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I'm working on Chapter 5 of Suspended
To Drake and JJ fans, most notably my buddy Moon:

I'm currently working on Suspended. I have reasonable hopes of getting it up sometime tonight. I may have to take a break soon for grocery shopping and laundry, plus a workout to counteract the mocha buttercream cupcake I ate.

I've had to close the door on Ancient Rome to do this, but it's just as well because my brain has been going around in research circles on certain points, and it's probably time to let it all lie fallow for a little while. Plus, I really must get back to my other WIPs. Or is it WsIP?

Fluffy snuggled up to me in bed this morning and arranged himself so that his butt was more or less pressed against my face. Now don't get me wrong, I love Fluffy unconditionally, which means I love his butt as much as I love any other part of him, but this particular morning there was a faint but distinct aroma of... well, cat butt. I admit I worried a little about that, but it the offending part was very well covered with his abundantly furry tail. Still, it was a tad difficult to go back to sleep. Why do cats do that? Maybe it means something in cat-communication.

*UPDATE* I've finished Suspended, but the chapter still needs to be tweaked. Right now I'm going grocery shopping, and then I'll hit the gym. I will do the tweaks after dinner, and put the chapter up sometime before ten pm tonight.

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When my sweet kitty was alive, he preferred to sleep on the top part of my pillow. I would've fine if he wasn't 25 pounds of cat squishing the top of my head. I never had the heart to knock him off. My guilty pleasure today is going to be a slice of key lime pie. I so deserve it today after putting in four hours of work on a Sunday. :)

Oh, you certainly do deserve it! I hope it's a big slice.

At least your cat kept your head warm, although you probably woke up with headaches sometimes.

As a big fan of the movie Gladiator and a student with a background in Roman Studies, I am thrilled to hear you're writing about that era! We should have known you were interested in the Romans after Slave to a Gladiator grew from a mere reference to a 22 chapter epic.

I'm happy to hear you're revisiting our favorite FAKE-verse again, however. You've built up that world so completely that it's difficult to step away from--even as a reader.

I look forward to your post!

Kudorox, thanks for your words of support. Actually, you're right-- StaG grew out of Dee's little fantasy reference in A New Day, and while I was writing StaG, I was jotting down ideas for something really Roman. Oh man, the research, though. What a lot there is to read, and much of it just fragments pieced together by modern historians who are themselves offering mere suppositions.

When you said that it was difficult for you, even as a reader, to step away from my construction of the FAKE world, I took that as a huge compliment. Thanks! I mean it. It's very hard for me to step away from too. I've spent so much time there that the FAKE world feels almost real to me now. It's a very pleasant place for me to spend time. Anything I write that is sent in that world seems to flow so much more easily than in my new Roman world, which I'm not really comfortable in yet.

Thanks again for commenting, and if you're looking for the final chapter of Suspended, it's up.

Yay! Chapter 5!

...music to my ears :) !


Okay, you'll be happy to know it's up now. I ended up staying in Drake's POV for consistency. Sorry to make you wait so long!

Cats... Only one foot tall and yet they always manage to have their butts in your face.

At least that's what my dad says! :P

If a cat sticks his butt in your face, it means he likes you, so I guess cats must like your dad.

Ack! I need to be less buried in busywork for a while and catch back up on these things and you and KITTTTTYYYYYY I miss my kitties.

Also, I should be asleep.
Sleep will help against the typos that keep trying to threaten and bully their way into my typing right now.
(Backspace is my frieeeend)

Ugh! OK! 8 hours sleep now (I wish), 8 hours of class, ~2-4 hours of club after, and I'll get to sleep alllll I want! (And catch up with youuuu <3)

I understand the kitty missing. If I even go away for the weekend, leaving Fluffy is the more than able care of my husband, I MISS HIM! (Oops, I mean 'them')

Backspace is my bosom buddy, but I wish that cruel capslock would just get the hell away from the A.

Are you sleeping yet? I hope so. If not, smack your own hands away from the keyboard!

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