediately lost all my formatting. Unfortunately, it's the start of the workday and I don't have time to fix it all right now. I'll do it tonight. I wish LJ would hurry up and fix their rich text problems because I can't edit anything if I'm going to lose my formatting the second I hit the edit button.

In other news, we seem to have our annual rodent infestation. Normally it happens in September, but this year the rats are starting early. I had an exterminator here on Monday, and he's coming back on Thursday morning to check a couple of traps he set in my long, narrow crawlspace. I'm not squeamish when it comes to dealing with rats and mice, but I do NOT want to encounter any rats, dead or alive, when I'm at the back of a long, narrow crawlspace!

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*sends you some yummy Cheezits* <3? (both problem's better now? ;D)

Ooh, Cheezits! Nope, both problems are not better because even though I fixed the formatting of Driven, I still have the rats!

I hate rats. They're not getting any cheezits.

Annual rodent infestation? Are they returning from holiday and getting their fall/winter digs together? Those bad rats. I am afraid of wild rats but I guess it could be worse.

I'm sorry about the lj formatting issues. I'm looking forward to reading 'Driven.'

Yes, that's exactly what they're doing. I don't know where they've been all summer, but they seem to want to spend the winter living with me, the presence of Fluffy notwithstanding.

I've heard female cats are better mousers. Can your Sophie hunt?

I believe this is true about female cats. I babysit for a red tabby named Ruby and she is a fierce huntress. Mice, large birds, small birds (some of which she eats, some she just dispatches).

If Sophie was an outdoor kitty, she would also be a fierce huntress. But she does a good job with any bugs that stray inside the house. *yuck*

I think Fluffy is just too pretty to hunt! :D

I can't stand the Rich Text even when it is working correctly. I use the HTML tab. You have to learn a few codes for things like LJ cuts and formatting for underline and italic, but it is pretty straight forward. You can copy it straight from their help section and just adjust it to fit your page. You just copy the text into the html tab and then add the tags. I can create them for you if you need. I usually type them into my word program before I paste into the post field. :)

I have come to the same conclusion about HTML. But any posts that were not originally created in HTML cannot be edited without being converted.

Could you create them for me? I already know the one for italics. How many are there that I need to know? Because when I look at my post in html style, it seems there is essential code and non-essential code, like all the characters it apparently takes to make one apostrophe. Not essential. But paragraph line breaks? Essential. Except when they're not, which they sometimes seem not to be! However, I'm hopeful that I can learn this.

The only ones I have had to use before using the html editor were for the LJ cut, bold, italic, and any links to other websites. Paragraph breaks and font are brought over from word processing program when you copy/paste. You could just try pasting into the html without any code and set to private and see what it looks like. If you send me the file, I can put in the code for you to see too.

Umm...that is no fun, but I can send you some cats who seem to have the skill to catch things. Otherwise, I just became a lifetime supporter of a Jungle cat and they seem to LOVE catching rats.

Sure, send them! Maybe they can give Fluffy lessons, since I don't think he could even catch a blind, elderly rat with a walker.

What do you mean you're a lifetime supporter of a jungle cat?

Yes, his name is Tarzan - http://www.conservatorscenter.org/SeeAnimal.cfm?AnimalID=62

This place rescues large cats from zoos who are closing or they just don't want them anymore or in Tarzan's case - from a breeder. I'm very excited. He will stay in his house, and we go to him to bring him treats and goodies. Perfect for a cat - wouldn't want to inconvenience him.

Edited at 2011-09-01 05:18 pm (UTC)

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