brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting update re Justice

Good news, Justice readers!

I wrote the chapter-- and then some. The betas have generously made time for my chapter in their holiday schedules, so I am able to give you the good news that Justice chapter 18 will get posted sometime on Sunday January 01st. Well, I hope it's good news! At least it's not bad news, right? I just pray that there are no DDoS attacks scheduled for that day, or any screwy 'upgrades' of LJ systems by LJ tech staff, which are sort of like DDoS attacks, except from the inside.

I've already started chapter 19 too, although the last few days have offered scant opportunities for me to write. Writing is a solitary activity and it's hard to find solitude at Christmas time. One thing that's easy to find however, is chocolate! Have I ever been pigging out on that. Yesterday I was in a drugstore buying my favorite kind of coffee which was on for half-price for boxing day only, and some kind of evil Chocolate Spirit seized me and made me put all this half-price chocolate in my basket. It was a mistake to go there before dinner. I spent over twenty-five bucks just on chocolate. Considering how cheap it was, I got quite a lot. Then we had guests for dinner and guess what they brought me... a big box of chocolates!

For some strange reason, I have a magical 'chocolate aura' around me that makes people give me chocolate! I wish it would work the same way with money, but sadly it doesn't. My sister says it's not a magical aura at all-- it's merely the fact that I never shut up about chocolate, so everyone just associates it with me.

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