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Wing Night (birthday ficlet for neengy)
tongue licking
Hello everyone,

Here's another little FAKE ficlet. I banged this off very quickly, so I would say it's not one of my more brilliant efforts, but hopefully it will bring a little bit of fun to your day.

 Wing Night

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE
Pairing: Dee/Ryo
Rating: G
Summary: The gang is out for wings and beer. JJ is feeling snarky and jealous.
Spoilers: To Volume 7
Timing: Set in late June of Dee and Ryo's first year together. After Justice. Drake and JJ still don't know that Dee and Ryo have become a couple.
Disclaimer: FAKE and the characters of FAKE belong to Sanami Matoh. I make no claim on them and do not get paid for writing fanfics about them.
Author's notes: Happy Birthday   neengy_dot! Thanks for always commenting on my fics and giving me your happy energy. I hope you're having a fabulous day, even though it's a Tuesday and you're probably busy with school.

 Wing Night

"JJ, are you going to eat those last two?" Drake indicated JJ's unfinished plate of Teriyaki wings.

JJ pushed the plate toward Drake. "Go for it. I'm done." He had actually been saving them for Dee, but Dee hadn't even looked at them. Instead, Mr. Perfect had traded wings back and forth with Ryo. Dammit, why did Ryo also have to order the Teriyaki flavor? That boring stick-in-the-mud always managed to spoil things without even trying. Right now he was talking on his cell phone. JJ hoped that meant he would be leaving soon.

Ryo snapped his cell phone closed and looked at the group of co-workers sitting at the table. "Sorry, guys, but that's it for me. I need to go home."

"Aw, too bad." JJ tried not to look as cheerful as he felt. Finally!

"What? But you can't! It's Guy LaFleur's birthday," Drake protested.

"Well, I'm sure Guy won't mind if the rest of you continue the revelry without me," Ryo said, "but I told Bikky I'd be home in twenty minutes." He stood up and took his jacket off the back of his chair.

"Who the hell was this Guy LaFleur again?" whispered Diana to Ted.

"I don't know, but considering that name, he just HAD to be a rent-boy or a stripper," he whispered back.

"I heard that, Ted, you bastard," growled Drake. "He was not a stripper. He was one of the best hockey players in the history of the game!"

"Did he have a nice body?" asked JJ, eyeing Dee's chest and shoulders with open admiration. God, Dee was licking wing sauce off his fingers. Did that man have no idea of the effect he was having?

"What?" Drake looked surprised. "Who cares about how nice his body was as long as the guy could score goals!"

To JJ's sudden consternation, Dee rose to his feet. "Hey Ryo, want a ride?"

"Uh, sure, if you're going my way," said Ryo, a little too casually.

Diana smiled indulgently, a fact that JJ noted with resentment. That Woman was way too pro-Dee/Ryo for his liking.

"I'm always going your way, dude." Dee tossed a couple of bills on the table and smirked at Ryo. Ryo ignored him and went to hug Diana good-bye.

"Have a good one, you guys," said Dee with a general nod for all the occupants of the table.

JJ made one last-ditch effort to save the evening. "Hey, Dee, can I catch a ride with you, too?" he asked eagerly, and started to get up.

His heart sank when Ted hauled him back down. "No way, JJ. It's bad enough they're abandoning us. We need you to stay and help us celebrate Guy's birthday some more. Besides, you didn't finish your beer."

"But I don't even like beer," protested JJ. His eyes followed Dee and Ryo wistfully as they threaded their way among the tables in the direction of the door.

"Let's get you a vodka cooler, then," said Diana, flagging a passing waitress and barking an order in that Nazi-Queen manner of hers.

"But I don't like vodka coolers, either," said JJ, wrinkling his nose. He was thinking that if he could get up quickly enough, he might be able to catch Dee in the parking lot. Oh, and Ryo, too, unfortunately. But maybe after they had dropped Ryo off at his place, they could--

JJ became aware that Diana was looking at him in a way that would have made the blood freeze in the veins of Satan himself. "I've already ordered the damn thing," she said, "and you ARE going to drink it."

"Uhh... I am? Sure! If y-you say so." He shrank back from her toward Drake, who patted his shoulder reassuringly.

Diana raised her glass. "To Guy LaFleur!"

"To the Blond Devil!" said Drake heartily.

JJ reflected that although the Blond Devil may have been Guy LaFleur's nickname, it would suit Diana perfectly.

Ted clinked his beer bottle against their glasses. "To strippers!"

JJ lifted his half-full beer. "To nice bodies," he said glumly.

Diana shook her head and sighed. "Honestly, I don't know why I go drinking with you guys."

~end of Wing Night~

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Long time Lurker gets first comment!

Loved it! I hope the next morning a hungover, naked JJ woke up in bed next to an equally naked Diana. Not sure who would scream the loudest...

And all of your efforts are brilliant. Especially the last installment of Suspended! Which I know you will post soon! (begging)

Re: Long time Lurker gets first comment!

*sprays her computer in saliva*

I'd scream the loudest. In laughter.

Re: Long time Lurker gets first comment!

Hello, LTL! You have the evillest mind. I actually doubt that JJ could get it up for Diana, but, hey, if it was dark enough and he was drunk enough, and SHE was drunk enough that her danger-quotient had been significantly reduced... But the screaming the next morning would be so loud that the neighbors would probably call 911.

You know, I was working on Suspended on the weekend. My newest chapter is about half done. I'll get right back on it today because I'm highly susceptible to begging!

I snorted so hard at the "To strippers!" comment. Definitely not your longest piece ever but it kept me amused, especially with Diana's "I know what you're going to do and hell will freeze over before I let that happen" attitude. It's almost as if she's a closet fangirl...

She is! She was always trying to nudge Ryo in Dee's direction in the manga.

(Deleted comment)
You just know they're all going to end up at a strip bar later!

Me and JJ think alike - I don't know who it is, but is he good looking?

I think most of us do! Especially if it's a 'he'.


*raises coffee mug to toast Diana, and you*

To Diana! I'll drink to that. Okay, now... to me! I'll drink to that too! To chocolate, as well! *hic*

I so OD'd on chocolate today. I'm quite high on caffeine and sugar right now. Pardon my giddiness. *Must drink water*

Edited at 2011-09-21 10:39 pm (UTC)

JJ made one last-ditch effort to save the evening. "Hey, Dee, can I catch a ride with you, too?"

LOL! Poor JJ. But now I'm in the mood for some wings....

I know, me too! That's the trouble with reading or writing about food. I want teriyaki wings. Not a lot, just two or three to answer my craving.

:O I can't believe it! How did I miss this?!

Thank you thank you thank you! :D Best present I got!

Poor JJ... he tries so hard but the world is against him at every turn. :P I have to admit I did know who Guy LaFleur was but I had no idea we shared a birthday! Interesting!

To Strippers! :D (and to you my dear!)

Thanks for the present!


Neengy! I was waiting for you to show up. I figured you had to be either spreading your birthday celebrations around various groups of friends, or digging your way out from under a mountain of homework.

Guy LaFleur is pretty famous in Canada, but I didn't know how well known he was in the States, especially considering the guy is 60 now. I went looking for famous people who shared your birthday and he was the only one I'd ever heard of.

JJ tries so hard, but the plain fact is that Dee is not his destiny. Someday he'll finally realize that.

I'm so glad you liked your b-day ficlet.

Weeellll... a few boyfriends ago was a big hockey fan and I happened to pick up on it! I try to watch what matches I can, but not so much lately. Oh well! :D

Well, that's how my sister got into hockey. Several boyfriends in a row were hockey fans, and now she's the mother of two pint-sized hockey players!

I just loved reading this story and almost fell from my chair with laugh when Ted answered Diana with a name like that he must be a rent-a-boy or stripper.

Thanks! I bet Guy LaFleur would be pissed off if he ever read this story! But he never will, so I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry.

Aw, poor JJ. Hard times await, for those about to open their eyes.

JJ is determined not to open his eyes. Thanks for reading this even though I know JJ is not your favorite person!

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