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Posting update re Justice
Good news, Justice readers!

I wrote the chapter-- and then some. The betas have generously made time for my chapter in their holiday schedules, so I am able to give you the good news that Justice chapter 18 will get posted sometime on Sunday January 01st. Well, I hope it's good news! At least it's not bad news, right? I just pray that there are no DDoS attacks scheduled for that day, or any screwy 'upgrades' of LJ systems by LJ tech staff, which are sort of like DDoS attacks, except from the inside.

I've already started chapter 19 too, although the last few days have offered scant opportunities for me to write. Writing is a solitary activity and it's hard to find solitude at Christmas time. One thing that's easy to find however, is chocolate! Have I ever been pigging out on that. Yesterday I was in a drugstore buying my favorite kind of coffee which was on for half-price for boxing day only, and some kind of evil Chocolate Spirit seized me and made me put all this half-price chocolate in my basket. It was a mistake to go there before dinner. I spent over twenty-five bucks just on chocolate. Considering how cheap it was, I got quite a lot. Then we had guests for dinner and guess what they brought me... a big box of chocolates!

For some strange reason, I have a magical 'chocolate aura' around me that makes people give me chocolate! I wish it would work the same way with money, but sadly it doesn't. My sister says it's not a magical aura at all-- it's merely the fact that I never shut up about chocolate, so everyone just associates it with me.

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You won't find me complaining about the chocolate. You're so sweeeet and I love my virtual torte. It looks yummy. Fortunately, I have actual chocolate left over from the holidays to satisfy my non-virtual taste buds. Thank you for my Xmas present! And I look forward to the update.

It does look yummy, doesn't it? Sometimes I feel I can get a fraction, but a significant fraction, of the pleasure of chocolate and other goodies just by looking at pictures of them and imagining how good they would taste. I think I have just described the lure of porn right there! You're welcome, and I hope you enjoy the update.

A lovely chocolatey aura. Sounds delish.

The only thing I know for that day is I'm going to be stalking youtube and the BBC and goodness knows what else to try to see the second season of Sherlock. fangirl squeal of SHERRRRRLOOOOOOCK!!!!

Now I want chocolate...andsherlock

I wish I could give you a chocolate Sherlock, but they are probably not available for love nor money!

Well, then I'll wish for the next best thing! A Sherlock-themed chocolate box!


Oh man, trust YOU to find these things!

8D Take a stroll down my memory lane sometime. ;D <3

I've got a whole section just tagged 'hahahahahahahaaa'. 8D

yay! I can't wait for chapter 18!
btw, maybe if you start talking 24 hours about money, people will start giving you money. =P

You're probably right. If I talked and thought about it more, it would come to me. I'll have to try that when I finally publish my Roman M/M love story.

I'm working on Chapter 19 of Justice right now, but I'm feeling guilty because I told my husband I was going to the gym. I should just switch everything off and go. I ate a lot of chocolate last night.

Thanks for being excited about my new chapter!

Squeeeee! I eagerly awaity New Year's Day, then!

I just pray that there are no DDoS attacks scheduled for that day, or any screwy 'upgrades' of LJ systems by LJ tech staff, which are sort of like DDoS attacks, except from the inside.
LOL! XD It's sad that this is funny because it's true.

Also, "chocolate aura" would be a cool superpower to have!

Yay, another person is excited! When the readers get excited, I get excited.

When LJ spent months 'improving' rich text for us, I just wanted to throttle someone. It's still not back as good as it was before, either.

My chocolate aura superpower is quite refined, too. It's able to be specific and draw particular types of chocolate to me. I don't mean just milk, white or dark, I mean specific brands and flavors. I KNOW that's the universe working to give me what I want, because often I've been given exactly the brand and product I was craving by people who didn't know me well enough to know what I like.

It would be even more awesome if I didn't have to worry about the dark side of my power: losing sleep, getting hepped up on sugar, gaining weight, etc.!

(Deleted comment)
You're welcome! Glad I could make you smile. (I can SEE you smiling!)

Yes, one of my massive Justice chapters will be riding the waves of the Internet come Sunday, hoping to be noticed amid all the other sparkly things out there.

And the chapter after this one, chapter 19 is almost half written, too!

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