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Suspended, chapter 4
Since &%$#-ing LJ has cut half their users off from ever using rich text again, I must post in html, which I really know nothing about. Can anyone tell me how to alter the text style temporarily? I want to have the recap part at the beginning in a different text, and then revert to normal, but nothing I've tried has worked! Suggestions would be most appreciated. **UPDATE** Thanks to  meng_horde I've done it in purple. *hug!*


Chapter Four

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Drake/JJ
Rating: Chapter 4 is NOT work-safe! Sex between two men.
Timing: Set in August of Dee and Ryo's second year together, but the story is not about them.
Spoilers: Volume 7 of Sanami Matoh's Fake series
Disclaimer: Drake, JJ are characters who were created by Sanami Matoh. I received no payment for writing this story and make no claim on FAKE or its characters.
Summary: Drake struggles to overcome his sqeamishness over JJ's male parts.
Author's notes: This story was written for   shelley6441


Chapter 4


"Like this?"Drake asked, reaching out and putting his hand over JJ's where it covered his shaft.

"Ooh, Drakey, you bold thing, you. Are you going to freak out if I move my hand away?"

"Move your hand, JJ," Drake said, thinking I can do this. I will do this.

End of recap.

"Okay-y-y..." JJ slowly slid his hand out from under his partner's big paw, leaving Drake's rough-skinned fingers loosely wrapped around his cock.

Drake felt his whole being freeze up for a moment, and he knew that JJ sensed it. Worried that JJ's feelings would be hurt, he quickly said, "Just give me a minute, okay?" He closed his eyes because right at that moment he didn't want to be looking at either JJ's face or his cock. For different reasons.

A few seconds went by during which he took a deep breath and steeled himself to start moving his hand up and down a little. He had to admit that JJ's shaft felt much like his own, although a little shorter in length, and definitely more slender. Also, it seemed like it was the wrong way round. When he stroked his own shaft, his fingers were on the underside. Now that he was stroking another man's, a man who was facing him (oh, Jesus...), it was his thumb that was on the underside. He could feel the vertical ridge that ran crookedly up the center of JJ's dick. It was... it was all somehow familiar, but not in a way that he could readily explain.

Experimentally, he moved his hand up the length of it and stroked his thumb over the sensitive area just under the head. JJ emitted a soft little gasp in response. Drake wasn't sure exactly how he should feel about that, but his instincts told him it was probably a good thing. For the short term, anyhow.

Drake moved his hand down and then back up several times in a slow and cautious jacking motion as he gradually got used to the sensation of touching another man's cock. He was finding it helpful to recall highlights of the Rangers' short string of games against the Caps back when the playoffs had been on in the spring. Stick-handling. That's what he was doing. Sex was a sport, like any other. It was all about scoring, supporting your team, and not getting penalties or injuries. But scoring was the number one goal.

"Drakey, what are you smiling about?"

"Huh? I wasn't smiling."

"Yes, you were. Tell me."

"Look, JJ, do you want to have a heart-to-heart, or do you want to fuck?" Drake opened his eyes and looked directly at JJ's face, nowhere else. He wasn't ready to look down at what his hand was doing.

"I want to fuck, of course! But maybe we could have a serious conversation later."

"Okay, whatever you want," agreed Drake, thinking, yeah, sure, like hell. 'Serious' conversations with lovers were one of the many banes of his life. But he was very good at avoiding them. He knew that he and JJ wouldn't really have to have a heart-to-heart if he distracted his younger partner with a question about the pros and cons of paint vs. wallpaper, or if he asked for advice about which shoes to buy for fall. Drake had been friends with JJ for long enough now that he was able to use his partner's favorite subjects to his own advantage once in a while.

"Drake, um, touch my balls now, okay?" JJ's request made Drake's sense of advantage dissipate abruptly. He hesitated and then slid his hand down to where JJ's sac waited for him. It was hot and the twin globes inside felt just as mobile and spongy as his own.

"Harder, Drakey. I can barely feel it."

"JJ! Gimme a break here. I don't do this every day."

"Well, they're not made of tissue paper, you know. You've got balls. You ought to know how to handle them."

"How's this?" Drake squeezed a little harder and worked his thumb over the contents of JJ's sac. Focus, he told himself. This was all about moving the game along and not getting stuck in the penalty box.

"Lovely!" JJ moaned delightedly. "You do that like a pro."

Drake's hand faltered briefly in its movements, but he recovered quickly. He wondered how long he was going to have to do this before JJ let him fuck him. Maybe he could speed things along by bringing his other hand into it. His left hand slid up from JJ's thigh to his shaft, and he stroked it slowly, if a little awkwardly. Now he had both hands full of JJ's tackle. Jesus Christ, this was a first.

"Wow, Drakey, aren't you brave. How are you doing down there? Are you freaking out?"

Drake looked up at him stoically. "Do I look like I'm freaking out?" He felt a little strange, yes, but it would take more than something like this to freak him out. He was a cop, for God's sake, and the eldest of three brothers. He didn't freak out easily.

JJ gave him an assessing look. "No," he said after a moment, sounding surprised and somewhat relieved. "That's good. So... so, it's not grossing you out then?"

"JJ," said Drake, making an effort to inject a note of great patience into his voice, "it's clearly not grossing me out. Can you please stop analyzing me?"

"I was not analyzing you. I was just checking that... that... well, that you were okay with... well, this." JJ gestured to his genitals and looked away. Drake thought he sounded slightly less confident than usual. JJ had only ever been bossy and demanding when they were in bed in the past, so this made for a change. Drake put it down to the events of JJ's stressful afternoon and the fact that everyone had laughed at him when he had miscalculated and landed smack in the middle of the birthday cake.

"Come down here for a sec," Drake said, opening his arms.

"Why?" asked JJ suspiciously.

"Because I need a hug," said Drake, who didn't at all need a hug, but he believed that if he put it like that, JJ couldn't refuse him.

"Oh! Well, of course!" JJ suddenly smiled, and lowered himself so that he was lying on top of Drake.

Drake put his arms around JJ's slender back and stroked the younger man's soft, smooth skin. There was no hair anywhere on JJ's torso or back, in marked contrast to Drake's body. He liked that.

"Oooh, that feels good." JJ's voice was muffled against his shoulder. "You're just like a big, cuddly teddy-bear, aren't you?"

Drake didn't respond. He supposed that this was JJ's way of saying he needed to lose a few pounds, but he didn't care. He would do whatever it took to get his puck in the net, and right now, he sensed that that it might have something to do with extra TLC and patience. He concentrated on not sliding his hands down to JJ's ass just yet, even though he really, really wanted to.

"JJ, you have ... great skin, you know that?"

"Really?" JJ wriggled against him slightly, sounding pleased.

Drake congratulated himself on saying the right thing. He didn't always manage to say the right thing. "Yeah, really," he whispered, and kissed the side of his partner's neck. "Like velvet..." He moved his left hand searchingly up JJ's spine before sliding it over to squeeze his shoulder. His stealthy right hand moved another inch or two closer to JJ's buttocks. He knew how great JJ's cheeks felt, all firm and round and-- and perfect. In that moment, he had a revelation of sorts. He realized that JJ had the most perfect ass he had ever had his hands on. It hit him almost like a physical shock. A high proportion of the girls he had gone out with had had nice asses. Some of their faces left a lot to be desired, but Drake realized now that there may have been a reason for that. But not one of the women in his entire romantic history was as good-looking as JJ, both upstairs and downstairs. Jesus.

He was suddenly seized with a desire to look at JJ's face. Accordingly, he gripped the younger man's shoulders and pushed him up a little so that they could make eye contact.

"Uhh, Drake?" JJ looked down at him uncertainly, but Drake didn't answer. He was too busy taking in the details of his partner's handsome features. JJ had a youthful, heart-shaped face, but in a subtly masculine, triangular kind of way. He didn't at all look like a girl, but he didn't really look conventionally male, either. He seemed younger than his 29 years, and likely always would. His hair was its natural white blond today (not lavender or blue, thank God), and his eyes were huge and startlingly blue. Crystal blue. JJ also had the longest, thickest, blackest eyelashes Drake had ever seen, but he had learned a few months ago that JJ's natural lash color was blond, like his hair, and that he regularly had them dyed.

"What?" asked JJ uncertainly, his gaze jumping back and forth from one of Drake's eyes to the other.

"JJ, you're..." Drake hesitated, knowing he was about to say something sappy and wondering if he should just shut up right now.

"I'm what?" JJ's voice rose on a squeak of anxiety, and Drake felt the younger man's supple body stiffen.

"Whoa, whoa, relax, little buddy." Drake brought a hand up to JJ's jaw and caressed the side of his face, tracing a line down one chiseled cheekbone. "I was just gonna say that you're... well, you're real easy on the eyes." Had he sidestepped sappy there? He hoped so.

The anxious look faded from JJ's eyes, and he tossed his head back in a shout of laughter.

"What the hell is so funny?" growled Drake, frowning, although he wasn't angry. He became aware that both of his hands seemed to be gripping the globes of JJ's ass. Gripping and kneading. He hoped JJ wouldn't make him let go. He could feel his prick getting as hard as iron where it was ardently rubbing against JJ's.

~~end of chapter 4~~

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Ha, Drake, the Sidestep of Casually Obvious.


And did you want it in mere italics or something? (i)
Or did you actually want another font? cause that'd use the (font) html tag...
(maybe I should google to see if there's a basic html primer somewhere for you...?)

Drake, sidestepper supreme!

Actually, I got it. LJ apparently doesn't allow people to change their font, but meng_horde showed me how to do color in html, which is good enough for my purposes today!

The ONLY good thing about LJ's rich text screwup is that it forced me to learn a lot more about html than I was planning to!


dammit!! if this wasn't so hilarious I might be a tad upset...

Where to start?: Long time Lurker thanks you humbly for this delightful update. Drake is just, absolutely, the most clueless goofball ever, and JJ must really, really like him to put up with him in bed. Sports!! Good God, he would be in deep doo doo if JJ knew where his thoughts were going. Now, he's worried about JJ yelling another guys name, but if he yells "score!!" when he comes, oh boy, I'd hate to be in his shoes.

I hope they end up with JJ on his back, because I'd really like to have them kissing while they have sex. A lot of kissing. But whatever you write, I know it will be hot!

Puck in the net...Glad no one at home here was around to hear me laughing. It's very sweet though that this is exploring the emotions of both of them before getting to the smut. Drake is realizing, not only that JJ is beautiful, but that he's not always super confident either. That he's insecure too. And comfort, of course, is Drake's specialty.

Score!! Now, on to chapter 5; the fans in the arena are on their feet, chanting for the winning team to send that puck into the net indeed! Play nice, and no high sticking, boys!

Drake will certainly never tell JJ about his foreplay sports-thoughts. He's not about to get himself in trouble, plus, he's not the most vocal guy in bed, unlike JJ.

I'm really glad you liked this chapter! I was a little bit worried that those who were expecting the sex part to start would be disappointed that we were still on stick-handling. But at the same time, i felt it was important to take the opportunity to advance their emotional connection a little. JJ's confidence is shaken, so this is therefore the right time for Drake to be his usual comforting and reassuring self, but in bed, which should add up to sexual tenderness. Lovemaking even! (But Drake doesn't know that yet) I really wanted to force him to examine his actions a little, as well. He screws JJ once in a while and thinks of himself as bi-curious. He figures that as long as he's just fucking his friend and isn't showing any interest in his friend's male characteristics, then he's still about 90 percent straight. (Selfish lover) But JJ needs more, tonight of all nights!

Oh, I think that the net will really enjoy when the puck slams into it! Hopefully the fans will, too. Thanks so much for commenting!

Drake is making many revelations in bed tonight. So very sweet. Thanks again, and I will wait (im)patiently for the next chapter.

Yes, poor Drake. He keeps trying to think about sports, but those darn revelations keep interrupting him.

Thanks for coming back to read this!

Hah hah, just when you think Drake's got the hang of complimenting JJ, he does and says that. Oh dear. I guess it wouldn't be slightly awkward consoling sex without it though!

I'll be lurking around for the next chapter!

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapt - Drake thinking in terms of sports while he's being sexy with JJ was both fun to read and somehow in character as I can see him doing that. At least Drake knows enough not to voice those thoughts aloud. It's nice to see that Drake is beginning to think more about his relationship with JJ.

A little anatomy correction

I hate to butt in and pause the fun, but there is no big crooked vein running up the underside of a man's penis. There is the (should be) straight protruberance of the corpus spongiosum, which houses the urethra, which would appear if pushed to its limits by the swelling of blood in the rest of the penis, but no vein. Sorry, but I see this a lot in art and fiction, and I couldn't help but jump to correct.

Otherwise, all is well! Carry on!

Re: A little anatomy correction

You mean it's not a vein? Oh dear, I guess I'd better go and do one of 'those' Internet searches and find some pictures!

Re: A little anatomy correction

Okay, I went to this very educational (:D) site http://www.imagesize.com/index.html and looked at a whole bunch of pictures, particularly the first guy on the right hand side and the seventh guy down, and dang if it doesn't look exactly like a big crooked vein to me!

So now I don't know how to refer to it. 'Corpus spongiosum' may be its actual name, but I'm pretty sure that's not going to sound good in a sex scene!

Do you have any suggestions on how best to refer to it? Does it have another name? I'm leaning towards leaving the text as is, but including a mention of this in the author's notes. I absolutely can't remember if I've ever referred to this 'vein' in other sex scenes I've written.

Anyway, thanks for your input and thanks for caring enough to say something! I've learned something new today.

Re: A little anatomy correction

I learned it through my gross anatomy classes while studying to be a medical illustrator. (See! Pervy fiction fan-girls come in all types!) And all my fun medical texts call it the "penile raphe", though they do not define that term. But aha! Wikipedia does! And now *I've* learned something today. It is not the protruding line of the spongiosum, but is instead a line of thicker connective tissue, apparently a remnant of the developmental fusing of the testicles and the penis. So I suppose that leaves some room for natural anatomical variance in terms of "crookedness", but ideally, it would be straight. And it is most certainly not a vein. Hooray! Knowledge is power!

As for how to refer to it? I haven't the foggiest. I'll leave that up to your brilliant mind. At least now you know what it consists of, so you've got a great start. And I'm glad you didn't snap at me for correcting you. (Some crazy bitches might, you never know.) I just finally had a chance to stop an author from call it a vein and describing it "pulsing" and going into great detail about something that did not exist. Cheers!

Re: A little anatomy correction

Oh, believe me, I'm not going to snap at anyone for giving me honest feedback. I'm grateful if someone cares enough enough to comment. I understand that it's risky and I salute your courage! Naturally I retain the right to take or leave suggestions from others, but I'm always interested to hear them. I like to learn new things and I know that no one ever learned anything by having a closed mind.

So I've gone in and made an edit and now it's no longer a vein! In the future there's a small chance that I might refer to it as a vein again, mainly since an awful lot of people think that's what it is, whereas if I say 'perineal raphe' readers will immediately leave off reading my story mid-sex-scene and think, "What the hell is that?"

Maybe I should be positive and assume that the term will start to become better known from this day forward! I think a few years ago not many people knew what a perineum was, but now they do, mainly thanks to the Internet, I guess.


don't sweat it that's what my husband's always called it. It would make sense Drake calls it that too.

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