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brit_columbia's Journal

7 May
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I will add to this as I think of things that may be pertinent. For now, I'll begin by stating that I really hate chibi. I'm trying to overcome that, but I seriously doubt that I ever will. The only useful purpose for chibi that I've thus far been able to ascertain is that it gives the artist a bit of a rest for a frame or two. Don't hate me for hating chibi! I just can't help it. If anyone's having a visceral, emotional response out there, could I just point out that hating --no, 'despising' is really a more accurate word -- chibi is NOT synonomous with disliking small children or kicking dogs or betraying one's country. And the fact that YOU may like chibi would not automatically render me blind to your other redeeming qualities. Thank you. That's all for now.