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An update on my doings and an apology for the long silence
Greetings to all the people who are kind enough to check this journal!

You have perhaps been wondering if I was (a) hospitalized, (b) incarcerated, (c) no longer among the living, (d) engaged in a long-term armed standoff, complete with hostages and stale sandwiches, (e) sitting in an ashram somewhere, having renounced the trappings of this world, etc.

Answer: Nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope.

Or perhaps if I had just had enough of writing and wanted to take a break?

Answer: Nope again.

Actually, I have been writing up a storm, but for once, not FAKE fics. I've been saying for years that someday I was going to get around to writing one of the original books that live only inside my head and in random notes and scenes that I've written.

It all started with  katherineokelly 's post  Make Art, not War in which she discussed doing NaNoWriMo and writing 50,000 words in a month.

I was interested, but strongly doubt that I could write 50,000 words in a month, what with the job and the family and the pesky need for sleep. She suggested that those who can't do 50,000 words do "Anti-Nano" and directed readers to naomi_jay</lj>'s LJ. So, back on Oct. 12th, I committed to writing 15,000 words on my Roman story. Unfortunately when one writes a historical novel, there is a ton of research involved, so I spent the rest of October researching Imperial Rome. I started writing on Nov. 01st and I'm pleased to say that I hit my quota last night when I clocked in at 15,250 words! It took me that long just to get to the beginning of the first sex scene. So I think I'd better keep going and write another 5000 words so that the sex scene gets set down. I think 20,000 words is a damn good start for a book.

I just want to reassure you that this in no way means that I am done with FAKE fanfics. In December, I'll get right back to work on those FAKE WIPs that I've currently got on the go, namely Justice, Driven, and Suspended. I do apologize for leaving you all hanging. But in order to finally make a start on the original writing project, I really had to put the whole idea of fanficcery in a box and screw the lid on tight. Just for a while.

Writing original work and writing fanfics are very different experiences, as I found out. I always suspected that writing something original would be harder. The hardest part was that I am so in love with Dee and Ryo that I want to be with them all the time, and I wasn't actually in love with my own characters to the same degree because I had never really spent enough time with them. After having written three and a half chapters about them, I can say that I've finally started to love them, but my feelings are still way stronger for Dee and Ryo. That was why I had to put Dee and Ryo right out of my mind, or this new couple would never have stood a chance in the competition for my limited writing time.

So that's what's new with me. Men in tunics, togas, loincloths and sandals. And in bed, too– with each other of course! And these guys understand about some of the more unorthodox uses of olive oil.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh glorious Rome full of oiled muscles and slave-boys! No one has been whipped yet, but I may have to squeeze a whipping scene in there somewhere.

Option D, huh? It was certainly the most dynamic option.It was also the only one with food! Actually, A, B. C. D. and E all sound like settings for stories, don't they?

Thanks for your support, Erin!

Ugh, I hear ya. Fanfic can be death to original fiction writing. Wonderful, wonderful death, but death all the same. I'm truly impressed that you had the self-discipline to completely shut down your fanfic-brain and exchange it for your original fic brain! (This is what kills me every time I try to write original fic.)

Unorthodox uses of olive oil, hmm? I can't wait to see the finished product! ;)

Fanfic can be death to original fiction writing.

Don't I know it! I started publishing FAKE fics in 2006. It's been five years, and I've never managed to make a real push to start the original fiction until now. I had a feeling that if I could just make a good start, the project would develop a life of its own, and that's what seems to be happening.

My fanfic-brain is a fairly smooth-running machine, but my original fic brain keeps stalling out. (It probably needs to be lubed up with some olive oil)

Good for You

It's about damn time.

Time to fess up,this is your old friend moontatoo (sally) here, otherwise known as long time lurker. I told you a long time ago I have read every word you've ever written and that hasn't changed. I also told you I would read-and buy-your original work. So many other excellent writers have done it-either with webcomics like Teahouse or fiction like PL Nunn. So why shouldn't you?

I feel like I sort of cut ties with the world of fanfic a long while ago, including you, and I'm sorry. A lot has happened. Had major surgery, started a new job, daughter boyfriend and baby moved back home...

I am now a grandma who loves the yaoi and boys love genre and that will never change, either. I don't do much writing--I have a story almost 90% on paper ten years down the line, where Dee is killed in the line of duty, and what happens to Ryo and everyone else because of that. It'll stay under my bed,and in my head, tho, because to be honest, I can't type worth a damn, and it's a bit of a downer, too.

You, however, are very talented with words, and settings, and everything that makes a story worth reading. That's the easy part; (not that it is), publishing, setting up pay pal, mailing etc will be the hard part. But we all know brit loves a challenge! Who else could eat all those desserts, eh? ( probably me...hee hee..)

You can make this work. Set up an account on deviant art if you don't already have one, you will get a lot of readers there. I am delighted you have been churning out the words, I thought your absence might have been a case of writer's block.

Thanks for the update, brit. It's good to know what you've been up to. Keep writing, and I will keep reading!!

Moon! I never forgot you. I did wonder if you still quietly checked in with me from time to time, but I had no way of knowing. So many people like a fandom for a while and then move on.

Mostly, I'm just glad to hear that you're happy and that everything is all right. Your son must be in his last year of high school by now. I remember you used to be worried about him finding yaoi stuff on the family computer!

Yeah, I confess I have only the haziest of ideas about publishing this puppy once I've written it. One thing I've had in the back of my mind for a few months now is possibly self-publishing for 99 cents or $2.99 on the Amazon Kindle self-publishing platform. If my book is any good (or not), the market can decide. If I send it to one of the small M/M publishers that abound out there, I don't expect to get any sort of editorial assistance, and I think I'd be lucky to get paid even $500, which is really a pittance for signing over publishing rights for a couple of years. And there's always a danger that they might choose a totally insanely horrible cover for me, which is one of the top things I'm concerned about. I guess I'm not that impressed with any of the M/M publishers out there so far.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here! First I ought to write the damn book and THEN worry about how to get it published.

Thanks for letting me know LT Lurker has been you all along! I'm so happy to hear from you and that you still like my writing. You've really made my day!

Re: Good for You

I never forgot you, either brit :). And FAKE is the one fandom that has always resonated with me. I love these characters, too. I was so happy to see the new chapters, and so appreciate when yes rhade translates them.

My son is now in first year community college, daughter and son in law finishing their degrees and granddaughter is two! Hubby is fine also. Naw, we have separate computers here, but my Teahouse comics are under the mattress (how original!).

I really think self publishing is the way to go, but then, I am an American and that's how we think. The kindle idea is awesome, you'd be able to reach a huge audience there.

I have followed artists over the years, my favorite being Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. She is an incredible talent and started on elfwood and deviant art, now she has published numerous books, tarot card sets, etc. It must be possible to do this with writing, too.

I will shamelessly grovel for the final chapter of Suspended now...

Aw, Moon, I've been trying all day to work on chapter five, but my brain just can't shake off ancient Rome. All I've managed to write on Suspended has been two paragraphs.

I'll try again tomorrow, but if I can't get into it, then I think I have to complete my 20,000 words on the Roman story, and then put a lid on that project for the month of December.

I promise that when I next write something FAKE-y, it will be Suspended. If I can write it sooner than December, I will.

I'm so happy for you! Conceiving of your own characters that you can then write a story for that's just as good as all the fanfiction you've gifted us with can only be a good thing. Of course it's an opportunity you shouldn't waste. I have faith you'll finish your WIPs, but this is a great chance for you and you shouldn't miss out. Good luck!

Thank you so much for the encouragement, Peacewish. This is a long-time goal of mine, and it's way past time I finally got going on it.

And I totally will finish my WIPs. Writing FAKE is such comfortable territory for me compared to starting everything from scratch with the original story. I'll probably bounce back and forth between the two worlds. When one isn't going well, my typing fingers and I will scuttle off to the other!

Thanks again for understanding.

Hi Brit,

This is Jo (aka ST - finally decided to get an LJ account - not a very creative username I know). I am one of your more recent readers but I have read all your stories - multiple times - and I love them all.

It's great to hear from you. You really started working on your original novel - congratulations Brit! :) It is very encouraging to hear about someone pursuing their dream. I will be totally thrilled to read your original work. You made me truly fall in love with Dee and Ryo - I am sure it will be the same with the characters in your Roman story.

I wish you all the best with this new project and please know that I will always want to read your writing - Fake fanfic or otherwise.

Love and chocolates,

Re: All the best Brit!

Hello Jo/ST!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm really quite excited about my original book. I want it to be finished NOW so that I can share it with fellow M/M readers.

(Slinks off to gobble the chocolates)

Ooooh! I was just in Rome in September - it is absolutely AMAZING. Can't wait to see what you've come up with. :)

You're going to laugh when you see what I've come up with! You and jdr1184 were sort of jointly responsible way back when...

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, Twiyah! I'm really so excited. I want to tell my characters' story. This book will be the first of either a pair, or a trilogy, depending on how long it ends up being. I must try to control myself and not write a 600 page book. Two 300 page books would be better!

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