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Dee Blue waves
I'm living with The Renovation Job That Will Never End, and this has been going on since last October. I'm so sick of having the renovation guy in my place all the time. It makes my husband grumpy. And everything's always at sixes and sevens, so I can never find anything I need. For example, now that the bed, dresser, sofa, loveseat, coffee tables, end tables, lamp and entertainment centre have all been jammed into my dining room, which is where I guess we're sleeping tonight, my cell phone charger has totally disappeared. I bet the renovation guy knows where it is, but he's gone home for the day. We can't watch TV because everything has been disconnected. I sure hope my TV and VCR will be reconnected to the cable before the end of the week, because I still haven't watched Inu Yasha, Gundam Seed, and FMA from last Friday, and I want to be able to tape them again this Friday.

Beware of starting any kind of renovation job, people. It always takes three or four times longer than you think.

However, despite the inconvenience, a lot of beauty, function, and space has been added to my apartment that certainly was not there before. For instance, I now have a deck, which I ate my dinner on earlier. And it's still hot up here, but now I have several more windows that I can open to let air circulate. That means Fluffy (my adorably cute cat) can come in and out whenever he wants now. He just runs round the top of the roof and jumps in through whichever window is open. I live in fear that he will be pursued into my apartment by a "pee-ing" tom acquaintance of his. You know, there's nothing quite like the smell of tomcat pee to bring the quality of life right down.

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Hey Sweetie,

Got your email this morning (*sigh* You know me so well already.) And I just wanted to let you know that no, per your wishes, I didn't look at the first draft. I only read through the second WORD version of the chapter you sent me. In spite of outward appearences and emails, I always respect the wishes of my writers. *wink*

LOVED the email from this morning. I have so much to comment on, but as you know my life it may be later than sooner. The upcoming week-end is a four day one for me, so maybe we should just say "screw it" and do another phone chatty thing, if you're up for it.

Much Love and Huggles,

Yay! I am so up for it! Same day OK, maybe a little earlier? Let me know. And congrats on the 4 day weekend! That's something to look forward to. I've got one too, as it's Canada Day on July 1st.

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