brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

I'm working on Chapter 5 of Suspended

To Drake and JJ fans, most notably my buddy Moon:

I'm currently working on Suspended. I have reasonable hopes of getting it up sometime tonight. I may have to take a break soon for grocery shopping and laundry, plus a workout to counteract the mocha buttercream cupcake I ate.

I've had to close the door on Ancient Rome to do this, but it's just as well because my brain has been going around in research circles on certain points, and it's probably time to let it all lie fallow for a little while. Plus, I really must get back to my other WIPs. Or is it WsIP?

Fluffy snuggled up to me in bed this morning and arranged himself so that his butt was more or less pressed against my face. Now don't get me wrong, I love Fluffy unconditionally, which means I love his butt as much as I love any other part of him, but this particular morning there was a faint but distinct aroma of... well, cat butt. I admit I worried a little about that, but it the offending part was very well covered with his abundantly furry tail. Still, it was a tad difficult to go back to sleep. Why do cats do that? Maybe it means something in cat-communication.

*UPDATE* I've finished Suspended, but the chapter still needs to be tweaked. Right now I'm going grocery shopping, and then I'll hit the gym. I will do the tweaks after dinner, and put the chapter up sometime before ten pm tonight.

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