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Suspended, chapter 3
Hello everyone,

I hope you're enjoying the start of the long weekend. I predict a frenzy of barbecuing in the next three days. But not at our house! I'm the cook and I'm scared of barbecues, due to a long ago scary experience with a gas-powered Hibachi in which I almost set my hair and face alight.

Well, thanks to LJ's horribly inefficient tinkering with rich text, I can no longer use it at all and have been forced to learn html. Or, to be more exact, to whine at friends and copy and paste html. But hey. A new skill is a new skill, right?


Chapter Three

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Drake/JJ
Rating: Chapter 3 is Mature. (But NOT work-safe!) Nudity, sex talk, foreplay between two men.
Timing: Set in August of Dee and Ryo's second year together, but the story is not about them.
Spoilers: Volume 7 of Sanami Matoh's Fake series
Disclaimer: Drake, JJ are characters who were created by Sanami Matoh. Drake's ex-girlfriends Cordelia and Meghan are my original characters. I received no payment for writing this story and make no claim on FAKE or its characters.
Summary: Drake comforts JJ after his embarrassing experience at work.
Author's notes: This story was written for  shelley6441 as a happy birthday fic. Maybe you've forgotten about your birthday by now, but I haven't!
Beta-reader:   meng_horde. Thanks for your help!

Chapter three

Drake kneaded the muscles of JJ's neck, back, and buttocks for the next fifteen minutes, using the strength in his fingers and arms to work out any knots he found. JJ emitted soft moans and groans, and acquiesced completely to Drake's every bid to move him or adjust his position. His body felt almost boneless with relaxation. Drake was fascinated by the thought that he could just snap a condom on at any time and push himself into JJ's body, and JJ wouldn't stop him, or bargain, or freak out about it. Drake had had several sexual experiences with JJ by now, and he knew that all JJ would do would be to spread his legs wider and lift his ass higher so as to make it easier for Drake to take him. Sex was uncomplicated for JJ. He was into being fucked, and that was that. He also liked being fucked more than once in the same night. JJ was upfront about what he wanted, and was pretty much always horny. He was extremely open-minded too, far more so than Drake. At the same time he was quite understanding of Drake's straight-guy limitations with regards to gay sex and Drake was grateful for that. There was no pressure to try new sex acts or push his limits beyond what he was used to, except for the occasional sex toy or role-play fantasy of JJ's. But straight people did that too. Drake had experience with these things.

However, he did feel a little bit guilty on those occasions when JJ gave him a blowjob. It was a pleasure he didn't feel he could return. Even touching JJ's cock wasn't easy for him. However, JJ seemed willing to do without this kind of attention, at least from him. He probably got plenty of that from his other lovers. Drake sighed. One of these days he might attempt to put his mouth on JJ's cock. It was a thought that was rolling around in the farthest reaches of the back of his mind, but so far he had been too chicken to try it. JJ had been okay about everything, and was seemingly happy to just spread his legs for Drake and get his ass filled with cock. They both enjoyed that.

Drake's previous girlfriends used to complain about his 'fetish'. "I've got a perfectly sweet, clean, pretty pussy that is all wet for you, Drake," Cordelia had said. "Why do you always want to go into that dirty place? It doesn't even feel good for me." Drake couldn't really answer her, except to say that he liked it. Actually he liked the tightness and the naughtiness of that hole. He got off on the whole taboo aspect of it. Also, there was less chance of an unwanted pregnancy. He worried about that sometimes. It had happened to a buddy of his in high school, Jerry. Jerry dutifully married the girl and became a daddy when he was eighteen. Drake knew for a fact that Jer was not a happily married man. He had only known Amber for a couple of weeks before he knocked her up. The condom had broken, Jer said. Drake did not want that to happen to him. He shuddered at the thought of what marriage to Cordelia would have been like. She was never satisfied with his income and always made him feel bad about not being richer.

His other ex, Meghan, on the other hand, wasn't as fixated on money as Cordelia was, but she flatly refused to give in to Drake's 'freaky and perverted' request. To her, anal sex was disgusting and unnatural. She had accused him of wanting to have sex with JJ back when it wasn't even true. But perhaps he owed her a debt of gratitude, because there had turned out to be some truth in her caustic observations. He didn't know if he ever would have started with JJ if Meghan hadn't planted the idea in his head. She had accused him of being gay, though, and Drake knew he definitely wasn't gay. He was still very interested in women, although he wasn't sure if he wanted to settle down and get married. He was quite certain he didn't want to have kids, although he had learned to keep his mouth shut about that. Women didn't usually react well to that. Either they acted like he was some kind of awful, child-hating monster, which he found hurtful because it wasn't true, or they told him with knowing looks that he would change his mind someday. Drake was pretty sure he wasn't going to change his mind.

Anyway, despite the fact that it was only occasional and there wasn't any commitment, Drake found this arrangement with JJ to be, on the whole, a pretty good deal. But Drake had made up his mind that if JJ ever cried out another man's name in the throes of passion, he was going to put his clothes on and leave. He wanted JJ's mind to be on him and him alone on the nights when they were together. At all other times, JJ could screw whomever he chose, and Drake was free to do the same.

He realized that his fingers had been traveling up and down the cleft of JJ's ass for some time. It was all shiny and slick in there. JJ sleepily reminded him not to use the lavender oil for lube because it might bust the condom.

"I think it's about time you fucked me now," JJ suggested, looking back at him with one bright eye. He seemed to be waking up a little after his massage.

"Yeah, I agree." Drake reached for the condoms and the lube. Can you raise your ass up for me?"

"Aw Drakey, you always wanna do it in the same old boring all-fours position! Let's change it, okay?"

"Sure," said Drake, a little surprised. Yeah, he did have to admit that he liked fucking JJ doggy style. Firstly, he liked looking at JJ's ass as he fucked it and secondly, he couldn't really see JJ's cock in that position, so he was not distracted by it and reminded that he was fucking a... man. "What do you suggest?"

"Me on top. And I want a kiss before we do anything else." JJ's chest was soon pressed up against Drake's, and Drake could feel a pair of hard, perky little nipples rubbing sensually against his furry pecs. JJ kissed him playfully and then deeply and Drake kissed him back. Drake was impatient to get to the fucking part. JJ must have sensed it because he laughed. "Had enough foreplay, Drake?"

"Fifteen minutes of massage was a pretty good piece of foreplay," growled Drake. "Now, I wanna get to the main event."

"Oh, get on your back, you... you typical man, you!"

"Yes, sir." Drake smiled at JJ and lay down. "You're the boss."

"Darn right I am, and don't you forget it. It's about time you got used to the fact that I'm a man and not some kind of-- well, some kind of non-girl with a nice butt."

"JJ, I know you're a man," Drake said warily.

"Yeah, but you prefer not to think about it too much as long as you don't have to see my cock."

Drake felt his face heating up because JJ's words were all too true. "Do I have to think about it?" he asked. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm fucking you. You have a sexy body and a sexy mind."

JJ looked surprised and even kind of pleased, but then his eyes narrowed shrewdly. "Sexy body, huh? Even this?" He took his penis in his hand and began stroking it.

"Well, uh, you know..." Drake didn't know where to look.

"It's part of the package, Drake. It's part of me. I don't expect you to deep-throat it or anything, but I would feel more comfortable if you could just acknowledge that it's there once in a while."

Drake had a sense that there was a chance this whole encounter could go south very quickly unless he did something to save it.

"Like this?" he asked, reaching out and putting his hand over JJ's where it covered his shaft.

"Ooh, Drakey, you bold thing, you. Are you going to freak out if I move my hand away?"

"Move your hand, JJ," Drake said, thinking I can do this. I will do this.

--end of Chapter 3--

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Ohh...Drake...what are you going to do? He is going to need to get over the "non-girl with a nice butt" image of JJ. Hmmm....I will be patiently waiting for the next chapter because this was worth the wait.

Thank you! Drake cares for JJ as a person, but JJ is the wrong gender for him-- at least at this point in his life. But he's got a pretty good deal going with the no-strings sex, so he'd better start being a little less sexually selfish.

Thank you, Brit. I love it.

I'm glad because you're the original Drake/JJ fan!

Oh, great chapter! I love Drake's introspection on why sex with JJ is acceptable--he just likes anal. Yet in the next few paragraphs, his insecurities come through; JJ thinking about someone else. (Likely Dee). I hope JJ never yells another name, that would be so sad :(.

No Drake probably isn't gay, but he cares a lot more for JJ than just his body, that much the Manga made canon as well. All those saves and shoulders to cry on after JJ was rejected by Dee. Honestly, except for comic relief, I never understood why JJ chased Dee so much. It seemed like a purely physical attraction on JJ's part.

Now JJ, on the other hand...We don't hear his POV except through a few choice sentences, which are brief but very telling. Sure sex is uncomplicated for him; he's young, gay, attractive and living in NYC. But he voices his insecurities too--

"It's part of the package, Drake. It's part of me. I don't expect you to deep-throat it or anything, but I would feel more comfortable if you could just acknowledge that it's there once in a while."

There. "Comfortable". JJ admits he has fears about their "relationship" too.

Drake, to my surprise, realizes JJ will get upset and stop things, and he just might miss out on more than simply sex. Drake wants to try, to push himself, and please JJ too. I think he'll find that watching JJ's face as they have sex will be as exciting as watching his ass. That might be the biggest turn on for both of them!

Also, I love the personality dynamic, JJ completely bossy and Drake completely, well, not pussy whipped, but whatever the male equivalent may be. These two were made for each other!

More, please! You are too good at what you do!!

Now, I have something for you; a Webcomic you should try out, called Teahouse Yaoi Comic. Type that in your browser and check it out, you'll be hooked. I have a feeling I know which character you will be instantly drawn to...

Wow, thanks for such a detailed review! First of all, I LOVE the teahouse web comic. No, I didn't know about it, but I managed to read about 9 pages this morning before Life called and I was off to the races. Thanks for that rec; I'm looking forward to reading it as soon as my husband goes to work.

Yes, I agree with you about Drake's caring being canon. I'm a very canon-oriented person, as I never get tired of saying. Drake was always very sensitive and kind toward JJ. JJ is such a frequently overwrought and emotional character that he really needs someone calm and steady like Drake.

Yes, 'comfortable'! JJ is already comfortable with Drake, but today he's feeling more fragile than usual after his big humiliation with the cake and the Commissioner. He needs to relax and not have to worry that Drake thinks his man-parts are icky.

Thanks again for the review and the rec!

Don't thank me yet about Teahouse. You think you are addicted to chocolate? Wait til you get to chapter two...And then three..and then have to wait every Wednesday, California time, for an update!!

While I'm ruining your free time, might as well get you hooked on Starfighter, too. Really NSFW, but, ohmygod hot....That one usually updates Saturday or Sunday.

Oh God, I stayed up really late reading Starfighter. It's so amazing. Dark, but really sexy. Now I have to wait for the next panel! *sob*

I haven't actually read this yet... but I really want to! I'm the college library and I was all... "Yes! I got the computer in the corner so now I can go check all the things I want to read..." and then some guy had to some over and sit at the table right behind me... he's practically reading over my shoulder! *To the guy behind me* Yeah... I'm on to you! @_@

I'll come back later with an actual review after I read it! "D


That's what I hate about the library-- no privacy! In our library, the computers are all lined up in rows, and you have to stand in line to wait for one to come free. (Everyone has 30 minutes) The people waiting in line have nothing else to do but look at the screens of those in the back row.

hmmm it seems to me like Drake is in the midst of a dilemma. He thinks of himself as straight, but doesn't mind having sex with JJ. I think he's very conflicted.

Anyway, I'm glad that I finally got to read this! College is being a... what's a polite word to use... meanie. :P I'm in a technical writing class along with various science classes, and it's killing my free time!

I can't wait for the next part! :D


R.I.P., Neengy's free time. I hope you get resurrected soon!

Yep, Drake is a tad conflicted here. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm working on the next part now and will be putting it up later tonight.

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