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Suspended, Chapter Five (complete)


Chapter Five

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Drake/JJ
Rating: Chapter 5 is NOT work-safe! Sex between two men.
Timing: Set in August of Dee and Ryo's second year together, but the story is not about them.
Spoilers: Volume 7 of Sanami Matoh's Fake series
Disclaimer: Drake, JJ are characters who were created by Sanami Matoh. I received no payment for writing this story and make no claim on FAKE or its characters.
Summary: Straight-guy Drake comes to terms with his attraction for his gay male work partner, JJ.
Author's notes: This story was written for  shelley6441. Sorry it took me five chapters!


Chapter 5

"Wanna fuck me now, Drakey-Pie?" JJ's voice told Drake that the foreplay was definitely over.

"Don't call me Drakey-Pie," grumbled Drake automatically, although he was pretty sure it wouldn't do any good. JJ was, unfortunately, one of those people who liked cutesy pet names. It looked like 'Drakey-Pie' was going to be an unofficial moniker of Drake's until JJ finally got bored with it and created another, equally annoying one somewhere down the road. It would be one thing if JJ could confine his bestowing of cringe-worthy pet names to the bedroom. But he didn't. The first time he had called Drake 'Drakey-Pie' at work, Dee had collapsed into a fit of derisive snickers, Ryo had looked momentarily appalled, and Ted had pretended to puke into his wastepaper basket. Actually, Drake thought, to give JJ his due, it had only happened a couple of times at work. But he had been addressed as Drakey-pie in restaurants and retail shops on several other regrettably memorable occasions.

"Why not?" JJ's expressive eyebrows went up in surprise. "'Drakey-Pie' totally suits you, you know." Uh-oh, JJ was starting to slide sideways out of sex-mode and into talking-mode. "I couldn't even begin to count the slices of pie I've watched you scarf down over the years. Why, I remember the time--"


"Back to fucking." Drake's hand shot out and snagged a condom from the neat pile JJ had left on the dresser.

"Oh..." JJ blinked and then raised himself up off Drake's chest. "Okay. Sorry. You're, um, absolutely sure you don't mind me on top?"

"Not if it means you're gonna be doing most of the work instead of me." Drake tried to grin like a debonair playboy, but his rock-hard erection was so achingly desperate to get inside JJ that he wasn't sure he was achieving anything remotely close to debonair. He could feel his mouth stretching into more of a pained grimace instead. "Hop aboard whenever you're ready." He tore open the condom package with perhaps a little too much violence, and quickly pushed the condom down over his cock.

"Drake, are you feeling all right? Because your face--"

"I'm only dying of fucking horniness, all right? Now stop being such a cocktease, and give a broken man a little relief here." Drake reached up with his strong arms and pulled JJ's face down to his for a kiss. He needed to keep JJ's mouth busy for however long it took for his partner to forget about talking.

As Drake had anticipated, JJ responded enthusiastically to the kiss. His young partner loved kissing.

Drake didn't love it anywhere near as much, but when he was with JJ, he loved where it got him, so he really put his heart into it.

"Oooh, Drake," JJ was moaning in between kisses. "Mmmm, more....Yeah, more."

Drake pushed up on JJ's shoulders to get his attention, because a brilliant idea had just struck him. "JJ," he murmured. "Let's kiss and fuck at the same time, okay? That would be a first for us."

"Drakey-Pie, at this point, almost anything would be a first for us." JJ gave Drake an arch look. "But, hey, I'm all for being supportive of a man who's showing signs of moving out of his nice, comfortable, sexual rut. By all means, let's kiss and fuck at the same time."

Drake's anticipation mounted by the second as JJ reached for the bottle of lube. Were they really and truly done with all the foreplay and talking? It seemed like the puck was finally about to drop on center ice. Drake watched with burning eyes as JJ poured extra lube on Drake's condom-clad penis, and then reached under his own balls to apply the slippery gel to his ass. The clock was at zero. The game was beginning!

JJ got himself into position over Drake's cock, and started to push down, his face showing how much he loved the sensation of feeling his ass getting filled up with cock. There was no wincing or complaining, no "Look how I'm suffering for you" glances. Just uncomplicated pleasure. Drake groaned aloud as the tight heat of JJ's channel engulfed him slowly and steadily, all the way down to the root.

"Like that, Drakey?"

"Aw, yeah." Drake's hands were still on JJ's ass cheeks, kneading their firmness appreciatively. He groaned again as JJ began to move. This was different. The other times he had been with JJ, he had been the active one, but this time he could hardly move. JJ had the control, not Drake. JJ was taking it slower than Drake would have liked, but Drake had to admit that it was probably for the best. He would last longer this way. He enjoyed the friction and the squeezing sensation of whatever it was that JJ was doing with his ass muscles. God damn, this was hot.

When JJ lowered his face down to Drake's and demanded a kiss, Drake welcomed it as a necessary distraction. It took some of his attention away from the urgent tightness that was building in his balls. He knew if he came first, JJ would be annoyed, and he would have to spend some time grovelling in the penalty box. Since being in the penalty box likely entailed the responsibility of having to get his partner off some other way than plain old fucking, Drake was understandably concerned about not ending up there.

He kissed JJ deeply, thrusting his tongue inside the younger man's mouth and laving every surface he found. He fought a savage duel with JJ's tongue, and vanquished it utterly. Then he devoted himself diligently to stimulating the tempting fullness of JJ's lower lip.

Finally JJ lifted his mouth off Drake's and remarked, "I thought so."

"You thought so, what?" Drake's brain wasn't functioning optimally, of course, but that sort of sounded like trouble.

"You're a way better kisser during foreplay than fucking."

"What?" Drake didn't think he was any different. But maybe he was. Either way, he hoped they could stop talking about it and keep on fucking.

"It's okay, I don't mind, although I think you bruised my lower lip." JJ patted his lip tentatively with a couple of fingers. Then he grinned unexpectedly. "You horny brute, you."

Drake grinned back, relieved. "Sorry. You just... you make me so fucking hot, JJ. You're one sexy... er, sex partner." Jesus Christ, he had almost said 'girl.' Good thing he had caught himself in time. And having to think consciously about the fact that he was not in bed with a girl had made him remember JJ's dick again. He knew he really ought to touch it. JJ was probably waiting for him to do just that. He forced one of his hands to let go of JJ's ass and slide around to the front, where he curled his fingers around JJ's shaft and jacked it just like he would his own.

JJ made a noise and moved in the circle of Drake's hand. Of course that made his ass move, too, which Drake enjoyed a lot. They found a good rhythm together and kept it up for a while. When JJ began to get really vocal, Drake got even more excited because he knew what that meant. Whenever JJ started to make a lot of noise, it usually meant he was getting close. And if JJ came, it meant that Drake could stop worrying about holding back, and go for it, too. He looked up at JJ's face, seeking some hint of just how close his partner might be. JJ's cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were half-closed. His mouth was open, and ever louder moans and cries of passion were coming out of it. Perhaps his lower lip did look a little bit puffy and bruised. Whatever, Drake thought. It was a really hot combination, those eyes and that mouth. Man or no, that was the face of a person who was extremely turned on, a person who was rapidly approaching orgasm.

JJ looked down at him and the light from the candles struck sparks of rich blue under his thick black lashes. "Fuck me, Drake!" he exclaimed huskily. "You fuck me so good!"

"You got it JJ," murmured Drake, although he knew he wasn't the guy doing the fucking here. JJ was the one who was actually doing all the work. Drake's job, as he understood it, was to stay hard until his partner reached his completion. As long as it didn't take too much longer, he figured he could do that. His hand kept busy on JJ's shaft, and he realized he had stopped feeling weird about this. Now that he thought about it, it wasn't really much different from when he had been in bed with Megan. She couldn't orgasm from intercourse alone, so it had been necessary for him to use his hand during sex to get her off. And, Drake reflected with brutal honesty, getting her off had always been much more of a pain in the neck and much less of a sure thing than what he was doing now with JJ.

"Drake! Oh God, Drake! I'm com-i-i-ingg!" JJ's hands clutched hard at the fur on Drake's chest, and then his ass muscles started tightening and spasming in a  totally delicious and maddening way. Drake didn't really have a chance to feel freaked out by the splashes of hot spunk that were erupting, somewhat disconcertingly, from the end of JJ's dick, mainly because of how close he was to orgasm himself. The kid was a real shooter, and Drake probably would have caught at least one jet in the face if he hadn't aimed his partner's weapon an inch or so to the left so that it struck the pillow instead. Suddenly all the yelling and squeezing was too much for him, and he strained upwards with his hips to try to get every last centimeter of his cock inside JJ before his own climax took him. His hand left JJ's penis and flew back to its favorite place, which was his partner's buttocks. He gripped them with his strong fingers as his cock erupted inside its condom. Score! Somewhere in the distant reaches of his man-brain, a goal horn sounded.

JJ's body, atop his, gradually stopped trembling, although JJ continued to make soft and sporadic whimpering sounds, and his anus continued to contract against Drake's softening shaft. Finally he emitted a deep sigh. "That was... that was great, Drakey. Just what I needed."

"Glad to be of service," grunted Drake, who found himself fighting the inevitable drowsiness that always came over him after sex. He didn't want to fall asleep-- he had beer in the fridge, after all. And potato chips too, although he realized he would be lucky if JJ let him have them.

"Um, can you pass me the tissues?" Why did JJ sound so subdued? Maybe he really had been fucked into submission, Drake thought smugly.

"Tissues? Oh sure." Drake's right hand fumbled for the tissue box. Fortunately he didn't drop it and was able to hand it to JJ as requested. He watched sleepily as JJ mopped up several splatters of seminal fluid that had been soaking into his chest hair.

"Sorry, Drake. I sort of made a mess on you." JJ was avoiding eye contact again.

Drake raised a languid hand to the side of his partner's face, and caressed it gently with his thumb. "It's okay, little buddy. Don't worry about it."

JJ's blue eyes shot him a nervous glance. "But aren't you grossed out?"

Drake gazed back at JJ in silence for a moment, and continued stroking his face and hair. "Not at all," he said, realizing as he said it that it was not just a tactful thing to say, but that it was also true. "I made you come, didn't I? Sex is messy. What the fuck." He shrugged and smiled.

JJ relaxed visibly and smiled back. Then his expression changed and his eyes started to dance. "Say, Drake, since you're going to be here for the rest of the night, do you think we could try another position later?"

"Uhhh... depends," said Drake guardedly. "How much athleticism would be required? My back and the Kama Sutra, for example, do NOT get along." There had once been this hippie chick-- Mimi. Jesus, even the thought of her made his back twinge.

JJ rolled his eyes and heaved an exasperated sigh, apparently back to his old bossy self. "For crying out loud, Drake. Don't be such a pussy. I was only thinking of you on top and me on my back. With my legs in the air," he added. "It's a totally standard sex position. I wouldn't dream of traumatizing you with the Kama Sutra."

"Oh," said Drake. "Well that's fine then. But let me have a beer first."

"I have a better idea," announced JJ. He reached back with a handful of tissues and used them to facilitate a clean separation between his ass and Drake's penis. "Save your beer for tomorrow night, and I'll make you a nice vodka and soda with lime and frozen cranberries!" The wad of tissues moved like a blur and disappeared into the wastepaper basket beside the bed. Drake tried not to look. He figured JJ wouldn't want him to show too much curiosity about this particular detail.

"Tomorrow night?" Drake said uneasily. "But I was gonna watch the game tomorrow night."  He glanced down at his cock. Yep, JJ had made the used condom completely vanish with his customary efficiency. 

"Aw come on, Drakey-Pie. I'm suspended for three days! What am I going to do with myself? Besides, I need you to come over and fill me in on what's going on at work... and what people are saying about me." JJ looked unhappy and bit his lip.

"I'm sure everyone will have forgotten about the cake thing by tomorrow," said Drake soothingly. "You were the talk of the building today, but you can be sure something new will happen tomorrow."

"Drake! How can you be so naive? No one will ever forget this! My shame will go down in the history of the 27th forever!"

Drake sighed. JJ did tend to be a little narcissistic occasionally, and he had observed that logic didn't work on him at those times. However, distraction did. "Hey, let's not think about that place right now," he said cheerfully. "Weren't you going to make me a vodka drink?"

"Oh, uh, yes... absolutely! And then you can save your beer for tomorrow... while you watch the game here."

Drake hesitated.  He had been planning to watch the game at O'Malley's with some of the guys from work. He briefly entertained the thought of inviting JJ, but the words died on his lips. JJ was probably still too sensitive to consider spending time with people from work who would more than certainly rib him about the cake incident.

"I'll cook spaghetti for you," JJ said cajolingly, "with extra spicy meatballs and a nice green salad on the side. We can eat in front of the TV."

Drake regarded him suspiciously. "Can I have cheese on it?"


"And a second helping if I feel like it?"


"Okay then, it's a deal." Drake rubbed at his tousled brown hair and then grinned at JJ. "Jesus, I'm sleeping here overnight and coming right back here after work tomorrow. I hope you don't get sick of me."

"I never get sick of you, Drake." JJ said this quite seriously. "Anyway, I need you to make my suspension bearable. I think I can handle it if I'm with you."

"Bearable? Let's maybe try for 'fun', huh?" Drake squeezed his partner's hand. "Now go make me that drink. And hold the cranberries."

JJ hopped off the bed and started for the kitchen, still stark naked. "Don't argue about the cranberries, Drake. This drink is my special creation, and you're having them. Vitamin C will not kill you."

"It will if I choke on a fucking cranberry," Drake muttered, and rolled over in bed. His eye fell on the big pile of condoms that still lay on the dresser. What was JJ thinking, putting out so many? Had he maybe been expecting a visit from Superman? There would be more sex tonight, and a repeat tomorrow night. Possibly, if he was lucky, he might get a quickie in the morning, too. Maybe JJ really did expect them to go through all those condoms.

Grinning lazily to himself, Drake considered that he was going to enjoy JJ's suspension.



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  • Dragon Lady, Chapter 06

    Dragon Lady Chapter Six By Brit Columbia Fandom: FAKE Timeline: Set after Justice in July of the FAKE First Year Together series. Also set…

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